Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts....

I love holding Landon's hand as we walk from the car to his preschool class. I was thanking God for this precious time when my grandson wants to hold my hand and looks forward to seeing me at the door at the end of the school day. What a priviledge to be so important to this little guy.  I am pondering these days in my heart.

Yesterday Kendall was looking at my piece of cross stitch in progress. She touched the stitches gently and oohed and aahed over the linen sampler. We have decided that she will do some stamped cross stitch for her first project. And she gets to go to Hobby Lobby with me to choose the thread she will use. Something sweet to look forward to with my granddaughter.

I am missing my Birmingham Grands, Margaret and Baylor.

I have a stack of invitations to a bridal brunch, ready to mail. What a joy to be able to host a party along with other sweet ladies honoring a new bride in our church.

We welcomed a new grandniece to the family yesterday. Adeline Lanier Grimm arrived and she is just perfect. Adeline is after her great great grandmother, Mina Adeline Hasse Grimm. Lanier is after her grandmother and my sister in law, Lanier.  Congratulations to Warren, Jessica and Eden as they welcome Adeline to the family.

I am looking forward to lunch with the besties at Missouri Jane's in Somerville tomorrow. Susan found this restaurant and it sounds interesting. After lunch we will spend some time at my house having dessert and visiting.

Today I hope to do some crafting while Landon plays. I have several projects that I would like to get started.  I will have to move Kendall's crafting to get to my own. Yesterday I got a new pair of shoes in the mail and Kendall claimed the box right away. She was going to make it into a house. She is still working on it...I will post her finished product. I am happy to see her doing those kinds of projects instead of being glued to the ipad or computer. Creativity is so important to a balanced life in my opinion!

And we will end the day with a roast beef dinner. I cook my rump roast slowly all day in the crock pot. It makes the whole house smell so good!!

Have a blessed day friends!


Mrs.T said...

Lovely post, Arlene! You are making such wonderful memories with and for your precious grandchildren.

Love the new baby's name. Beautiful name with such family significance. I'm sure she is just as lovely as her name.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, your house must smell heavenly!

I can hardly wait to hold little Isaac's hand and take a walk. I love being a grandmother!

Have a lovely evening!