Friday, May 31, 2013

More Fun With the Grands

 These two were worn out after playing at the park. (I had been laying down between them to get them to rest.) Having the three older cousins here for two days was a blessing. I enjoy seeing them play together and I have to say that there was very little fussing.
 Snack time. Margaret loves Ice cream!!
 And my big Bubba....what a cutie pie.
 Kendall took time out to play on the ipad. She also came to my aid to display our craft. I had seen this on Pinterest and I thought the grands would enjoy it.  Kendall's hand did not turn out as well as the littlies. The paint she chose was kind of dried up!! So we had to use a marker to even it out. Kendall did the squiggly lines as shown in the original craft. Bubba wanted straight lines and Margaret got tired of the whole thing before she was finished.  That really says a lot about their personalities!! Now Margaret has gone back to HOOVA(Hoover) and my house is quiet once more.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day and a Trip to the Park

 Our dessert buffet....
 Margaret twirling in the kitchen...
 Grandpa and his two boys...
 Charles and Nancy getting pound cake and strawberries...
 The Girls..

We are having a fun visit with Margaret!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Thanks to all the veterans who served and gave the ultimate price...their lives. Today I am able to live in a nice house, worship as I please and spend a nice day with my family because of that sacrifice.

We are hosting Miss Margaret for a few days so Nana will probably be short on postings this week. I am loving on this sweet girl while I have her here!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Breakfast Tales

This morning my hubs informed me that he needed to take his vehicle for a tire rotation. That meant that I had to get dressed and take my car to pick him up while the work was being done. We had a few errands to run and as we were finishing up the phone rang, Hubs car was ready. Since it was just 9:30 am we decided we would go to our favorite restaurant in Hartselle for breakfast. We should have realized that Mr Henry's was closed for Memorial Day weekend when we saw only two cars in the parking lot. We were so sad....we both had our mouths all set for a good breakfast. Hubs suggested that we try the small restaurant near our home. Well..CLOSED. Then we had the bright idea to go to IHOP where I had enjoyed a delish meal yesterday. The line was out the door as the Balloonists who were in town for Memorial Day had just completed their morning rides and were ready for breakfast as well. I suggested Cracker Barrel just down the road. Same thing...lines out the door. We finally gave up our quest and came home. I decided I would prepare a breakfast supper tonight and I hope it will be well received. As we got home, we both just looked at each other and laughed...what a morning. And a tale that we will laugh over in days to come. But right now I just want some gravy and biscuits!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Breakfast at IHOP

Doesn't this look yummy? I had breakfast with my sweet friend, Diane at IHOP this morning and this is what I ordered. It is the Bananas Foster Brioche French Toast. All I can say is only complaint was that I would have added more bananas. Maybe next time I will bring my own!lol...

Diane works at the City Hall and she goes to work at eight so we meet once a month for breakfast. We enjoy our time together and wish it were longer. Diane is retiring in the near future so I see some fun days with her on the horizon. We both have May seems that some of my best friends are May babies.

After having breakfast, I headed off to Publix to get groceries. They were having lots of good Bogos and they had watermelons and cantaloupes on sale so I was happy to shop there today. It is more pricey than Walmart but I must say they have the best produce in town. With the holiday weekend coming up and in anticipation of having three grands here next week, I needed lots of food. We plan to grill hotdogs and hamburgers on Monday. Along with the fixins, we will have a pound cake, strawberries and whipped cream. E's pound cake recipe will be brought out and we will enjoy the pound cake as we remember our special great aunt.

I had planned to put in my summer impatiens but it is supposed to be chilly again tonight so I will wait until later in the week.  This has been one of the chilliest and rainiest springs we have had in Alabama in quite a while. But we have not had to turn on our sprinklers yet so that is a good thing!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hello Summer!

Today is Kendall's last day of school as a first grader! This year has flown by and our big girl has learned so much. I dropped off end of the year gifts for Mrs R, her first grade teacher and Mrs J, who is her s peech teacher. Kendall helped me decide on gifts and we came to the conclusion that gift cards were the way to go! We added a pretty notepad and wrapped them nicely. Kendall wanted her teachers to know how much she appreciated all that they have done for her this year.

