Thursday, February 28, 2013

How did it get to be February 28th so quickly? Seems just yesterday we were celebrating Christmas? I love the sound of March 1st...even though it is chilly here right now, we know Spring is just around the corner. I plan to get out my Easter decorations tomorrow. Kendall and I are planning some special Easter Crafts as well.  Aunt Leta found some easy Easter Craft kits at The Dollar Tree so Kendall and Landon will be making some Easter magnets for Mommy's fridge.  I love crafting with the littlies.

I finished another book yesterday. Taking time out to read each night before I go to sleep has helped me to sleep better. And the stack of books by my bedside is slowly decreasing so there is a feeling of accomplishment with that feat.

Being a former preschool teacher and part time nanny, I love any books about Nannying. I have read The Nanny Diaries and White House Nannies with relish. Yesterday I finished You'll Never Nanny in this Town Again, the Confessions of a Hollywood Nanny by Suzanne Hansen. It was written in 2003 but I am just now getting to it! Suzy Hansen was a 19 year old girl who skipped college to go to Nanny School in the late 1980s. Knowing that Nannying was not really needed in her native Oregon, she heads to California. She quickly finds a job with a Hollywood big wig, Michael Ovitz. Now I had no idea who he was but after googling him, I found out! Michael and wife, Judy, have three children who need a new nanny. Suzy jumps head first into the job, forgetting that her nanny school had taught her to be sure and sign a contract with the family stating her duties, off time etc. As a result of this mistake, Suzy finds she has no life of her own. After a year and a half of being at the beck and call of the Ovitz family she burns out. While she loves the children, she can no longer be a 20 yo woman without any life outside her time with other nannies. From there she goes on to nanny for Debra Winger and  Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito. After another year of nannying in better situations, Suzy is done with the bright lights and big city. She heads home to Oregon to go to nursing school.  I was not really surprised by some of the things her employers pulled but one thing that seems consistent in all the nanny books I have read is that the parents say that they want the best for their children but apparently that does not include quality child care. They want to bicker over pay and hours for the nanny. Suzy finally figured out she was making 80 cents an hour at the Ovitz mansion.  Fortunately when I nannied, it was only part time and I did it because I enjoyed it, I did not depend on it to make my living. You do find yourself falling in love with the children you care for and they are always special to you. While googling Mr Ovitz, I saw pictures of his children who are now in their 30s and all three are quite accomplished. That makes a nanny proud!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I made Christy Jordan's (Southern Plate Blog) Vanilla Wafer Cake to serve at our MOPs fellowship the other night and I must say it is tasty! To me it is the perfect breakfast cake....dense, chewy and so good with a cup of coffee. The next time I am scheduled for snacks for our Sunday School Class this is one of the goodies I will be making for Kindred Spirits.

Here is the recipe....

One box of NILLA vanilla me, NILLA is the best!
2 c sugar
1/2 c milk
6 eggs
1 c shredded coconut
1 c chopped pecans

Preheat oven to 350. Grease and flour a tube pan or bundt pan. I use Baker's much easier.
Crush vanilla wafers...I put mine is a big ziplock bag and crushed them with a can of evaporated milk. Landon would have LOVED to help with this recipe. He enjoys helping me in the kitchen and crushing vanilla wafers would be right up his alley!  Set aside.
Beat eggs and sugar together until creamy. Now Christy says to beat the eggs and just toss everything else in the bowl and mix but I am not a free spirit like Christy!
Add vanilla wafers, coconut, pecans and milk. Beat for two minutes.
Pour batter into prepared pan and bake at 350 for one hour.

