Monday, August 26, 2013

Actually Nana it is Hoova!

This is what Margaret told me when I said something about visiting Birmingham! She is a Grimm for sure...she must get the facts right! And yes the Ben Grimm family does live in Hoover, Alabama.
 We had a fun time with Margaret and Baylor Saturday afternoon. Here is our drama queen, Margaret, pretending to sleep. Pardon the "lambie" it is her lovie and though we tell her it is disgusting, she must have it to sleep!!:) When she brings lambie to my house, she always tells me to give him a bath(washing machine bath) because he is disgusting. She is such a riot and keeps us all laughing.
 And here is Baylor pretending to sleep too. I am sure Ben and Katy were happy to hear that neither child took a nap on Saturday. As we were driving back to Decatur, Ben texted me a picture of Baylor passed out on the sofa. He just refused to give it up while Nana and Grandpa were at his house.
 All three watching Nick Jr. Grandpa is thrilled to watch Peppa Pig. And I have to end with his sweet picture of Baylor, he loves his Grandpa and Nana is not jealous at all!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh... love all those snuggles!