Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am always showing art that Kendall has done so today I wanted to  share a giraffe that Landon painted. He had been telling me he wanted to paint a giraffe.  I sketched a giraffe head and gave him yellow, brown and purple paint. He informed me that he wanted the giraffe's eyes to be purple. I put a smock on him to protect his clothes and let him paint in the craft room while I did some chores. Now, I am usually sitting nearby, coaching the grands when they are doing crafts and Landon's work taught me that maybe I should just let them "go for it".  I think for a four year old, Landon did a pretty good job on his own. I will definitely be painting more with his boy!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day! Grands and art! Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

PS I sent you an email. I think I have you current email address. :-)