This cake has no oil...I guess the eggs make up for that. does not rise very much so do not be surprised. I have to say it is a yummy cake and quite filling. It is a KEEPER in my book!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

 It was a dark and stormy night but five sweet  MOPs ladies ventured out for a night of fellowship and working on crafts. The theme was UFO night...unfinished object for all you non crafters.  Here is the other Grandmother of friend, Michie. She was working on a baby blanket.
 Nikki and Tiffany got in some girl talk! It is nice to be able to chat with another mommy after a long day with the kiddos.
 One cute little man came to the gathering!! As his Mom put it, he is her unfinished project!!
 As you can see, being out brightened up Nikki's day! That and a glass of sweet tea! My cross stitch is sitting beside Nikki. I did get a little stitching done but it is more fun to visit.
 Tiffany was working on a blue baby blanket. I admire her beautiful work and her tension was perfect...her crocheting is perfect!!
Ashley came for the company and we were so glad she made it out. Isn't she cute in her pretty blue and black outfit?

I love my MOPs ladies. They are such examples of godly young women. I am glad the next generation is in their capable hands.

Monday, February 25, 2013

We had a nice weekend in Chatsworth, visiting my parents. As always, we had some good home cooked food. Mother made a red velvet cake and banana pudding. Then a dear friend of the family sent over a homemade pecan pie so now I am back on the diet!!  It was a beautiful weekend but the weatherman assures us that March is coming in like a lion at the end of the week. As long as March goes out like a lamb, that is ok with me. I wonder how many children these days know all the old "rhymes" that we knew as children? I know that many children do not even know all the nursery rhymes we said as kiddos.   I heard an educator say that those rhymes were very helpful in language development in children. I would like to read more about that!  And then there are those old rhymes like "Step on a crack, break  your mother's back!" I am still careful when walking on a sidewalk to avoid the cracks. :)  The little rhyme about the number of days in a month is still helpful to me. Can you think of other rhymes that you learned as a child?  It would be interesting to look up the origins of many of these childhood fancies!

Today I am off to meet my new dentist. Our dear Dr Crim retired at the end of 2012. He sold his practice to a young dentist. My husband says Dr Cook looks like he should be bagging groceries down at Foodland. I guess that is a sign of growing older....all the authority figures in your life are younger than you are!!  Then tonight, I am having the MOPs ladies over for a UFO night. We are all working on Unfinished Objects  that we are crafting. It should be fun. I am looking forward to seeing what all the other ladies have in their craft bags. I will continue to work on my counted cross stitch piece. It may be finished by Halloween.:)

Have a blessed weeks friends.

Friday, February 22, 2013

I think all of us are longing for spring! Here in Alabama the daffodils are blooming, forsythia and tulip poplar trees are also showing off so we know Spring is just around the corner. We have had a lot of rain...February showers bring March flowers.  I have decided to wait until March 1st to put out my Easter Decorations this year. As Easter is March 30th, I will forgo any St Patrick's Day decorating...not that I have much in the way of those type of decorations anyway! Just a few kitchen towels and a few other trinkets.  Kendall will be helping me get out the Spring and Easter decor.

I have been getting ready for our jaunt to Albuquerque in June. My closet really needed some help so I have been adding to my wardrobe. I found two cute denim skirts, one dark indigo and the other antique denim. I find skirts and dresses are much cooler here in the sunny south in the summer so I know I will find the skirts helpful in hot New Mexico. I also purchased a pair of Clark's sandals for walking and sightseeing. I went with a khaki color sandal so I was happy to find a Baggalini cross body purse at TJ Maxx that matched my sandals!! It will be perfect to carry on vacation. Baggalini bags are light weight and have so many pockets for organizing!  We are also planning a week at Gulf Shores in September so I will get good use out of my purchases. Forget Spring, I am looking forward to summer.:)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

 Here is Kendall's house, all finished. I think she did a good job. I love the transom window over the door!  And how about that Party Room on the top of the house? I had to laugh at that one as we Grimms are such partiers..NOT.  Her window placement was interesting. One side of the house had two windows, this side just had one.  She made some little paper people who live in the house as well. It reminds me of how we used to entertain ourselves when we were little. We loved getting the old Sears catalog and cutting out people  that we used to play with in our imagination!
And here is my G for the front door. I used things I had on hand in my craft room to decorate my G. I had some moss left over from another project. I always have lots of ribbon.  And being the OCD person I am, I am a bit bothered that the pinks do not really match! I purchased the pink and green bow decoration at Hobby Lobby in the gift wrapping section. They have lots of little bits that would look pretty on a wreath!  I purchased the wooden G at Hobby Lobby as well.