When I was a little girl, the last day of school meant Summer...even though summer did not officially arrive until June.  The first days of summer break were fun but then boredom set in which my mother helped us to over come by giving us chores to do! (Note to self, do not complain about being bored!) Then the garden "came in" as we say in the south. That meant helping Mother to can and freeze. I remember many hot days in our small kitchen...putting up food for the winter. There was no air conditioning and we all vied to get closest to the fan that whirred away as we worked.  I also remember trips to the library for books to read and the high point of my summer, Vacation Bible School.  Life was good.

Now I will have Kendall and Landon to keep busy this summer. I have already been lining up crafts to do but we will also be reading and doing a bit of cleaning. I have found that both Kendall and Landon like to help around the house so I plan to take advantage of that and I hope to teach them some new skills as well. Landon loves to cook. Yesterday we made some peanut butter fudge...super easy, two bags of Reeses peanut butter chips and one can of sweetened condensed milk. Stir together over medium heat until everything is smooth, pour into an 8 by 8 in fridge then eat!! Now Landon is not a peanut butter lover but he did want to take some of the candy home to share. He loves it when we all brag on him for being a good cook.

Today is friend to the Olive Garden to eat to celebrate my birthday. Looking forward to time with friends!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Calling All Downton Abbey Fans

If you are a DA fan like I am, I know you are finding it hard to wait for the new season! As I was browsing in Books A Million last week, I saw this book on an end cap. Once I picked it up and looked at it, I knew is was coming home with me.(Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore?) I sat down with it Friday evening and finished it on Saturday. It is now visiting my friend, Susan, and will go on to friends Maggie and Donna, when Susan has read it!!

While We Were Watching Downton Abbey is set in a luxury high rise apartment building in Midtown Atlanta. Edward, a Brit, is the concierge for the Alexander. Hoping to encourage a feeling of community in the building, Edward hosts weekly viewings of Seasons One and Two of Downton Abbey in preparation for the upcoming Season Three. ( Of course, I found it hard to believe these ladies had not seen DA when it premiered but this is a story!)  Each Sunday evening at eight, Edward prepares an English "snack" and drinks in the club room and about 20 ladies show up to enjoy this party. The novel revolves around three ladies who become friends as a result of Edward's plan. Samantha is a woman who seems to have it all....handsome husband, penthouse apartment and a member of a powerful Atlanta family. But appearances can be deceiving. Brooke is a mom of two young daughters who was dumped by her plastic surgeon husband after he had moved her from her home town of Boston to Atlanta. Of course she had worked to put him through school and the start up of his practice but she feels lost and unlovable in Atlanta. Finally there is Claire, a new empty nester and an author who has writers block. She has moved from OTP(outside the Perimeter....I 285 that circles metro Atlanta)  to the Alexander, planning to spend a year of non stop writing.  These ladies and Edward are an entertaining bunch! In addition to being the Alexander's concierge, Edward runs a small business called Private Butler. His aim is to make all his clients feel that they have their own Carson!! Edward's business is also part of the story line.

I really enjoyed this book as I lived in Atlanta while I was in nursing school so I knew all the locations described in the story.  There are twists and turns but there is a happy ending and I love happy endings!! I have read several books by Ms Wax and this one is my favorite.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We Interrupt this Post...

I had planned to do a book review this morning but my heart is heavy as I hear reports from Oklahoma. What a heartbreaking sight...especially the school where 20 little ones lost their lives. Let's all remember these dear people in our prayers today. Being from Georgia and living in Alabama, tornados have been a part of my life from my childhood. When I was in elementary school a tornado hit our little community doing much damage and uprooting three big shade trees on our school play ground. I was in nursing school when the April outbreak of 1974 devastated many communities from the south all the way up to Kentucky.  I was so scared because I could not get in touch with my family to see if they were ok. I was so relieved when I was finally able to hear that they were safe. In 1989, we lived in Huntsville where a huge tornado hit the southern part of the city.  A school was destroyed there as well. Children were attending the after school program but thankfully no one died.  The death toll was in the 20s after that massive tornado. Then we went through the April 27th,2011 tornado that destroyed several nearby communities...another reminder that storms are to be taken seriously.  It has made me a believer in taking cover when the weathermen tell you to do so!!  Yet with tornados and straight line winds...often they spring up and gather more strength than predicted.  My plan for storms is to take cover and pray!  And I will be praying for the people of Moore, Oklahoma as they pick up the pieces of their lives and deal with heartbreak and sorrow. God Bless Oklahoma.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Going To The Chapel Part Two

