Friday, January 18, 2013

We did get our snow yesterday. It was snowing to beat the band for about two hours and we got a little over an inch at our house. But then the sun came out and melted all the beautiful snow.  It is so nice to watch it never  ceases to captivate me.

I am late posting today as I had an early breakfast with my friend, Diane. We meet once a month for breakfast or lunch. She is a working gal so I accomodate her schedule. We met at Cracker Barrel and believe me, the crackling fire felt good this frosty morning. After breakfast I went to Publix to stock up on some of their buy one get one free deals this morning. Decatur was deserted this morning as people must have been afraid that the roads were still icy. Also, school had a ten am starting time this morning so I guess all the moms were home with the kiddos. My last stop was Target, where I picked up supplies to make valentines with Kendall. We plan to decorate my house for Valentines Day tonight. I really enjoy doing crafts with my girlie.


Anonymous said...

The snow is pretty! Mmm Cracker Barrel. The closest one to me is 25 miles away. I love their Mama's pancake breakfast! :-)

Please do take pictures of your Valentine's decorations!

Mrs.T said...

So nice that you could enjoy the falling snow, Arlene! It's snowing here tonight.