If you have a glass front door like mine, you will want to cover the back of the G. I put on my ribbon hanger first, then using tacky glue, I glued a piece of lime green scrapbook paper to the back of the G. When this is done, you can start covering your letter with moss. Again I used Tacky Glue for this part of the project. I was lazy and did not paint the edges of my G...I wanted to get done in a hurry!:) But if I make more of these for gifts, I will paint the edges the same green as the moss.  I always learn a lot when I make a craft for the first time. After the moss dries then you can embellish your letter in spring colors or anything that takes your fancy. I had some raffia flowers that I almost used but they just did not quite go with my theme. I will save them or another craft.  I saw one on pinterest that had a little nest with eggs inside, glued to the moss.  And a plain moss initial will look nice in the middle of a spring wreath.  In fact I may give that a go later in the month! This was a fun and easy project...took only one morning to do and I think they would make a sweet hostess gift or a Happy for a friend.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts....

I love holding Landon's hand as we walk from the car to his preschool class. I was thanking God for this precious time when my grandson wants to hold my hand and looks forward to seeing me at the door at the end of the school day. What a priviledge to be so important to this little guy.  I am pondering these days in my heart.

Yesterday Kendall was looking at my piece of cross stitch in progress. She touched the stitches gently and oohed and aahed over the linen sampler. We have decided that she will do some stamped cross stitch for her first project. And she gets to go to Hobby Lobby with me to choose the thread she will use. Something sweet to look forward to with my granddaughter.

I am missing my Birmingham Grands, Margaret and Baylor.

I have a stack of invitations to a bridal brunch, ready to mail. What a joy to be able to host a party along with other sweet ladies honoring a new bride in our church.

We welcomed a new grandniece to the family yesterday. Adeline Lanier Grimm arrived and she is just perfect. Adeline is after her great great grandmother, Mina Adeline Hasse Grimm. Lanier is after her grandmother and my sister in law, Lanier.  Congratulations to Warren, Jessica and Eden as they welcome Adeline to the family.

I am looking forward to lunch with the besties at Missouri Jane's in Somerville tomorrow. Susan found this restaurant and it sounds interesting. After lunch we will spend some time at my house having dessert and visiting.

Today I hope to do some crafting while Landon plays. I have several projects that I would like to get started.  I will have to move Kendall's crafting to get to my own. Yesterday I got a new pair of shoes in the mail and Kendall claimed the box right away. She was going to make it into a house. She is still working on it...I will post her finished product. I am happy to see her doing those kinds of projects instead of being glued to the ipad or computer. Creativity is so important to a balanced life in my opinion!

And we will end the day with a roast beef dinner. I cook my rump roast slowly all day in the crock pot. It makes the whole house smell so good!!

Have a blessed day friends!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I am thinking of my Granddaddy Tankersley this morning as he was born on this day in 1904. He was a kind, quiet man who I still miss dearly. I can only remember him raising his voice to me one time in my whole childhood.  A bunch of the first cousins were at Grandmother and Granddaddy's house one Sunday afternoon. And if you put a group of children together you are going to have some mischief! Grandmother and Granddaddy lived on a hill and they had a little pumphouse that was built into the side of the hill. It was easy to go up the hill and then walk out onto the pumphouse roof. Well someone had the bright idea that we would all stand on the roof. It was not very high off the ground but a fall would have hurt or perhaps broken a bone.  Granddaddy came outside and saw us there and yelled for us to get off that roof right now.  We scrambled to get down. I guess we were all in shock that Granddaddy had yelled at us!!   Now Grandmother on the other hand was always fussing at us so if she had yelled at us, it would not have had as much impact.  Some of the things I remember about my Granddaddy....he was a fox hunter, he was a beeman, he worked in the Older Americans program for the US Forest Service in his retirement years. Many said he could outwork the younger men! I do not doubt that.  Granddaddy was at church for every service. He was a man of quiet faith.  I am proud that I have a son and a grandson named after Henry Clifford Tankersley. Happy Birthday in Heaven Granddaddy!

