Friday, March 28, 2014

Reconstructing Amelia

When I named my daughter, Amelia, almost 34 years ago, there were no Amelia's. Well except for my sister in law who we called Amy. Amelia is a family name in the Grimm line.  Now it seems Amelias are everywhere and now here is a book about one!

I picked this up at Target the other day as I could not find a book I wanted to read at the library. Target has great prices on books by the way. The name Amelia was what drew my attention to the novel.

Kate Baron is an up and coming lawyer in NYC. Kate gave birth to Amelia when she was a young law clerk. Amelia's father is not in the picture and never has been. While Kate is very focused on her work she sets aside two nights a week  to spend time with her teenager.  When Amelia was a little girl, she had a much loved nanny named Leelah. But as Amelia grew older she convinced Kate that she did not need a nanny and was capable of staying at home on her own. Kate buys that story and does not really worry too much about her daughter being home alone while mom works all hours of the day and night. But Kate's world is rocked one day when Amelia's pricy private school calls to tell Kate that Amelia is suspended for cheating and Kate must come right away to pick her up at school. On arriving at school, Kate sees fire trucks and an ambulance on the school campus. Kate is informed that Amelia jumped to her death from the roof of the school. Of course, Kate is horrified and begins to question her decisions that might have led to her daughter's suicide. While still grieving, Kate receives an anonymous text...Amelia did not jump.

Kate along with a local policeman assigned to the case, begin to Reconstruct Amelia's last days by looking at emails, text messages and facebook postings. What is the truth behind Amelia's death? This book reveals the underbelly of an average upperclass teenager's life. It should also make most parents stop and consider if they really do know their teen at all!

I gave it a three out of five stars on Good Reads. I am sure this book will be made into a movie as it has all the components that Hollywood loves to dwell on these days.

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Thanks for the review! It sounds interesting!