Saturday, August 31, 2013

Consignment Shopping

I love consignment shopping! I found this cute Vera Bradley purse for Kendall for just $10 and it is a recent pattern. My favorite local consignment store is Better Than Before here in Decatur. I have found many bargains there! This Vera Bradley purse still had the tags on it, I do not believe it had ever been used. It was the perfect Back to School Happy for my sweet girl. I have also found many name brand clothing items and purses for a great price. I recently found a cute Vera Bradley in a purple pattern that I knew would be perfect for my friend, Susan, who is a Purple Lady.  My friend, Michie, recently posted a blog about the younger generation getting back to basics. It rather reminds me of the kids in the 60s and 70s.  In our materialistic world, it is good to see the next generation being more aware of saving money and living simply. As my friend, Martha, would say....It's a Good Thing.

Friday, August 30, 2013

What a Difference a Year Makes

I took Landon to his Meet the Teacher Day at Preschool and I could not help but compare this year's visit to our stressful Meet the Teacher Day last year. Landon has grown up so much in one year.
 He was not happy about school...thanfully he had a very caring teacher, Miss Sherry.
 She soon had him working on puzzles and looking at toys in the three year old classroom.
 We ran into Miss Sherry on our way to the Four Year Old Class and Landon was so happy to see her.
 Landon is standing by his Green Frog! He is in Miss Pam's Green Frog Class.
 Painting hands for a project with Miss Pam. And Bubba even posed for a picture outside his school! I cannot believe how fast my grands are growing up. It  sure is fun to see them grow and mature.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The End of Your Life Bookclub

I was strolling along in the Target Book Aisle and saw this book that I had heard a lot about so I picked it up, read several pages and decided it needed to come home with me.  This true story is a book about reading, it reminds us that reading can help us get through tough times by giving us a bit of an escape. It is also about dying. Dying is a topic that people avoid. I can remember reading On Death and Dying in nursing was supposed to help us learn how to deal with terminal patients. It was an eye opener but I cannot say it helped me as a nurse. It is just HARD to know what to say to someone who is dying. As a young nurse, I had a patient who was being treated for leukemia. She was a wife and mother, had many concerns and wanted to talk about her future. I can remember brushing her off...not wanting to talk about death. I still feel badly about that encounter to this day.  So this book, that confronts dying by Living while Dying, was a good read for me.

Mary Anne Schwalbe was a world traveler, busy in many social concerns in Afghanistan and Burma so when she came home tired and jaundiced her doctor began treating her for hepatitis. But she did not get better. After more testing the physicians find out it is not Hepatitis but rather pancreatic cancer. Advanced pancreatic cancer. Even with treatment, her prognosis was six months to a year.  Her son, Will, a book editor, takes the time to go with her to her treatments at Sloane Kettering. Being voracious readers, they each have a book with them to pass the time. Soon they decide that they will have a book club of two and they read the same books and discuss them. (There is a list of the books they read included.) Will comes to know his mother as a reader and they find that while they enjoy many of the books, their opinions on the characters, plot etc are often quite different. Mary Anne keeps busy with her life and friends as she is going through treatment and I think that really made the difference in her survival of two years after her diagnosis.  Mary Anne is also a believer...she trusts in God as she is on this journey.  I am looking for one of the devotional books that she kept on her bedside table, Daily Strength for Daily Needs.

This book also helps the reader to understand what cancer patients are going through as they are treated with chemo. Will includes some helpful advice on how to help the patient and the family when they are in this situation.  Ultimately, Mary Anne does die but she dies peacefully at home which is a blessing.
I must tell you that this book also includes a lot about liberal ideas and philosophies...I would just skim over these parts and move on to the rest of the story.  It is a book that I will keep in my own library and I will re read it I am sure. I will also be reading some of the books that Will and Mary Anne read in their End of Your Life Book Club.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Revisiting the Smurfs