Monday, February 18, 2013

It is hard to believe that we will have to wait until January 2014 to see another series of Downton Abbey! And while I knew that  Matthew's character was going to be written out because Dan Stephens wanted to pursue other acting roles, I was so sad to see the ending of Season Three. I do own the Downton DVDs so I guess I will have to watch reruns until next year. And there is  Call the Midwife to look forward to in March but nothing can replace DA.

One of my favorite blogs is On a Clear Day I Can Read Forever by Nancy Pate. She recommended The Passing Bells Trilogy for all of us Downton Fans who love to read. I ordered the three books from Amazon for about $10 each. They are printed in the large paperback style which I enjoy.  I finished the first book in the series over the weekend and while it is like Downton Abbey there are some differences which is to be expected. Written by Phillip Rock in the late 70s, the Passing Bells series is set at the English Country House of the Greville family, Abingdon Priory. You will understand how the "big manor" is run because it is much the same as Downton. There is a definite Upstairs, Downstairs with all the same rules that Mr Carson enforces at Downton.  The Greville family has a mother who like Cora, was brought from America and her money helped keep the manor afloat. Hanna Rilke Greville is the daughter of a German American millionaire. Anthony Greville, Earl of Stanmore, is much like Robert Crawley. The Grevilles have three children, Charles, Alexandra and William.  So their manor is not in danger of being lost due to having no male heir.  The Passing Bells chronicles the lives of the Grevilles and their titled friends. One big difference in Bells, is that WW One is a major part of the first book. To be honest, it was brutal reading some of the passages describing the massacre of many young English soldiers.  To be honest, I had to just skim some of that portion of the novel.  So be warned! The novel did have a character similar to Matthew. Hanna's nephew, Martin, comes to visit. Martin grew up in Paris and Chicago. His father was disinherited by the Rilke family because he chose to be an artist rather than take up the family brewery business. Martin's parents die when he is relatively young so he goes to Chicago to live on the grace and favor of his Uncle Paul.  Just out of college and working as a newspaper man, he goes to England to visit his Aunt Hanna.  I think Martin is a mix of Matthew and Branson...the outsider in the family.  There are some scenes similar to Branson showing up at the Crawley's table for the first time as Sybil's husband.  As World War One begins, Martin stays in Europe to cover the war for his American paper.  There are many plot lines in this work and if you enjoy Downton Abbey, you will find The Passing Bells a good read.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

This weekend is Missions Conference at our church. The flags that hang from the top of the sanctuary represent all the countries where First Bible Church supports mission work. I just love to see all these flags and this weekend we get to hear from many missionaries who spread the good news of Jesus Christ.(Thanks to my friend, Diane, for this great photo.) And while the adults meet in the sanctuary, the children have their own missions conference. What a great opportunity for our young ones to meet missionaries and broaden their view of the world.

Last night we heard from missionaries in Romania and Moldova as well as missionaries who are located on college campuses here in the USA.  Today we will be attending a cottage meeting where we will enjoy brunch and get some one on one time with a missionary who is located in the Middle East. It is so good to hear how God is moving around the world. When I look at the news, hear of events here in the US as well as locally, sometimes I become discouraged. This missions conference is always encouraging and I look forward to it all year.  I am glad our church is a missions minded church!

Tonight we will hear from more missionaries as well as a pastor from Budapest, Hungary and the meetings will wind up tomorrow.  Better go for now as I need to make my breakfast casserole for the brunch! I am taking Breakfast pizza and Sister Schubert cinnamon rolls.  Looking forward to a good start to my Saturday!

Friday, February 15, 2013

 I ordered my own Valentine's Day gift!  I found a pottery out in Missouri that I really like and I wanted to add to my collection! I got a creamer and sugar bowl in Blue Splash.  I have a bread baker and pie plate from Ayers pottery and I just love them. Here is the sugar bowl....
 and the creamer.
Here it is on my kitchen hutch. You can also see a piece of my Louisville Stoneware on this shelf. Its pattern is called Bachelor Button.  

