Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Roll Tide....It is crazy here in Alabama today with all the celebrating of the National Championship. I am proud of the team and congrats to them on their win!

Now on to a book review. Amazon always offers some free Kindle books. I have found many of them to be rather disappointing and I delete them from my Kindle but last week I downloaded an author I was familiar with, Augusta Trobaugh.  She is a southern writer who writes very poignantly of this region of the USA.  The free book was Swan Place. It is the story of a 14 year old girl named Dove. She lives with her mother, stepfather and two siblings on the wrong side of their little town.  Her life is hard but becomes harder when her mother dies, leaving Dove to care for her stepfather and her baby brother and sister. Dove has "been taught right" by her mother. She does what she has to do. That has been her lot in life.  Thanks to the love and encouragement of Aunt Bett, she feels she can cope and continue to attend school. School is a refuge for Dove as she loves to write stories and she is mentored by her English teacher. But Dove also feels the sting of taunts from the "rich girls" who mock her and her family.  When Dove's stepfather marries Crystal, a girl only three years older than Dove, Dove determines to get along with her and keep the family intact. As tragedy strikes once again, Dove shows the strength that has sustained her through out her life and carries on with grace and dignity.With the help of Buzzard and The Circle of Jesus prayer group, Dove makes a big decision that will set her life on the right track! This book is full of characters that will linger in your mind when the last page is read and the book is laid aside! Those are my favorite kinds of books.


Anonymous said...

Arlene, that does sound like a good book. I've never read anything from that author. Sometimes when I go to the library, I wander around. I do enjoy Elizabeth Berg's books (I think that is what her name is) Have you read any of hers?

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I love Elizabeth Berg Mrs R!! Are you on Good Reads? I have a list of my books there and I have rated them and reviewed some of them. Another good author is Jamie Langston Turner...Some Wildflower in my Heart is my favorite book by her!