When my children were little, we had quite a collection of Smurfs. Of course they were small and very blue back then. In fact I think I still have one or two upstairs in the toy box. Kendall and Landon have been on a Happy Meal kick lately, hoping to collect the new bigger, sky blue Smurfs that MacDonalds has wisely included in their children's meals. MacDonalds knows that a Nana in Alabama will be helping her grands collect as many as possible. Ok, I know that you can buy them without purchasing a Happy Meal but what fun is that? The kiddos love to open the Happy Meal to see which Smurf is hiding inside! Kendall has been on the hunt for Vexy....the new dark haired girl Smurf. Well Saturday while we were in Hoova, we got Margaret and Baylor a Happy Meal and there she was! Baylor kindly shared his Vexy with Kendall. Then yesterday I took Landon on a MacDonalds run after a trip to the park and lo and behold, there was Smurfette....or as we call her in the Grimm House, Smurfhead. That is what Ben, Amelia and Charles thought that the girl smurf was named back in the day.
 Baker Smurf, Vexy and Smurfhead.
 I love seeing my grands enjoying the toys that their parents loved back in the 80s.
 Smurfs lining up for School...
 My sweet grands...Using their vivid imaginations. An Ipad cannot compare to that!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Happy For the Teacher!

Amy came up with this cute teacher gift and I wanted to do something like this for Kendall's teacher. However, I knew that Kendall would never get to school with the sharpies intact so I changed Amy's idea up a bit. I purchased two packages of regular and one fine point and placed them in one of my little cellophane gift bags. I purchase these bags at Hobby Lobby and I find that they are wonderful for all sorts of little happies. I made my own card using Amy's little saying but she does offer a free printable at her site if you want to print off this cute blue tag. I have added Amy to my blog roll and I hope you will check out all her creative ideas for happies and gifts.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Actually Nana it is Hoova!

This is what Margaret told me when I said something about visiting Birmingham! She is a Grimm for sure...she must get the facts right! And yes the Ben Grimm family does live in Hoover, Alabama.
 We had a fun time with Margaret and Baylor Saturday afternoon. Here is our drama queen, Margaret, pretending to sleep. Pardon the "lambie" it is her lovie and though we tell her it is disgusting, she must have it to sleep!!:) When she brings lambie to my house, she always tells me to give him a bath(washing machine bath) because he is disgusting. She is such a riot and keeps us all laughing.
 And here is Baylor pretending to sleep too. I am sure Ben and Katy were happy to hear that neither child took a nap on Saturday. As we were driving back to Decatur, Ben texted me a picture of Baylor passed out on the sofa. He just refused to give it up while Nana and Grandpa were at his house.
 All three watching Nick Jr. Grandpa is thrilled to watch Peppa Pig. And I have to end with his sweet picture of Baylor, he loves his Grandpa and Nana is not jealous at all!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Feeling Happy

I have received so many sweet cards over the last two weeks. It makes me feel so blessed to have such caring friends.

And today we are off to Birmingham to see the Grands! Of course I got to see them yesterday as I kept them for Katy while she was helping her mom.  They were both so happy to be at Nana's house. Toys, treats and yummy snacks are what a Grandmother's House is all about! But Grandpa did not get to see them so he is very happy to be off to see Margaret and Baylor. You will probably see pictures on Monday!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

T is for Turquoise

 Since my visit to New Mexico, I have fallen in love with the turquoise colors that you see everywhere out west.  I guess this happy color brings cheerfulness to the desert.

I decided the Grimm House could use some cheerful color as well and decided that when I got home I was going to paint the door going from the garage to the back hall a pretty turquoise. Using the Sherwin Williams 'Chip It' I was able to match the colors of New Mexico! The color is Calypso by Sherwin Williams and I must say I love my door. It makes me smile every time I pull into the garage.
 And the turquoise looks nice with the Sherwin Williams Pillar that was applied to the garage walls by the builder of our town home.
Sometimes it is fun to do something unexpected when decorating your home. Remember, your home should reflect who you are and not a decorator's idea of what your home should look like. So if you have been on the fence regarding some splash of color around your home, I say Go For It!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Trip Through the English Countryside