I just love the feel of pottery and how each piece is unique.  You can find Ayers Pottery online. The pottery is very pretty and very reasonably priced as well.  Check out this American made product!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!! I just gave my sweet husband a bag of treats. I think he liked them. :) He always overdoes on my gift for Christmas so I like to surprise him with some gifts for Valentine's Day. I will be having a Valentine's Day Breakfast at Cracker Barrel with three of my favorite people, Susan, Deborah and Candie.  I am hoping Cracker Barrel has already marked down some of their Valentine's Day products!  And I will deliver my Valentine Treats to my neighbors as well.

When I was in Kroger the other day, I noted that the Easter Candy is already out! Of course Easter is early this year so I guess the timing is appropriate. Daughter Amelia loves Cadbury Eggs, Son Ben likes Reeses Eggs and younger son, Charles, likes any kind of candy. We can laugh about the time he ate every bit of his Easter Basket Candy in one day and threw up all down the hallway trying to make it to the bathroom. ( At the time, it was not so funny!) We always remind him not to eat all his candy in one sitting.  And our family will remind him of that until he is an old man...we like a good joke.:) I will wait until March 1st to decorate for Easter. Kendall loves to help me and she already has some plans for decorating the back door to the garage.

I hope all of my blog friends have a SWEET Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I love all things Mary Engelbreit....she makes my heart happy! And I feel like the queen of hearts this morning as I have most of my Valentine Day surprises ready for tomorrow. I spent yesterday making some Valentine Candy for my neighbors.  In our townhouse community our townhouses are three to a unit. Marvin and I live in the middle townhouse of our unit and we have great neighbors on either side of us! John and Jean are our neighbors to the south. In their 80s, they are still quite active and they are my go to people for checking mail, newspaper etc when we go out of town. If Jean has not seen me in a bit, she will call to make sure everything is ok at the Grimm house. If I make cookies, cakes etc, I try to share with Jean and John. Jean does not bake much anymore so they are always happy to have a sweet treat.   Janet and Jerry are our neighbors to the north. ( Marvin and I are going to have to change our names to start with J to fit in!) Janet and Jerry are about our age and moved here to be near Janet's mother after Jerry retired. They are sweet people and have a precious black lab named Molly Grace. If I have not "retreived" my newspaper from the drive, Molly Grace will fetch it and bring it to my back door.  Marvin and I are so thankful for good neighbors. I want to show them my appreciation for their friendship any chance I get!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

 I saw this "Valentine" on Facebook this morning and had to share it!  I love the PBS show, Call the Midwife. It reminds me of my time in nursing school...all the girls living and working in a dormitory together.  With Downton Abbey coming to a close this Sunday, I will have Call the Midwife to look forward to in March. And I noted that a third season of Call the Midwife is being filmed so that makes me a happy camper.
The actress who plays Jenny Lee, a new midwife, is so pretty. I enjoy seeing all the nurses dressed up in uniform. Today most nurses wear scrubs. And while I understand the reasoning behind it, I liked the days when you wore white uniforms and neatly polished shoes. A nurse wore her school cap and pin with pride. You could look down the hall and tell where each nurse had gone to school just by looking at her distinctive cap.  I think there is something about a professionally dressed nurse that inspires confidence in the patients.Those days are Gone With the Wind I suppose but it is fun to see these nurses in their crisp uniforms.

And regarding Downton Abbey...I was surprised that this season was so short, just six weeks. Right now I am starting a trilogy called The Passing Bells by Phillip Rock that is supposed to be much like Downton Abbey. So far I agree....I can see the big manor house, the servants quarters etc in my mind because it is so much like Downton. So if you need a "fix" of English country manor life in the early 1900s this series of books might be for you. The trilogy had been out of print but was rereleased! Downton has caused all of us to yearn for a kinder gentler time.