 It was a beautiful day for a wedding as Katlyn and Jon made their vows "until death do us part" I was taking pictures at the reception for the mother of the bride and I think I ended up with 104! I tried to get photos of everyone who was there but I may have missed a few.

 The newlyweds....they were so cute! You could just feel happiness oozing out of them. I do not think a smile left their faces the whole afternoon.
 Leaving amid bubbles...
And off to the honeymoon...loved the old car that carried them away. I love weddings. Blessings on Jon and Katlyn as they start their life together!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Going to the Chapel!

Today  a beautiful young lady and a handsome young man will make vows to each other as they are married. The wedding will be held at our church and I have had the privilege of helping with this big event. Yesterday a group of the bride's friends and a group of the mother of the bride's friends met to "do" all the bouquets, corsages and boutineers. Believe it or not there are videos on You Tube teaching all aspects of bridal flower arranging. Alana, the bride's mom, had sent us all links to the videos so we had a chance to get some advance training! The family had purchased all the flowers from a wholesale florist in Huntsville and the flowers and greenery were awaiting us when we arrived for the flower party. Believe it or not, our flowers looked like professionals had done them! We all had a great time together, laughing and eating some of the great food Alana provided.  I was able to help Alana with the bride's bouquet. With the handy bouquet holder filled with oasis, it was not difficult at all.  I do think many people would make their own flowers if they knew how easy it was!! There is a big mark up at the florist. I am glad to have another skill to add to my list of talents.:) I am looking forward to attending the wedding today and seeing all our handywork on display. Hopefully I will have some pictures to post on Monday!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me...

Today is my 58th birthday! Some ladies are reluctant to share their ages but I am proud of mine. I was born in 1955...I guess if I was a house I would be a mid century modern!:) One of my earliest memories is sitting in our living room, eating my lunch off of a tray and watching I Love Lucy. Another early memory is giving my new born baby sister, Kristi, some of my chewing gum!! Thank goodness my mother got it out of her mouth. I grew up surrounded by family and cousins which is not the norm for today's children as families seem to be scattered to the winds, relocating for jobs in all parts of the USA. Elementary school was basic...not too many children in my small town went to kindergarten so first grade teachers had their hands full teaching ABC's and 123's. There were no copy machines but mimeograph machines...I can still remember the smell of the ink on the barely dry work pages.  Holidays were simple affairs. Halloween meant a mask of some kind, maybe one jack o lantern on the porch for Halloween night. Christmas was a tree, greenery in the house and lots of fun with grandparents and cousins. Easter brought a basket of candy, new dresses for church and more family gatherings. I can remember the Cuban Missile Crisis and the day President Kennedy was killed. Those events really rocked my 7th and 8th year of life.  As I grew up on our small farm in North Georgia, I learned to work hard and to seek excellance in all I did thanks to the example of my parents. My mother had always wanted to attend college but she was not able to do so. She took a job working as a secretary in one of the mills in Dalton, Georgia. So she was determined that her girls would study hard and have the opportunity to go to college if they so desired. I went to nursing school with the money I had saved working at The Big V, summers and weekends along with a student loan. In Atlanta, I met my future husband and made lifetime friends.  After marrying Marvin, I was blessed with three wonderful children.  I have been so blessed in this life that I just have to say, Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow! I am thankful for my sweet home Alabama, my family, my church and my dear friends. I am hoping for many more birthdays to come!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

An Early Birthday Gift

I got an early Birthday gift this year when Ben sent me a text with a picture of grand number 5's ultrasound picture. The baby looked so could see a little fist held up by his/her face.  We will not be finding out the sex for several months but I am guessing a boy! No scientific data to support it, just a feeling!!  It is still amazing to me how we can get to know our grandchildren before they get here!! In my day, ultrasounds were only done if the doctor thought something might not be just right. So we waited until the baby arrived to find out if it was a boy or girl. With all of my children, I had dreams about them that proved to be correct each time! Maybe it is a mother's intuition.

