Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Snow Men

With all my bling put away, I decided to let these guys stick around for a while. They are my dining room table centerpiece for January.  I found the cute snowflake place mats at Walmart for half off and I knew they would be perfect for what I had in mind. I will add a few small votive candles and this will be a cheery spot on a dark winter day!

Monday, December 30, 2013

To The Field of Stars

After seeing the movie, The Way, starring Martin Sheen, I have become a bit obsessed with books about people who choose to walk the ages old pilgrimage, The Santiago de Compostella.  I downloaded this book on my kindle and I really enjoyed it. If you are not familiar with The is a 500 mile trek from France, across Spain and to the church where the relics of Saint James, brother of Saint John, rest. For centuries people have walked this trail. In the middle ages, the pilgrimage was dangerous. Highway men and disease often claimed the pilgrim before he reached his destination. Even today it is not an easy walk. The Way leads across mountains and rugged terrain yet people still heed the call of the Camino. To the Field of Stars recounts the journey of Father Kevin Codd, an American priest who presides over a seminary in Belgium. While he is in Europe, he feels the time is ripe for his pilgrimage. He is 51 years old, not in the greatest of shape but he does not let that deter him. With little training he takes the train to the starting point, receives his "passport" and his shell. The shell is a symbol of Saint James that all the hikers receive to tie to their backpack. The passport gives you access to cheap housing along the way and at each refuge, you receive a stamp. At the end of your journey you receive a very nice certificate proclaiming you have completed The  Way. And if you are not up to hiking 500 miles, you can still receive a certificate if you prove you walked 100 miles on The Way.  For most hikers the 500 mile journey takes about a month. Kevin took 35 days to walk 500 miles but as he states in his record, he took his time and also had to take a day off to let his blisters and tendonitis heal.  For the modern day hiker, Blisters seem to be the most troublesome physical aspect of the walk. A few poor souls that Kevin came upon also suffered from stomach ailments from bad food.

Father Kevin gives his view of The Way in an easy to read format. He tells about the aggravations...snorers in the refuges, talkative companions and the weather. There were many sweet moments on the hike, where people showed kindness to a stranger, encouragers helped the  discouraged and the general fellowship that developed among the pilgrims.  Father Kevin also took us inside the magnificent cathedrals and the humble places of worship along The Way. We see the spiritual aspect of this pilgrimage and the way God uses The Way to change his children.  If you are looking for a book that will encourage you in your Christian Walk, this book is one that will do just that!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Putting Away the Bling

I have a lot of fun putting out my Christmas bling. Putting it up is not so much fun but I plan to start today. I have found it is much easier to do a bit each day. Last night I took down all the Christmas cards and took time to sit and look at each one.  Today I hope to get my kitchen back to its usual self. All the Christmas dishes, decorations will be stored for another year. I will leave the tree up a few more days. I just love sitting in my normal spot on the sofa and looking at it! My husband's family kept their tree up through New Years Day but I like to start the New Year with a nice clean house.

This has been a quiet Christmas for us but that has been nice as well. The hubs and I  have watched several Inspector Lewis mysteries( One of my gifts from Marvin was the WHOLE Inspector Lewis series.) If you watched MORSE on Mystery, you will remember Inspector Lewis as his sidekick. Now Robbie has a new partner as Morse has died and it is good to see Inspector Lewis come into his own! I have also downloaded several books on my Kindle....Love, Anthony by Lisa Genova, Rashi's Daughters:Rachel by Maggie Anton, To the Field of Stars by Kevin Codd and Women of the Way by Jane Blanchard.

Now I am off to get a second cup of coffee and then I will start the day's work. Blessed Saturday Friends.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas in Dixie

 We were happy to have Marvin's sister, Amy, drop by on Dec 23rd. She and her friend, Leigh, are in Alabama for Christmas with Leigh's family.
 Two Amelia's...both were named after Papa's grandmother who raised him when  his mother died.
 Baby Elliott...20 days old.
 Aunt Nancy feeding Elliott....
 Kendall with her Molly doll...
 Of course, Elliott was the most popular guest on Christmas Day.
 Margaret slows down to have some strawberries and whipped cream.
Baylor and Grandpa were pooped at the end of the day!! Only 364 days til Christmas 2014!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all my blog friends! I will be taking a few days off to enjoy my family!! Hope you enjoy the picture of Nana, Grandpa and the grimmlins!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My MOPs Girls....

I have really missed being a GOP at MOPs this I offered to have the Christmas Mothers Night Out at my house and what fun it was. I love these ladies and their committment to their families! Merry Christmas Ladies!