I love Susan Branch and I own several of her little books so when I heard she was writing a diary about her trip to England I had to purchase her latest book! Susan's blog can also be found on my blog roll. You will enjoy reading about her life in Martha's Vineyard.  For anyone who loves England, this is a must read. We board the palatial ship, the Queen Mary, with Susan and Beret wearing husband, Joe, and set sail across the pond. ( Joe looks very handsome in his beret, I am wondering if I can get Marvin to wear one? He is part French after all.)  Susan describes the good and the bad aspects of a seven day sea voyage. There are cozy places to sit and read as well as entertainment and sitting on deck to soak up some sun. The food is amazing as well. It is a good thing there is a gym on board the QM.  But halfway through the voyage the ship hits some rough seas and seasickness hits Susan. She advises that you put your seasickness bands on as soon as you board the ship!  Arriving in England, Joe gets to drive the car. With Susan navigating(screaming!) they try to adjust to driving on the "wrong" side of the road.  They spend two weeks in England, visiting the country side including many national trust homes and gardens. Joe and Susan stay in rented homes for their stay and it sounds like a very cozy way to travel abroad. The high point of the book is the visit to Hilltop...the farm once owned by Beatrix Potter.  I have to say that Susan's descriptions of the sights will make you feel as though you are in the car with the Branches. Her delightful drawings and photographs are eye candy for those who enjoy reading a quirky little travel diary. I must admit that I have had a hard time putting my copy down! I am sure it will be read time and time again.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Pretty Purse Bench

 Everyone who knows me knows that that I LOVE PURSES.  So when I decided to get a Purse Bench, no one was surprised!  It all started when the boys at my parents church made these little benches last year at Vacation Bible School. Now the boys made them for prayer benches for their homes. They kindly made one for Mother and Daddy and brought it to their home. Well when I saw it I just loved the size and the heft of the bench. This was no small flimsy was built to last. I asked my sister if one of the boys would make one for me. Well after inquiring, Kristi found out that they had a few left overs and I could have one for a donation. I was happy to do so and soon my little bench was sitting in my garage, waiting to be painted.  I wanted a rustic, weathered look so I painted the bench black first. Then I added this pretty bright green that picks up the pops of green pears I have in my kitchen among my blue and white china decor. After adding the green, I got out my sanding block and sanded it down around the edges and along the legs to bring out some of the black and some of the wood. When it was finished I put it in my back hall under my bulletin board.
 I knew it would be perfect as a place to sit my purse when I come in the back door! It is also a great place to put things that need to go to the car....library books, happies for friends and other such things.
Here is my purse, sitting on the green bench. Doesn't it look pretty against the green?  And now I will not be searching for my purse when I am ready to leave the house!  It little things like this that make me happy!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Second Grade

 Yesterday was Kendall's first day of second grade at her new school, Priceville Elementary. PE is closer to both grandmothers who pick Kendall up from school most days. It is only five minutes from my home so I am liking that!!  Doesn't she look like a sweet, smart girl? I am praying that she enjoys her time in Ms Hudson's class and that she learns a lot!! She is wearing a new shirt that she picked out with money her REAL GRANDMA gave her. This is a joke in our family from Kendall's toddler days. Kendall calls me Nana and her other grandmother, Mimi. So when I told her we were going to Grandma Margie's house(My mom) she said, Is she my REAL GRANDMA? Now she knows that grandmothers can be called many things but Grandma Margie is still her Real Grandma.

And here I am in second grade at Eton Elementary School. I am the girl in the front seat next to the chalk board. Click on the picture to get a better look of little me!:) It is quite a contrast to Kendall's class room. Our teachers did not decorate the room...oh we might have one seasonal bulletin board but that was it.  There were 25 children in our class and Miss Macie(Mrs Macie Jackson) taught us the three Rs very effectively.  And you will see from the chalkboard that we learned cursive in second grade. Thanks to Miss Macie, I still have a nice handwriting if I do say so myself.  The times have changed so much since 1962 I wonder what Kendall's grandchildren will learn in second grade!

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Fun Saturday

 Who are these two wacky kids? My second and third, known as Amelia and Charles. Amelia was out of town on her July 2nd birthday and today is Charles' 30th birthday. We merged birthday dinners this year. As you can tell, Charles is still an annoying little brother.:)
 Ok, this is better. Smile and behave!!
 Nancy's parents are in the US and we enjoyed hosting them for dinner as well. Nancy's whole family had not been together since 2009. And that was at Charles and Nancy's wedding!  I know Nancy has enjoyed having her parents with her here in Alabama.
 And the whole Kim-Grimm family! Charles is starting his job as a graduate fellowship student today at University of Alabama/Huntsville campus. He is so happy to back in the world of academia.  It is a great birthday gift for him.