Kendall LOVED her book!! She was so excited to see it laying on the dining room table when she got home from school. She gave me a great big hug! Then she proceeded to sit in Grandpa's big chair and read for about an hour!

Mr Landon has an appointment at the allergist this morning. He has been plagued with swollen eyes, breakouts and runny nose this spring. I am so glad we will get some answers about the cause of his problems and we can do something about it to make him more comfortable.

Off to lunch with Susan later in the day. Deborah has her grands and she is enjoying them I am sure. Tomorrow is my Birthday! No big plans...I will be helping a friend with her daughter's wedding this weekend so that will be fun. Dinner at Macaroni Grill tomorrow evening and I am getting granite countertops for my kitchen as my Mother's Day Gift and Birthday Gift. So that means, shopping and comparing before making a final decision. I wish someone would just show up at my door with the perfect style and install them for me!!

Have a great Thursday friends!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Junie B Jones

Amelia called last night to remind me that I have the kiddos today and she also had a message for me from Kendall. The new Junie B Jones book was released yesterday and I had promised that we would purchase it when it came out. That child does not forget a thing...she knew the day of the release and she made sure Nana remembered her promise to her oldest grand. So today Landon and I will take a trip to Books a Million to get this book for Kendall. Of course, Landon can choose a book as well.  I am so glad that all my grands love books and if I am going to spoil them, then I will spoil them with books!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Enjoy Being a GOP

After two years of being a GOP (grandmother of Preschoolers) at MOPs I am stepping down for a year. I wanted to be available to Landon and Kendall in Landon's last year at preschool before starting elementary school. Once he is in school all day, I hope to return to MOPs. This group has been such an encouragement to me. They have loved on me, prayed with me through trials and they have also taught me many new things.  As an end of the year gift, they presented me with this cute plant holder along with a cute pair of gardening gloves. I love it!  I am leaving the MOPs in good hands as friend, Michie, will continue as a GOP mentor next year.   If you are a young mom please check to see if there is a MOPs group in your area. MOPs is  a great way to make new friends for you and your preschooler.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dinner with Charles and Nancy

 This was the sight that met us as we drove up to Charles and Nancy's home in Harvest, Alabama. The Azaleas were so pretty.  Charles keeps his yard so neat and tidy!! We enjoyed a real gourmet meal prepared by the young Grimms.
 A beautiful salad with strawberries, feta and assorted greens....
 Rice, steak Filet and Lobster tail....yum is all I can say about this!! We also had some delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
 Me and my Baby Boy!!
 Charles, Nancy and me....
Sitting down to can see the beautiful crocheted GRIMM name in the dining room. Mama G made one of these for each of her grandchildren as they married. A nice reminder of our sweet Mama and Grandma.

