Saturday, February 16, 2013

This weekend is Missions Conference at our church. The flags that hang from the top of the sanctuary represent all the countries where First Bible Church supports mission work. I just love to see all these flags and this weekend we get to hear from many missionaries who spread the good news of Jesus Christ.(Thanks to my friend, Diane, for this great photo.) And while the adults meet in the sanctuary, the children have their own missions conference. What a great opportunity for our young ones to meet missionaries and broaden their view of the world.

Last night we heard from missionaries in Romania and Moldova as well as missionaries who are located on college campuses here in the USA.  Today we will be attending a cottage meeting where we will enjoy brunch and get some one on one time with a missionary who is located in the Middle East. It is so good to hear how God is moving around the world. When I look at the news, hear of events here in the US as well as locally, sometimes I become discouraged. This missions conference is always encouraging and I look forward to it all year.  I am glad our church is a missions minded church!

Tonight we will hear from more missionaries as well as a pastor from Budapest, Hungary and the meetings will wind up tomorrow.  Better go for now as I need to make my breakfast casserole for the brunch! I am taking Breakfast pizza and Sister Schubert cinnamon rolls.  Looking forward to a good start to my Saturday!

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