Another rainy, cool Monday here in north Alabama. This has been one of the coolest summers on record for our region of the country but we are not going to complain!! Off to do chores and errands. Have a Happy Birthday Charles!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Out Of The Mouths of Babes

This is a picture of the first time Daddy met his first great grandson, Landon.  It was taken almost five years ago. Landon does not remember a time when "Pa" was not bedridden. I hate that for my grands as Daddy would have had a wonderful time with them on the farm if he had been healthy. It truly is hard to understand why some things happen the way they do in real life.

Landon and Kendall were with their dad when Daddy passed away so Nick wanted Amelia to tell them about it. But Amelia had not had time to sit down with them when they arrived on Tuesday morning to stay with me. I was not going to say anything, leaving that up to Mommy but that is not how it turned out.  Kendall was upstairs playing when it was time to check the mailbox. Landon loves to go with me to the mailbox and he likes to take the mail into the house where we open it together. On Tuesday I received quite a number of sympathy cards and as Landon was helping me open them he wanted to know what those cards were for! (He knows all about Birthday Cards and thought maybe it was my birthday).  I explained to him that Pa had gone to heaven and my friends were sending me cards to tell me that they were thinking of me as I said goodbye to my daddy.  Landon looked at me with big eyes, "Can Pa stand up now? Can he walk?" I assured him that Pa was all better in heaven.  That was all he needed to hear and he was fine with that!  How we could all learn from the simple trust of the mind of a child!

Friday, August 16, 2013

I Love Toms!

 I have found a brand of shoes that I love....Toms! I purchased my first pair in Gulf Shores last September and I have almost worn them out.  But Tom's can be a bit pricy so I scoured the internet for a bargain. My sister, Leta, shared a Tom's outlet site with me and I looked at it for months before deciding to give it a try. With Fall on the way, I needed some Transition Shoes to help me go from flip flops to my winter Orthoheels( a brand of shoe that my friend, Deborah, introduced me to!)  So I decided to order three pairs of Toms from the outlet. Black, Khaki and Red were my choices.
Each pair costs approx 18 dollars. I was wondering if they were real Tom's or a facsimile. How could these shoes be priced so reasonably? Being somewhat cynical I was afraid that I had just lost $70. With all internet shopping there is a risk in my opinion. But I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my package. They came in genuine Tom's boxes and they look just like the pair I paid much more for last fall.  But I have to say I was surprised that it took them about two weeks to get here. I discovered the reason...they came from China. However even with the shipping, my three pairs of shoes were a bargain. And because they came from China, you have to sign for them when they arrive. I was out of town when the post man stopped by so I had to make a trip to the post office to pick them up. All things considered I would order from the Tom's Outlet again!! The website is

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wishing for a Green Thumb!!

 I have received two beautiful plant arrangements this week. This large schefflera came from our Sunday School class and it is just magnificent.
 Friend Deborah sent this lovely grouping of plants to me. I have it sitting by the fireplace.
 My mother received this colorful plant and gave it to Charles and Nancy for their home. They forgot to take it when they left on Monday so we brought it along with us.  I am just hoping I can keep my plants alive! Both of my grandmothers had emerald green thumbs. They could grow anything. I do not think I have been blessed with that gene. I got on the internet yesterday, researched all the plants and I pray I can follow the directions for their care. It seems light and water are big factors in caring for any houseplant. I know the decorators frown on Silk plants but for people like me, they can come in handy!!
My mother gave each of us "girls" one of our daddy's Forest Service name tags. I put mine in my memory jar. I guess that my sisters and I will always be The Tankersley Girls. And that is a nice thing!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

School Days

It is hard to believe that this is the last day I will have Kendall before she heads back to school on Monday.  This summer has flown by. We painted, we swam, we went to the library, we had special treats and we watched some movies. Thanks to our daily schedule, I did not hear "What are we doing now Nana?" Kendall would check the schedule posted on the fridge to see what was on the agenda. Yesterday I took her shopping for a new school outfit. She chose a dress, a cute pair of sandals and a pink hairbow. Right now her favorite color is hot pink!  After our shopping expedition, we met Grandpa and Landon at Alphonso's Pizza for lunch. Kendall enjoys Alphonso's because she can get her own personal pizza and she can play checkers on the table! She and Grandpa took on me and Landon. I felt sorry for Landon as I am not the best checker player!! Kendall and Grandpa won much to Landon's dismay. We had a pouting episode! I assured Landon that he could be Grandpa's partner next time.  I think we have made Kendall's last week at home a special one.

