Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Old Georgia Home

 It is spring break week here in NoAla. Even though the temperatures are not cooperating!! Since I have Kendall and Landon on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I decided to take them to Chatsworth to see Grandma Margie, their great grandmother. It was so cold when we got there that we just stayed inside. In fact, though you cannot tell it in this picture, it was spitting snow!! I tried to get a picture of the snow with the blooming apple trees in the background but it did not turn out the way I expected it too!!
 The children always get a lot of attention from their great grandmother and great aunts. Here Aunt Leta is reading to Landon.
 The children playing with the toys that Mother keeps on hand for children visiting her home.
And here is my mother, working on embroidering a table cloth!! You can see where I get my love for needlework. Mother does not use a hoop which is amazing to me. I have to have my hoop or Qsnaps in place to do needlework.

After a good country meal of fried chicken and all the fixins Monday evening I had a chance to go and see my cousin, Pam, who is waging a brave battle against colon cancer. Her sister, Charlotte, was there too so we had a good cousin visit. After a sweet night's rest, we left around ten am as I think we had worn Mother out!! It is always good to go to the old stomping ground.


Terri D said...

Those visits make for precious memories!! So happy to had the time to go and take the kiddos, too. Thanks so much for sharing the photos!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo of your mother and her embroidery project. I could never use a hoop either!

God bless Pam.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks Ladies!! Time with family is special!