I am totally spoiled and I warned Charles that Dad would be expecting the same on Father's Day!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Tomorrow is a special day honoring Mothers and some wonderful ladies who are not mothers but are much loved by children. I am thinking of my sister, Kristi, as I type this. She has invested much love and time in the lives of my children as well as my grandchildren.  I am thankful for all the wonderful moms in my life. First I think of my Mama Swanson. She was my great grandmother and I have sweet memories of  her as she was the only great grandmother of mine that I was blessed to know. Mama Swanson was actually my step great grandmother but I had no idea of that as a child. She married my Papa Swanson after his wife died leaving him with a young daughter. They went on to have two children of their own, my Uncle R.L. and my Aunt Kathryn.  Mama Swanson loved all of us and we loved her too!! Next are my Grandmother Henderson. A quiet sweet person who allowed her grands to do pretty much anything they wanted to do at her house. We bathed our dolls, used scissors...all the things that Mother did not allow at her house!! Snacks were graham crackers, popcorn made on the stovetop and grape koolaid!!  My Grandmother Tankersley lived not far from us and she usually had a grandchild or two at her house all the time. We still laugh at how she fussed at us but she loved us and kept photographs of all her grands on display in her home. My own mother was always home with us...making clothes, pajamas, raising a garden, cooking and canning. She taught her three girls how to do all the things that are needed to be a homemaker. In these last eight years she has shown us what true committed love is as she has cared for our daddy in his battle with transverse myelitis. I could not end this blog without mentioning my sweet mother in law. She was a blessing to all of us and we really miss her. Happy Mother's Day in Heaven Mama G.  Last are the mothers of my grands, Amelia and Katy. They are raising the next generation in our family and I am glad to be able to be here to enjoy these little ones!!

My youngest son, Charles and his wife, Nancy, have invited me over for a Mother's Day Supper tomorrow evening and I am looking forward to that!! Have a great Mother's Day friends!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Nurses Week!!

I borrowed this photograph from my nursing school (Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing) Facebook page. It is a picture of our school's cap and pin.  Two things all new graduates in 1976 wore with pride. We did not wear caps at all in our freshman year as we only took fundamentals of nursing along with our college courses. In our junior year when we worked three days a week in the hospital and attended two days of class we wore our caps with blue stripes placed diagonally on the ends of the cap. Our junior year nursing included ortho neuro, OR, obgyn and medical surgical nursing. Senior year we had a black band that went around the top or the cap to indicate that we were almost done with nursing school. During our senior year we worked in the ICU, Peds and Psych units. By the time we graduated we all had enough experience to go confidently out to work in any hospital. Now days diploma schools are a thing of the past. Nurses attend 2 yr schools or bachelor's programs and most of them learn on the job. In those programs there is not as much clinical nursing as in the diploma program. At Georgia Baptist, most of us worked on the weekends to earn money to help pay for our schooling. We were charge nurses, meds nurses etc. We were given a lot of responsibility but it made us the nurses we are today. I am proud to be a GBH graduate. Even though I have not worked as a nurse in years, the things I learned there have stayed in my brain. The human body does not change..treatments change, meds change but our bodies are constant!!  Happy Nurses week to all my sisters in service who are taking care of patients all over the world.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Totes for Teachers

It is hard to believe that this is Landon's last week of school! He has had a great year and I wanted to get something for all three of his three year old class teachers as a token of our appreciation of all their hard work! I found these cute waterproof bags at Ross last week and knew they would be perfect for the teacher's summer trips to the pool.  Apparently Amanda at Dixie Delights and I were thinking alike as she also gave her son's teachers totes as an end of the year gift. She added a fun tag saying, Thanks for a tote-ally awesome year. I made some little hang tags with that cute saying on it for my gifts and they really added to the theme of the gift. If you have not read Amanda's blog, it is on my side bar and she has so many wonderful ideas for gifts and happies.

Kendall will be out of school on May 23rd so now I have to get busy getting her teacher gifts together. I already have some in mind! Now Nana will have to find some things for the kiddos to do to stay busy on those long summer days!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Piece of Europe In My Dining Room

 I was the morning cat sitter for my friend, Susan, while she was on a European River Cruise and she brought me this lovely piece of macrame lace as a thank you gift. I knew it would look great on my tea cart and it does!!
Here is a close up of the lace and it is a lovely design. Susan and her husband visited Germany, Austria and Hungary. Susan also brought home some of the most delicious chocolate candy that she picked up in Austria. I think it is the best chocolate that I have ever had!! I am so glad I have such a generous friend! Also, I get to travel via armchair as I look at all her photos from the trip. The pictures from this trip featured so many beautiful cathedrals. I asked Susan how she kept from being overwhelmed by it all. I am glad she is back home safely and had a wonderful trip.

