Friday, February 22, 2013

I think all of us are longing for spring! Here in Alabama the daffodils are blooming, forsythia and tulip poplar trees are also showing off so we know Spring is just around the corner. We have had a lot of rain...February showers bring March flowers.  I have decided to wait until March 1st to put out my Easter Decorations this year. As Easter is March 30th, I will forgo any St Patrick's Day decorating...not that I have much in the way of those type of decorations anyway! Just a few kitchen towels and a few other trinkets.  Kendall will be helping me get out the Spring and Easter decor.

I have been getting ready for our jaunt to Albuquerque in June. My closet really needed some help so I have been adding to my wardrobe. I found two cute denim skirts, one dark indigo and the other antique denim. I find skirts and dresses are much cooler here in the sunny south in the summer so I know I will find the skirts helpful in hot New Mexico. I also purchased a pair of Clark's sandals for walking and sightseeing. I went with a khaki color sandal so I was happy to find a Baggalini cross body purse at TJ Maxx that matched my sandals!! It will be perfect to carry on vacation. Baggalini bags are light weight and have so many pockets for organizing!  We are also planning a week at Gulf Shores in September so I will get good use out of my purchases. Forget Spring, I am looking forward to summer.:)


Anonymous said...

Arlene, New Mexico is so beautiful. The sky is so big and it feels as if you could reach up and touch it. Wherever did you find your skirts? I need to buy a jeans skirt but can't find one that I like.

Have a lovely evening. :-)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mrs R I found them on can find their site online. I think mine were denim and company brand. Qvc carries many styles of skirts and dresses.

Mrs.T said...

I love your Spring sign, Arlene! Still winter here ... we had a snowstorm over the weekend, and another is predicted for tomorrow.

We are flying to Nevada in early April and are planning a little road trip with our family out there, so we will have a trip within a trip. I don't think I need to buy much for the trip, though, which is nice.