Saturday, March 1, 2014

Off to Birmingham

We are off to Birmingham to see the Ben Grimm family this afternoon. I made one of Ben's favorite desserts, Caramel Cake, to take along. I also have a big basket full of goodies for the kiddos and for Katy and Ben. All of my children have their own favorite desserts....Ben loves Caramel Cake, Peanut Butter Cake and the chocolate pie that is made at Big Bob Gibson's here in Decatur. Amelia loves chocolate chip cookies and Thin Mint Girl Scott Cookies. She has never really liked Cake or Ice Cream...can you believe that? She always had a cookie cake for her birthday. Charles loves home made peach icecream and Banana Pudding.  I just made a Banana Pudding for Charles about two weeks ago so it is Amelia's turn for cookies.

March is in like a lamb is supposed to be in the 60s today! But our cold weather is not will hang around a little while longer I suppose.  I had a really good time with my MOPs moms yesterday. They are so encouraging and sweet. I think the most important piece of wisdom that the panel provided was that it is important to respect your husband and to teach your children to respect their father.  I see so much "tearing down" in this culture of ours. I want to encourage young women to build their houses with love and respect.

And now I am off to the Saturday with the Sisters group at our church. We are making some gifts for the missionary wives who will be visiting FBC for our Missions Conference next weekend.  A fun craft and a time of fellowship! A great way to start off the month of March!!


Anonymous said...

Your caramel cake looks so good. At our family reunions, Aunt June was famous for her caramel cake and would almost get knocked down when she arrived with it!
Have a great weekend.

Terri D said...

That cake does look delicious, and I love caramel flavors (and butterscotch)!! Yum!! Sounds like you had a great time with your friends, and what a great message for any married woman (or singer woman with a dad still living). Of course, hopefully those husbands/dads are worthy of respect. Some are not.