Friday, March 7, 2014

Arlene's Little Lamb

I found this little guy at Hobby Lobby the other day and I  had to bring him home with me.  There was a whole flock of them on the Easter Decor aisle. I am thinking I may have to go back and get some more!!

I am trying to resist getting out my Easter decorations. The dreary weather here is making me long for bright spring colors.  Margaret is coming to stay with Nana next week so I may let her help me decorate. Landon has put some Easter Egg vinyl clings on the back door going into the garage so we do have one Easter decoration up already!

We had to laugh at our friends lunch yesterday. Both Deborah and I had on Hot Pink and Susan had on a pretty purple outfit. I guess we all thought some color was in order. And if you live in the Decatur area you have to try out the Gyros on Second Avenue. The food is delish!! I will be returning. After you eat lunch at Gyros stop by Pineapples which is now located on Second Avenue. It was my favorite store in the Decatur Mall but the owner made the decision to move downtown. Her shop is filled with eye candy.  She has lots of pretty housewares, wreaths, candles and lovely scarves. I brought home a pretty blue and pink scarf to perk up some of my older spring outfits. I must say that Downtown Decatur is making a come back with all sorts of stores and activities to be found there. I am happy to see my town making progress!!

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Anonymous said...

I love Hobby Lobby! Glad your lunch was good and the gift store sounds like my kind of place. Hope you have a nice weekend. I hope the rain is over!