Monday, February 11, 2013

 Here is Baylor's new haircut. Mommy says she needs to trim it up a bit more. Bless her heart, cutting a toddler boy's hair is a challenge.  Don't you just love those blue eyes?
 Pardon the chocolate mouth...Baylor and Margaret were eating M&Ms that Nana and Grandpa gave them for an early Valentine's Day treat.
Pretzels and M&Ms....yummo. Margaret was not in the mood to get her picture made. That's ok, some days I do not want my picture made either.:)

Spring seems to be early this year here in Alabama. Daffodils are blooming and today I saw a forsythia that was putting out its bright yellow flowers.  They are very cheery with all the rainy weather we are having. February showers bring March flowers!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

We woke up to a beautiful sunshiny morning here in North Alabama. I hope all my friends in the Northeast are cozy and warm in their homes. I have seen pictures of the big snow storm up there and it is a doozy.  I have already put some laundry in to wash and I need to fold clothes and iron before my Birmingham Sweeties get here. We will have Margaret and Baylor while Mommy and Daddy go to lunch in Huntsville. Baylor got a haircut this week and I cannot wait to see his new do! Our baby looks like a big boy now. He will be two at the end of March...time surely does fly by!

Thanks for the prayers for my sister in law and my cousin. Both came through their surgeries well. Please keep my cousin, Pam, in your prayers. The doctor's report was not what we wanted to hear but we are a praying family and we will be lifting her up as she faces this challenge.  I sent her the devotional book, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. This little book has brought peace and comfort to my heart many times. I would highly recommend it as a good book to read right before you go to sleep at night.

I had a great time yesterday with my MOPs ladies. They are such an encouraging group of young women. My Dilled Pimento Cheese was a hit. Many of the girls told me that they did not care for pimento cheese but they liked this recipe. I agree. I have never been a fan of pimento cheese either but this recipe is very tasty. I think the Dill gives it a good flavor.

Marvin and I just listened to Dr Benjamin Carson's speech at the Washington Prayer Breakfast that was held this week. If you have not heard it, please go and listen on You Tube. It is about 30 minutes long but worth the time to listen to it. When our Ben was a young boy, Ben Carson was his hero. We read his biography and we both enjoyed it. He is the head of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Maybe he should run for president in 2016!

Friday, February 8, 2013

 I have been looking for a new "beauty salon" here in Decatur and I think I have finally found one. I tried out Studio H yesterday and I loved my haircut and the atmosphere in the salon was so nice!  I kept getting a glare on my glasses so I took them off !!  I think I might be able to manage this 'do' on my own!
And today is MOPs...I always look forward to time with my girls. Today our focus is on marriage. I will be giving the devotion today and I am focusing on respecting our husbands.  In our modern world there seems to be a lack of respect in many areas.  Sometimes I long for the olden days when people did not share their every thought with every person. I think many of the reality shows on tv have allowed people to think that it is ok to be rude and uncaring of the feelings of others.

I am taking Dilled Pimento Cheese and Crackers as my portion of snacks at MOPs this week. It is a great recipe from Cotton Country Cooking Book Two. It makes  a lot so it is the perfect treat to share with a friend or neighbor.

Dilled Pimento Cheese
16 oz Colby Cheese(shredded)
12 oz Swiss Cheese(shredded)
3 cups of mayonaise
1 8 0z jar of pimento(drained slightly)
2 tsp dill weed
Pepper to taste
 Grate cheeses and set aside. Mix mayo, pimento and dill. Combine cheese and mayo mixture. I let it sit at room temp for about an hour after I mix it up to let the flavors meld a bit. Place in an air tight container and store in the fridge. Best if made the day before serving!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I am a happy Nana. Yesterday, Kendall saw my cross stitch project sitting on the chair and she asked if she could learn to cross stitch! Her mom, Amelia, was never interested in handcrafts so having a granddaughter express an interest was a big day for me. Who knows if she will like it but I promised that we would sit down and work on that during Spring Break when we have more extended time to learn a new project. She spent yesterday afternoon upstairs in the craft room painting a Valentine picture. She loves to paint and really does well for a six year old.  Kendall also wanted to know about knitting...I am no pro but I can teach her to knit and purl.