Kendall starts school on Monday and she is looking forward to getting back to class. Landon will be with me until after Labor Day when his preschool resumes. He will be in the M W F four class.  It will be nice to get back into a routine but we have enjoyed our summer together.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


We are back home after spending the weekend saying goodbye to Daddy.  I have to say that it was so encouraging to be with family and friends who knew and loved Daddy. They had many kind things to say about my father.  Over 500 sweet people made it a point to attend the visitation and the funeral. The funeral was held in the chapel at Peeples Funeral Home and there was standing room only for the service. All three of the ministers who officiated at the service were dear friends of Daddy and they did a wonderful job in eulogizing him and in making the point that because my father was a believer we had the joy of knowing we will see him again one day.  I have to say thank you to all who came by to visit, brought food and flowers. Our family was indeed blessed by the sweet outpouring of love for our Daddy!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gone Home

Last night we received word that my daddy went home to be with the Lord. For nine years he has struggled with transverse myelitis that paralyzed the lower half of his body. For someone who was an outdoor man, it was a hard diagnosis.  Daddy was born on April 9, 1931 to Cliff and Naomi Tankersley. He tipped the scales at 13 pounds! Life was not easy for Daddy. He lost two little sisters to diptheria and almost lost his own life to that awful disease. Then as a young boy, he had a ruptured appendix in the days when there was not a lot to do for peritonitis except to pray. My Grandmother often told of her praying for Daddy in the bathroom at the hospital. God was merciful and Daddy lived to grow into manhood. He joined the US Army and went to Japan courtesy of Uncle Sam. He was stationed at Camp McGill during the Korean Conflict. He was a Seahorse, the Army equivalent of the Navy SeaBee. He worked on the boats transporting soldiers from Japan to Korea. Arriving back home after his service he married Marjorie Henderson, a young woman he saw through the window at Mt Carmel Baptist Church. My parents  bought a 50 acre farm and raised cattle, pigs, chickens and daughters. They still live in the house that I was raised in...uncommon in this day and age. Daddy always longed for a son but he got girls. Secretly I think he liked all the attention he got from his girls. After milking his cows in the morning, he headed off for a day of work in the Chattahoochee National Forest where he marked timber for the US Forest Service. He also fought forest fires, making my little heart pound fearfully until he returned home safely.  Once home from work, we ate supper and he was out again to work his farm. He also enjoyed coon hunting with his friends. I can still remember the smell of the carbide lanterns the men carried as they headed off to hunt. Daddy had a wonderful hunting dog named Mingo. He was part black and tan coon hound and part English shepherd. He was a dear pet as well. One time when Daddy was hunting up on the mountain, Mingo did not come when he called him and we feared he was lost. Daddy went back to the area several times to look for him with no luck. About two weeks later, Daddy came in from milking and hollered for us girls to come outside. There stood Mingo. He had found his way home. We were all just loving on that sweet hound dog.  Daddy retired at 55 giving him some time to work a few hobby jobs as well as take care of his farm full time. He enjoyed his grandchildren...he was a doting grandfather who paid who knows how much to take all three of my children to a fishing pond so they could catch a fish. Daddy finally got his boys with the birth of Ben and Charles. But Amelia was the rose between two thorns. He also planted cotton one year so the grands could see what it looked like. He took them for rides on the tractor and he looked forward to the week in summer when all the Grimm Grands descended on the farm. Then when my children were older, Laura, my niece was born and she was just icing on the cake for my daddy.  If he loved his grandchildren, he really loved those great grands. He had pictures in his bedroom of all of them and was sure to point them out to visitors. He and his brother, Robert, had a friendly rivalry over who had the cutest great grandchildren.  Over the last year, Daddy's health began to decline. We never knew what the day might hold. I am so glad that I was there last weekend to say good bye to my Daddy. His last words to me were I love You.  A precious memory that I will always carry with me.  I could not end this blog without mentioning my mother who has faithfully cared for my Daddy these last nine years. Mother meant it when she vowed in sickness and in health. She was an excellent nurse and it was her desire for Daddy to be at home in the midst of his family. It has not always been easy, many days were very hard but the grace of God carried her through.  I hope I can leave a legacy to my children as great as the one my parents left to me.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Resting In the Bosom of the Lamb

