Tuesday, February 26, 2013

 It was a dark and stormy night but five sweet  MOPs ladies ventured out for a night of fellowship and working on crafts. The theme was UFO night...unfinished object for all you non crafters.  Here is the other Grandmother of friend, Michie. She was working on a baby blanket.
 Nikki and Tiffany got in some girl talk! It is nice to be able to chat with another mommy after a long day with the kiddos.
 One cute little man came to the gathering!! As his Mom put it, he is her unfinished project!!
 As you can see, being out brightened up Nikki's day! That and a glass of sweet tea! My cross stitch is sitting beside Nikki. I did get a little stitching done but it is more fun to visit.
 Tiffany was working on a blue baby blanket. I admire her beautiful work and her tension was perfect...her crocheting is perfect!!
Ashley came for the company and we were so glad she made it out. Isn't she cute in her pretty blue and black outfit?

I love my MOPs ladies. They are such examples of godly young women. I am glad the next generation is in their capable hands.


Mrs.T said...

What a great idea to have a UFO night! Looks like a fun time of fellowship and accomplishing something tangible at the same time.

Jenn@Sweet T Makes Three said...

Thanks for your hospitality!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

We had a nice time together. I think more talking than crafting but that is ok!! And Jenn, I love having you ladies at my house. It blesses my heart and my home!

Anonymous said...


Looks like a wonderful time! And a treat to see your home. :-)