Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Remembering Ann Reese

On Christmas Eve 2012, Amy and Davey Grote lost their precious almost three year old daughter, Ann Reese in a freak accident at the grandparents home. Many people here in Alabama have come to know this sweet family via their Facebook page, Remembering Ann Reese.  Amy and Davey have a strong faith in God and it has been shared with many in these sad days.  I was really touched by Ann Reese because she was the same age as my Margaret and her favorite song was You Are My Sunshine...which is a song Margaret loves to sing as well. My heart has just been broken for the Grote family.  To honor Ann Reese's memory...Sassy Frass Tees( is making a special tee shirt that you can order from their site.  The Grote family is asking all who purchase the tee shirt to wear them on June 15th for Ann Reese. I ordered my tee shirt yesterday to help encourage this young family and I plan to wear it on June 15th. You can find an excellent article on the Grotes journey throught life and death online...just google Ann Reese Grote and the article pops up. You will be blessed by this courageous young couple.

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