Friday, February 8, 2013

 I have been looking for a new "beauty salon" here in Decatur and I think I have finally found one. I tried out Studio H yesterday and I loved my haircut and the atmosphere in the salon was so nice!  I kept getting a glare on my glasses so I took them off !!  I think I might be able to manage this 'do' on my own!
And today is MOPs...I always look forward to time with my girls. Today our focus is on marriage. I will be giving the devotion today and I am focusing on respecting our husbands.  In our modern world there seems to be a lack of respect in many areas.  Sometimes I long for the olden days when people did not share their every thought with every person. I think many of the reality shows on tv have allowed people to think that it is ok to be rude and uncaring of the feelings of others.

I am taking Dilled Pimento Cheese and Crackers as my portion of snacks at MOPs this week. It is a great recipe from Cotton Country Cooking Book Two. It makes  a lot so it is the perfect treat to share with a friend or neighbor.

Dilled Pimento Cheese
16 oz Colby Cheese(shredded)
12 oz Swiss Cheese(shredded)
3 cups of mayonaise
1 8 0z jar of pimento(drained slightly)
2 tsp dill weed
Pepper to taste
 Grate cheeses and set aside. Mix mayo, pimento and dill. Combine cheese and mayo mixture. I let it sit at room temp for about an hour after I mix it up to let the flavors meld a bit. Place in an air tight container and store in the fridge. Best if made the day before serving!


Anonymous said...

Arlene, your haircut is adorable! It looks so soft and feminine. (And love the color!) :-)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Believe it or not, someone once asked if that was my natural color or did I dye it.:)

Anonymous said...

Arlene, people ask me that too! I get a big kick out of it. Then they ask what product do you use. I tell them just shampoo and conditioner - nothing fancy - like pantene or dove. :-)