Monday, May 6, 2013

What is better on a rainy Monday morning than the sight and smell of a Strawberry Candle from Yankee Candles? I have this one on my secretary and it fills the whole living room with a wonderful aroma.  We have had a rainy weekend that is continuing into the new week. It is a good day to clean the house and work on a few projects so I will not complain.  Have a good Monday friends!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Memento Jar

 I saw this craft on several blog sites as well as Pinterest and I thought I would make one for my guest room. I found the "cracker jar" at Target for $5.97.  I had moss on hand...the "mementos" were shopped from my house so this was really an inexpensive craft. You can also change them up for the seasons which is fun for any crafter. The little doily on top of the jar was a gift from a missionary from Romania who stayed in our home for the missions conference at our church. I simply threaded some thin ribbon through the edges of the doily to make it fit the lid. ( Am I smart or what???):)
 Here is a close up of the mementos I included...The  gnome was a gift to me from my talented cousin, John William Hooper. When he married his lovely bride a few years ago(we won't say how many) I helped with the rehearsal dinner and he carved this as a thank you gift. I have been after him to make me a Santa Claus...he really could make a mint with his carving talents but he chooses to do them as a creative outlet and I understand that! The blue book in the back is an old Palmer method penmanship book given to me by my friend, Susan. She thought I could use it to help Kendall learn to write but I assured her it was going to be treasured by ME. The old picture is my dad and his brother when they were little boys. Behind the angel is some Chinese Currency that Charles brought home from his life there. The little angel belonged to my mother in law...we both liked angels. There is also a shell from our vacation at Gulf Shores last year as well as some sea washed rocks that I picked up there.  I simply drew some little sayings on them and put them in my jar. The bottom of the jar is covered with adds a pop of color to the design.
 A few more close ups...hope you enjoyed seeing my Saturday craft!

Friday, May 3, 2013


 We were so excited to welcome Miss Margaret for a day of play on Wednesday.  It was a surprise visit and that made it all the sweeter. Bubba really misses his cousin and their days at Nana School.
 Playing with cars...
 Eating lunch while watching Caillou.
 Coloring together on the ipad.
 Isn't this the sweetest picture...I love how they are leaning in to each other. It makes my Nana Heart just as happy as can be!
After we picked Kendall up at school, we had ice cream at Dairy Queen but they were still hungry so we had some left over pizza.  By this time, Bubba had had enough of pictures and he is pointing at me, telling me not to take his picture. Meanwhile, Kendall is cheesing for the camera and Margaret is drinking her Roarin Water juice box.  I love my grands!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


 For about a month now I have been Hooked on Crocheting. I go years without picking it up but then the urge hits me.  I am glad it did as our family welcomed a new baby cousin, Violet. She is the granddaughter of my husband's first cousin, Susan. Violet is Susan's first grand and I wanted to make something to send to Grandma to have at her house. So I made this cute pink blanket. I am hoping to get it in the mail tomorrow.

And here is the little congrats package I am sending to niece, Laura. I found that cute owl pin at Books a MIllion. The notebook came from TJMaxx and the Fashionista planner was a steal at Target.  I even found a pretty mailer to pack it up in!!

I love sending packages in the mail and I love receiving them as well. Yesterday I received my early birthday present to me from me!! Aren't those the best ones???":)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Proverbs 27:2

Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger and not thine own lips. Proverbs 27:2 King James Version.

One of my children had a friend who loved to brag on himself. It really frustrated my child who was just as talented academically but they were good friends so what do you do??? I reminded my child of this Bible Verse. It is one that we all can benefit from!!  But I want to praise my niece, Laura. She is the beautiful young woman pictured above. Active in her local FFA(Future Farmers of America)club, she is learning all the skills for being a good farmer. When I was in high school it was a purely male domain but now girls are included in the ranks. Laura has won several awards for her expertise in farm related knowledge. Last weekend she was in Macon, Georgia to compete in the state competition for the FFA creed speech. She won first place and will be going on to Louisville, Ky for the nationals in October. Our whole family is very proud of her. She is sweet inside and out and strives for excellence in all that she does. She will be getting a little congrats package from Aunt Nenie in the mail this week!! Love you sweet girl.