Augusta Trobaugh is one of my favorite Southern authors. She really catches the essence of southern living, describing a way of life that is passing away. This story is about four eccentric Georgia ladies.( If you read a lot of books about the south, you probably think we are all eccentric!) Set in the 1970s, the novel follows the lives of Miss Cora and her nieces, Wynona and Lauralee. All are elderly women who are looked after by Pet, their black maid.  Pet is the same age as Wynona and all the ladies are beginning to feel the ravages of age.  The ladies live in the old house that the family has owned for generations and the house is in less than grand condition as well. In the winter, the ladies close off the drafty parlor and live in the kitchen until spring rolls around. Their lives revolve around their friends and their churches. Miss Cora has become obsessed with the Family Book that details the genealogy of her family. She is distressed that there is no one left to pass the book on to...their family will die out with the deaths of Wynona and Lauralee.  But is that true?  After losing their good friend, Miss Addie, who lives across the street, all the ladies reflect on the fact that their time on earth is dwindling down. Miss Cora tells the same family stories over and over. Wynona tries her best to keep things the same. Lauralee is lost in her own world and this is respected by the other ladies. Pet keeps doing the same things she has done all her life, noting that the Civil Rights movement has made little difference in her life.

One of the most poignant aspects of this book is the ladies trip to Camp Meeting each summer. In the old days of the South, Camp Meetings were held for a week or so at a time. Families considered this their vacation. They moved to the camp meeting site, many owning little houses called Tents and they spent this time, singing, eating, listening to preaching and visiting with friends they saw infrequently.  For these sweet ladies, it seems that every year less people attend Camp Meeting. The older people are dying and the younger people do not see the need to keep this tradition going.  Pet opines that one day they are going to arrive at Camp Meeting and they are going to be the only people there! To add to their dismay, when they get home from Camp Meeting, they find that Miss Addie's son has sold her beautiful old home to the owner of the local funeral home. Now when they sit on their porch at night, the funeral home will be right across the street. They cannot understand why Son did not want to live in the family home!  Times are changing and one of the biggest changes is the acknowledgement of a secret that has haunted Miss Cora for years.

Truly this book has been one of my favorite summer reads! Swan Place is still my favorite Trobaugh work but Resting in the Bosom of the Lamb is a close second!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My First Etsy Purchase

 Well after at least a year or so of browsing Etsy every now and then, I finally made a purchase. I am afraid it might have been a big mistake as I am sure I am HOOKED now!!  All of my friends and family know that I LOVE anything with my monogram or my name emblazoned upon it. I was looking for some gift enclosures and I came across O Suzy Q Designs on Etsy.  There are lots of designs to choose from and I noticed Suzy also offers special Holiday enclosures so I am sure I will be ordering some more for myself.
I did not have to wait long for my order to arrive and the enclosures were wrapped so nicely that you could just give them as a little "happy" right out of the mailer. If you have a friend or family member who has everything, these sweet enclosures would make a thoughtful gift.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Silver Spoons

 I have been cleaning and "fluffing" my house this week. I had to show you some of the results. First I want to share a photo of  these darling miniature silver spoons that my sister, Leta, found at their church yard sale. She saw the spoons as well as these German glass candle holders and knew that I would like them. She quickly took a picture with her phone, sent it to me and I told her, please get them for me. All the items were $4.50. I gave her a fifty cent finders fee!:) The spoons were all tarnished but they came back to life with some silver polish! I think they may be demitasse spoons.  I am not sure what I will use them for but I just enjoy how pretty they look in my china cabinet.
 I found some old books at the Library Book Sale Room and brought them home with me. I adore old books as I use them for pedestals.  I have heard the Book Sale Room just got some old books in from an antique store that was going out of business so I will definitely be stopping by there tomorrow on my errand day. The little green bird came from my shelf of decorating objects that I rotate through my home.
 Here it is on the living room table.
 I recently became inspired by Confessions of a Plate Addict and I decided to put some of my Blue and White pieces on top of my secretary.
 I love the way they look against the Nantucket Grey walls.
Finally I moved some family pictures to the secretary as well. Along with a book and a Trapp Candle from my friend, Susan, it makes a nice tablescape.

I have several other "fluffing" plans and I hope I can get them done soon!!