Wednesday, January 9, 2013

If there are any HGTV House Hunter fans out there, here is a heads up for you! Tonight, Decatur, Alabama, my own little corner of the world, will be featured on House Hunters at nine pm Central Time. I am looking forward to seeing my friend and former realtor, Whitney, taking a couple on tours of homes in our area. I have known Whitney for years. I taught all three of her children at Central Weekday School and when we decided to sell our house on Brandywine Lane, I knew Whitney would be my realtor. She is a sweetheart and a great saleswoman.

Speaking of homes, I am still working steadily on my post holiday clean and declutter! Yesterday I tackled several projects and I can say how proud I feel to open my closets and find them neat and organized. How long they will stay that way is anyone's guess.  As I was cleaning, I was thinking of my childhood days when we were a little more focused on our homes. There were not so many distractions back in the 1960s. With few conveniences, washing dishes by hand, drying and putting them away was a daily chore. Since we lived in the country and on a farm, dust was a constant. Sweeping and dusting was another ritual.  My mother got up every morning, cooked the family a hot breakfast, packed my daddy's lunch, got us off to meet the school bus and then started with her chores. How times have changed. My own children preferred cereal to a hot breakfast and once they were old enough I let them make their own lunches for school.  With a dishwasher, I seldom stood with my hands in hot water, washing dishes. My biggest chore was laundry for a family of five. And once the kids were teenagers, I taught them to do their own laundry. That included teaching my boys to iron and I can say that both of them are better ironers than I am.  I am thankful for all my modern day conveniences but I have happy memories of family time with my mother and sisters as we cleaned and cooked together.

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Anonymous said...

Arlene, I'm trying to remember the last time I had a dishwasher. I think it has been at least 25 years. I don't mind doing dishes but my hands do need extra moisturizing.

I taught my children to do their own laundry when there were teenagers too. It is just my husband and me with laundry to do. Not too time consuming (comparatively!)