As with many of my friends in Blogland, this is my Happy Place and I try to avoid posting sad things but today I am going to ask for prayer for two special women in my life. My sister in law, Mina, is having surgery today in Savannah, Georgia. She has a cancerous tumor on one of her kidneys. The doctors have told her it appears to be encapsulated which means it has not spread. That is the good news but of course they will not commit to any prognosis until the surgery is complete and all the tests are done. My cousin, Pam, is having surgery today for colon cancer. Her prognosis also depends on the outcome of testing, biopsies etc. Pam is just one year younger than me and she is my closest cousin on the Tankersley side of my family.  Prayers for both of these ladies would be much appreciated.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

 Yesterday I got inspired to do some "fluffing" around my nest. I was tired of the same old same old and I had been thinking of ways to change things up a bit. You will see in the first picture the sconces that I have had for years. I loved the little fern balls that topped them but the colors just did not work with my new painting. I decided to take down the sconces and paint them with burnt umber, allowing some of the old color to show through for depth.  I purchased these battery operated candles at Kirklands last week. They were on sale for $3.97 each. I added some triple A batteries and they look so pretty when they are turned on in the evening. Below is the after photo of my dining room and I think the darker color really works!
 Then I got busy fluffing my dining room buffet.  I keep reading that Brass is Back. Well I married in 1976 and brass was the bomb then so I have several brass pieces that I have held on to through the years. Several years ago, I found some massive brass candlesticks at an antique shop for only $8 and I could not help but buy them. They were so pretty.  I decided to put my brass candlesticks in the place of the buffet lamps that have graced the buffet for at least ten years! It was a look I liked but I was just ready for a change.  I placed the buffet lamps on the dresser in my bedroom. I had been wanting to buy lamps for a while but just never found exactly what I was looking for at a price I was willing to pay. So I will leave the buffet lamps on the dresser for a while.  I am thinking I really need bigger lamps on the dresser but these will do for now.

The funny thing is that my husband came home from work and he did not notice a thing. He really lets me do as I please with our home as long as I do not bother his man cave. :)  I think switching up things around the house is a good cure for the winter doldrums.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My friend,Susan, allowed me to share this pretty photograph of her dining room chandelier. I am not sure where she got the idea but I think it was on Pinterest. Pinterest has brought out the latent crafter in many people! And I think that is great as we all have creativity and it is good to put it to good use to beautify our homes. ( Click on the picture to see a larger size.)  Susan has two curious cats and I am not sure what Quill and Solola think of these decorations.  Susan and her husband live in a town home just down the street from me. If only I could get all my friends to move here.:)

Today is my day to take Landon to school so I will be off for Hartselle in a bit. I also hope to check out Ross today as it is Senior Day. Hey...I will take all the discounts I can get! They do 10% off for 55 and over on Tuesdays. Basically you save your sales tax but every penny saved is a penny earned.  Have a great day friends.

Monday, February 4, 2013

I have been reading again!! My friend, Deborah, let me borrow her copy of Left Neglected by Lisa Genova.  What a story! I have to admit that the first part of the book was hard for me to read. It was so feverishly paced that it almost gave me a headache. Sarah Nickerson is a thirtysomething wife and mother but her main interest is in her high powered executive job. She loves solving the hard problems and staying on top of her work. But this comes at a price...her family. Kate has a lovely home in Boston, a vacation home in Vermont, a loving husband and three adorable children. She is also blessed with a nanny who has been with the family since the birth of her first child. Her oldest son, Charlie, is having problems at school but that just seems to be a footnote in Kate's life. The Nickerson family rushes from one activity to another seldom slowing down to enjoy each other. Sarah prides herself on multitasking! One morning while driving to work in the rain and trying to talk on her cell phone, Sarah rolls her car and suffers a traumatic brain injury. The book tells the story of her recovery, the rebuilding of her relationship with her mother and the rebuilding of a family. This book emphasizes the truly important things in life.   It reminded me of a friend of mine when we were young moms. No she was not like Sarah but she was married to a man who was like Sarah. Work was his main focus. One day my friend reminded her husband that if he died in a plane crash tomorrow, Boeing would find a replacement for him right away.  And such is life.  After finishing this book, I started Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. I am beginning to think that I am not going to finish it. Why? Well it was set in the early 1900s, like Downton Abbey but the characters in this book are just not even likable.  The story opens with a young man looking back at his years at Oxford. ( Now I love Oxford and watched many Inspector Morse and Inspector Lewis episodes set at Oxford on Masterpiece Theater) These young men have  no redeeming values that I can see and they all seem to be a little too fond of each other for my taste.  Sorry Mr Waugh...I think you will be relegated to the Unreadable pile and reposted on Paperback Swap.

