Tuesday, January 29, 2013

There has been a lot of buzz here about a new dystopian novel series, Divergent by Veronica Roth. I saw the first  book in the series at Target and thought I would give it a try. With the library being closed I have found myself buying a few books.  The only other "dystopian" book I have read is Hunger Games so I am no expert on this type of book. My son, Charles, is getting his masters degree in English Literature and he had a course on Utopian and Dytopian novels. Sounds interesting doesn't it?

I sat down with Divergent on Friday evening and by Saturday I had finished it. It was very hard to put down!! It reminded me a bit of Hunger Games but then how many ways can you describe a futuristic world?

Divergent is set in the city of Chicago but it is not the Chicago that you and I know! The reader is not told what happened to lead to this time of destruction but I assume it was war. Now this society is made up of five factions: 1. Dauntless...the  brave and fearless ones who protect the other factions 2.Abnegation....the selfless faction who live to serve others and because of their selflessness they are the governing faction 3. Amity...these peace loving people are the ones who produce food for the other factions 4. Erudite...the smart people who come up with new technology for the society 5. Candor....these people could not lie if their lives depended on it, they are the conscience of the society.

As you can see, it is an interesting concept for living in harmony and peace. But human nature always raises its ugly head in its pursuit for power. Beatrice Prior lives with her parents and her brother in the Abnegation faction but at the age of 16, she takes a test that will show which faction she is best suited for and she may change factions if she desires.  At the time of Beatrice's test, she finds she would be suited for Erudite, Dauntless and Abnegation. This makes her a Divergent. Someone who cannot be happy in one faction because they are not controlled by one mindset. And this makes her very dangerous to the society. She must keep her divergence a secret.  Choosing to leave Abnegation and  become one of the Dauntless, Beatrice begins an initiation that will test her and change her. So Tris is born and she begins to grow up and accept her new life in a new faction.

I am not going to give away any of the story line but if you liked Hunger Games, I think you will find Divergent a good read.

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Anonymous said...

Arlene, that sounds more complicated than Hunger Games. I am going to add that to my long list of books to read. :-)