Friday, December 20, 2013

A New Nativity

Marvin surprised me with an early Christmas Gift!! I had admired this nativity that was on display at Memi's At Sam Frank and Moore here in Decatur while out shopping with the extended family on Black Friday. I was totally shocked that my husband went shopping and purchased it for me. He is definitely a keeper!!  Of late I have just fallen in love with all things pottery from dishes to nativity sets so this will fit in very nicely with my other nativities. I think this one will be on display all year in my secretary!! I just love it and the special man who gave it to me.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

One Last Look....

 One last look at some of the special ornaments on our tree! This is the oldest one I have. It was given to me in 1974 by my friend, Connie, when we were students at Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing.
 This ornament was given to us when we first married(1976) by one of Marvin's Minnesota cousins. It is a Christmas napkin decoupaged over a styrofoam ball with some sequins added!
 Another home made ornament from our first year of marriage. It was made by Marvin's sister, Mina.
 Marvin made some Disney ornaments for our tree...these are from 1976 too!
 My late grandmother Henderson made this star when she attended the local Senior Center in Chatsworth.
 Some cute felt ice skates with a big paper clip as the blade were made by Mama G.
And I made this one!! My fingers were sore from pushing in pins but it is so pretty when the lights of the tree hits it!!

Special times and special people make the holidays grand!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


 I love my Christmas angels. Over the years I have collected quite a few thanks to my bro and sis in law, William and Barbara. Also my sister, Kristi, has given me several in a Hallmark collection. I guess I could have an angel tree and just display all my unique ornaments. The little angel in the top picture is made from a gourd!! One of William and Barbara's creations...they come up with something different each year.
 A Seashell Angel...I also have an oyster shell angel that W and B made for me.
 This angel is made from stripped down pine cones...a nut makes the head and nut shells are the wings!!
 This is one of my sweet Hallmark Angels...
 This angel was given to us from Mina. It is a Hospice glass angel with Mama G's name and the years of her life.
 Another WB creation..made from a peach pit!!
And one made from a Magnolia pod!!

Each Christmas I enjoy looking at all my special ornaments and thinking of the sweet people who gave them to me!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Ornaments

 I love getting new ornaments for my Christmas Tree. This year my travels to New Mexico and to Nashville gave me the opportunity to pick up some new pretties. This little Indian angel was purchased in Old Town Albuquerque when we visited our friends the Whitleys.
 We got this ornament in Santa Fe. It was hard to get a good picture of it because it is a shiny tin but it is a pretty replica of the cathedral  on the square.
 Now for my Nashville trips...first friend, Diane, and I went on a toot to Nashville back in November. We hoped to go to Franklin, Tn but it was raining and we ended up at the Galleria in South Nashville. We each purchased a Yes Virginia ornament at Macy's to remember our day!

Again I was with Diane,her husband, BJ, and Marvin as we had breakfast at Loveless on December 8th. Had to purchase another memento!!

And I must make a new ornament for Elliott as well as take a picture of him for my "photo" ornament of each grand at their first Christmas.  Those are the best ornaments!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Bama Christmas

 On Saturday we traveled to Hoover to see the Ben Grimm family as well as taking them a home made lunch. Little Elliott seemed as though he had grown in the week we had not seen him!
 I helped Katy get the tree up and the lights switched on. Margaret was super excited about the tree. Baylor was taking a nap so he missed out on the fun.
 Grandpa and Elliott.
 Look at the long fingers on that baby boy...maybe he will be a pianist.
 I went outside to get a picture of Ben and Katy stringing lights.
We all laughed at the Nick Saban hat atop the tree! Only in Alabama would that be considered a worthy tree topper.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Keep Calm and Party On!

 Our yearly ABF Christmas party is always an event that everyone looks forward to each year. Bill and Beth hosted the party at their lovely home. If Beth ever gives up being a librarian, she could be an interior decorator!!
 The huge Christmas Tree greets everyone as they step inside the door.
 Me and Marvin with Snoopy in the background...
 Eye Candy everywhere you look!

 Another nativity. Beth has quite a few displayed around her home. Beth shared that when the grandkids visit, she has to frisk them before they leave as they like to take Baby Jesus home with them!
 Lots of good food...
 And fellowship...
 As usual, the guys are in one group and the ladies are in another.
 Dirty Santa begins...Alan likes his Guatemalan scarf and journal.
 This is me with the gift I wanted but some mean girls stole it from me!!
 My cute husband...
 Ali Baba???/
 Several of the guys got Girl Gifts but they were good sports about it. I am sure their wives will enjoy the pretties.
 Our hostess, Beth. Bill was unable to get to the party until after Dirty Santa. He plays with a group called the Sophisticated Swingers and they were serenading a nursing home with carols this evening in December.
We are so glad to have several pianists in our group. Maria played carols and we had a good time singing together.  I am so blessed to be a member of this group of believers!!