Today is one of my days off so I have some errands to run and I am going to enjoy the warmer weather as it is supposed to be 58 today. After a cold weekend that sunshine on my shoulders will make me happy!(Just like John Denver!)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

 I thought I would share some more Valentines Day Decor with you this Groundhog's Day morning. According to the news, Phil did not see his shadow so we will have an early spring. I am all for that. In fact, the other day I saw some daffodils blooming at a house nearby. I had to stop and take another look to make sure I was seeing daffodils. Of course it was bitter cold last night so those cheery flowers are probably frozen this morning.  Back to Valentine's Day....I got this cute heart at Target and thought it would look nice on my china cabinet. It came from the dollar aisle but I think it was $2.50. You can also see the china I inherited from my mother in law. On the bottom shelf is a vase that belonged to my Grandmother Henderson and a tea pot that belonged to my Grandmother Tankersley. On the right is the tea set that Charles purchased for me while he was in China.  I love having special things that remind me of special people.
And here is my Valentine corner on my kitchen cabinet. I painted the heart and display it on an easel. I added some Godiva chocolates and cherry hearts. The cute napkins came from Walmart. The grands love having a special holiday napkin at snack time. I think I purchased the LOVE at Hobby Lobby one year as they had all their Valentine merchandise marked down to sell. I find a lot of my holiday decorations on sale after the holiday is past.

I made some more of the cinnamon pretzels this morning and took them to my sweet next door neighbors. I also shared two honeybell oranges with them as well. I have to take something "bad" and something "good". :) Jean and John are just precious people and I love to take goodies to them. This morning, Jean surprised me by giving me a big Russell Stover Heart box of candy. I will enjoy sharing those candies with the family.

It is a cold day here in Alabama, I may light all my candles, turn on the fireplace and enjoy a nice day at home.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Boo Snow!! No not here in Alabama, in West Virginia. I was supposed to meet my nursing school roommate today for lunch but she is snowed in! Karen lives in Huntington, WV and was coming to Chattanooga to see her parents. We were to meet for lunch at Cracker Barrel in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee. She sent me a message early this morning to tell me that she was not going to be getting out of WV anytime soon!! I am hoping we can reschedule while she is in Tennessee.  Just another little reminder for me that my plans are not written in stone!! I am trying to be more flexible!

On a fun note, I was able to speak on the phone with one of my blog friends yesterday. I have met so many nice people in the blog world.  It would be fun if all my blog friends could gather for a morning of coffee and conversation. I can just hear it in my head now!! I am sure we would gab the morning away.

I have been trying to get my Valentine's Day Goodies together for teachers and family. I found bags of Godiva Truffles at TJ Maxx yesterday for $2.99 each. I had to get one for myself as well and let me tell you, they are delicious. I will probably go back for some more!!  I purchased Valentine Pencils for Kendall to take to her classmates. Nowdays the schools frown on Sugar so we decided to add a pencil to each of Kendall's valentines for her classmates. Landon's preschool does allow candy so I found some Valentine Lollipops for Landon to include in his valentines.  Have you noticed how high maintenance all the holidays are these days? Back in the old days, Valentines Day meant that you got a valentine for your classmates and there would be a classroom party that usually included a cupcake and red punch. My mother never decorated the house for Valentines Day!:)  I enjoy decorating for the seasons but Pinterest has surely raised the bar with all their neat ideas.

So I am off to get groceries and do some laundry. Not the way I had planned to spend my day but I am reminded that God orders my steps! I am glad to trust Him with that!