Tuesday, February 12, 2013

 I saw this "Valentine" on Facebook this morning and had to share it!  I love the PBS show, Call the Midwife. It reminds me of my time in nursing school...all the girls living and working in a dormitory together.  With Downton Abbey coming to a close this Sunday, I will have Call the Midwife to look forward to in March. And I noted that a third season of Call the Midwife is being filmed so that makes me a happy camper.
The actress who plays Jenny Lee, a new midwife, is so pretty. I enjoy seeing all the nurses dressed up in uniform. Today most nurses wear scrubs. And while I understand the reasoning behind it, I liked the days when you wore white uniforms and neatly polished shoes. A nurse wore her school cap and pin with pride. You could look down the hall and tell where each nurse had gone to school just by looking at her distinctive cap.  I think there is something about a professionally dressed nurse that inspires confidence in the patients.Those days are Gone With the Wind I suppose but it is fun to see these nurses in their crisp uniforms.

And regarding Downton Abbey...I was surprised that this season was so short, just six weeks. Right now I am starting a trilogy called The Passing Bells by Phillip Rock that is supposed to be much like Downton Abbey. So far I agree....I can see the big manor house, the servants quarters etc in my mind because it is so much like Downton. So if you need a "fix" of English country manor life in the early 1900s this series of books might be for you. The trilogy had been out of print but was rereleased! Downton has caused all of us to yearn for a kinder gentler time.

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Anonymous said...

Arlene, what an adorable valentine. I heart Call the Midwife!

That is so interesting about the nurses' caps. I never knew that before.