Saturday, February 2, 2013

 I thought I would share some more Valentines Day Decor with you this Groundhog's Day morning. According to the news, Phil did not see his shadow so we will have an early spring. I am all for that. In fact, the other day I saw some daffodils blooming at a house nearby. I had to stop and take another look to make sure I was seeing daffodils. Of course it was bitter cold last night so those cheery flowers are probably frozen this morning.  Back to Valentine's Day....I got this cute heart at Target and thought it would look nice on my china cabinet. It came from the dollar aisle but I think it was $2.50. You can also see the china I inherited from my mother in law. On the bottom shelf is a vase that belonged to my Grandmother Henderson and a tea pot that belonged to my Grandmother Tankersley. On the right is the tea set that Charles purchased for me while he was in China.  I love having special things that remind me of special people.
And here is my Valentine corner on my kitchen cabinet. I painted the heart and display it on an easel. I added some Godiva chocolates and cherry hearts. The cute napkins came from Walmart. The grands love having a special holiday napkin at snack time. I think I purchased the LOVE at Hobby Lobby one year as they had all their Valentine merchandise marked down to sell. I find a lot of my holiday decorations on sale after the holiday is past.

I made some more of the cinnamon pretzels this morning and took them to my sweet next door neighbors. I also shared two honeybell oranges with them as well. I have to take something "bad" and something "good". :) Jean and John are just precious people and I love to take goodies to them. This morning, Jean surprised me by giving me a big Russell Stover Heart box of candy. I will enjoy sharing those candies with the family.

It is a cold day here in Alabama, I may light all my candles, turn on the fireplace and enjoy a nice day at home.


Anonymous said...

Arlene, love all your Valentine decor! Oh gosh those valentine cherry hearts look tempting....

I'm not sure what honeybell oranges are. I'm guessing that they are a type of orange like a clementine/tangerine?

Enjoy your toasty evening!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Honeybells are super juicy and sweet oranges that are only available in Jan/Feb and you have to special order them. I love them!!

Jenn@Sweet T Makes Three said...

Cute! I always want to decorate for V-day but never wind up doing it. Maybe when the kids are older and can get into it too.

Mrs.T said...

I don't have much of my Valentine decor out yet. I know ... shame on me. I will try and do it tomorrow, as my granddaughters will likely be here on Wednesday afternoon and they will like to see some hearts and flowers!

It's cold here too ... 25º, but the wind chill makes it feel like 13 degrees. I think it will get below zero tonight.