Friday, March 21, 2014

My First Oily Meeting

I have been on the oily bandwagon about two months now! Last night I was so happy to be able to attend my first Oily Meeting ! My blog friend, Myra at My Blessed Life led the meeting at a local church fellowship hall. Some of the attendees like my friend, Jenn atSweet T Makes Three, have been using oils for a while but others like me were newbies or still on the fence as to the use of essential oils in place of OTCs and cleaning products that they are familiar with in their everyday life.

Myra did a great job of explaining the different uses of the basic essential oils. Some people in the audience shared their own stories of how essential oils have worked for them. As I have shared before, I was interested in oils because with Marvin's looming retirement, I want to get off some non essential meds and to just get healthier in general.  I do take meds for hypertension and hypothyroidism. I would never go off those meds. As a nurse, I am very firm in taking the medicines you need but like many people in the US today, I take too many pills for various ailments when oils would do just as well or even better. Here is my own testimonial. For years I have struggled with allergies, taking Allegra to stop my sneezes, watery eyes etc. In the spring time when everything is blooming, I am not a happy camper. I have been diffusing Lavender, Lemon and Peace and Calming to help Marvin and me go to sleep at night. ( Another problem we struggle with!). Since breathing in the diffused oils, I have had no allergy problem and I have yet to take an Allegra this spring.  I  found out last night at the meeting that Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint are the "allergy Oils".  Another product that I LOVE is Thieves Cleaner. I have been using it for three weeks now and I am tossing all the many chemical products that clutter my pantry.  How nice it is to clean your bathroom and not be gasping with fumes from bleach cleaners!!

The Essential oils are not inexpensive but they last a long time and their potency never diminishes. Being healthier leads to less doctor visits and less out of pocket money for treatment. I would much rather purchase oils that the designer antibiotics that the medical community endorses!  Do your research and see how essential oils might work for you!!


Anonymous said...

This is really interesting, Arlene, I know next to nothing about oils. I like the sound of the helpful sleep oils. :-)

Terri D said...

A friend of mine, years ago, got me interested in the oils. I have to admit that after she moved away and I ran out, I haven't replenished. Stupid. I firmly believe in Tea Tree Oil, for one! Now I need to look into this again!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Being an old nurse, I was a sceptic but now I am a believer. Young Living Essential Oils are pure oils. Many you may purchase in Health Food stores are not as strong as YLEOs. They have a website if you are interested in checking them out.

Anonymous said...

How very interesting. Thanks for sharing this info.

Have a good weekend.