Monday, September 16, 2013

Vacation Purse

You all know how much I love purses. Well the other day I headed off to my favorite hair salon, Studio H, where the amazing Christa helps me to look presentable and they were having a ThirtyOne Party. If you are not famililar with this line here is their link Last month's deal was spend $35 dollars and get a purse for half price. I was hooked...besides I needed a purse for vacation. (Especially after I gave my khaki baggalini to friend, Susan!)
 Here is a picture of my purse.  It is so nice and roomy and holds all the things I need on a daily basis. The aqua monogram and zipper are pretty snazzy too! This purse can be a shoulder bag, cross body bag or backpack! Below you can see the insulated cooler bag I got to take to the beach. It will hold sandwiches and drinks for me and Mar as we relax on the beach at Gulf Shores next week.  I have purchased many Thirty One products and I have always been pleased with these high quality bags that are real workhorses. I have three of the large utility bags and I use them all the time!! By the way, those bags are going to the Beach too! And I must say both my new bags look great on my purse bench!!

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Jenn@Sweet T Makes Three said...

Cute! I use their giant cooler bag each week for grocery shopping at Aldi.