Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My friend,Susan, allowed me to share this pretty photograph of her dining room chandelier. I am not sure where she got the idea but I think it was on Pinterest. Pinterest has brought out the latent crafter in many people! And I think that is great as we all have creativity and it is good to put it to good use to beautify our homes. ( Click on the picture to see a larger size.)  Susan has two curious cats and I am not sure what Quill and Solola think of these decorations.  Susan and her husband live in a town home just down the street from me. If only I could get all my friends to move here.:)

Today is my day to take Landon to school so I will be off for Hartselle in a bit. I also hope to check out Ross today as it is Senior Day. Hey...I will take all the discounts I can get! They do 10% off for 55 and over on Tuesdays. Basically you save your sales tax but every penny saved is a penny earned.  Have a great day friends.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your friend's hearts. Those look so delicate and pretty.

I wonder if Marshall's also does a 10% off deal? I'm almost 55 but I do like Marshall's. We don't have a Ross here.

Susan Graben said...

I don't think they have even noticed them yet....they didn't bother the snowflakes at Christmas but you never know when/if they will catch their eye.