Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cupcakes!!  I loved this picture of Landon, taken after a bite of Muddy's Grasshopper Cupcake.  Muddy's makes the BEST cupcakes and if you are ever in Memphis, Tennessee, you must stop by there and have a little bit of heaven!

Friday, May 30, 2014


Summertime is upon us and I thought in honor of the beginning of this fabulous season I would share this picture of the milkshakes we got last Saturday at Borrum's Drug Store in downtown Corinth, MS.  Summertime means lots of cold creamy treats will be eaten in Grimmland.  Marvin and I discovered this unique eatery thanks to a friend at church who shared the secret with us! These milk shakes are the best I have ever had and remind me of the shakes I used to drink as a little girl! Borrums uses the old fashioned milk shake machines and I think that makes the difference.

Our summer will be a busy one. Kendall and Landon have Vacation Bible School next week at their church.  I have many wonderful memories of VBS at Cool Springs Baptist Church. Cookies and Kool Aid taste great after a morning of Bible Stories and Crafts. Today's VBS looks much different as they all have Themes and wonderful decorations.  I think children today would find the VBS of the 1960s pretty tame compared to the VBS of 2014.

June also brings Marvin's Savannah High School's Class of 1969 Reunion.  We will be traveling to Mar's hometown where we will have three days of fun activities to attend. We will be staying with some of Mar's longtime friends while we are in town. We will also get to attend a going away party for Mar's brother, William, his wife, Barbara and their youngest son, Douglas. The Savannah Grimms will become the Brevard NC Grimm's in July. William is retiring and Barbara is taking a job as principal of a school there.

July means the 4th and lots of good food cooked on the grill. July means vacation too as the whole Grimm family will be going to spend a week together at Gulf Shores. I have already started buying some sand toys and beach towels for the grands. My friend, Jamie, at the Funky Peacock is monogramming the beach towels for each grand so there is no confusion or fussing over who's towel is who's!! I got Margaret and Kendall the same towel as I KNOW those girlies. They would be fussing over who got the "prettiest" towel if I had selected different patterns. Boys...not a problem as they do not care at all about that kind of silliness.

August will be the return to school. Believe it or not, Kendall and Landon will start back to school in early August. Apparently this allows the children to have fall and spring breaks!! Another change from when I was a child...spring break was Good Friday! Now days children need a break from school...they are more delicate than we were as young ones.

So my calendar is filling up and I have to say I am looking forward to a few lazy days of Summer.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last Day of School

Today is Kendall's last day of school for the 2013-2014 school year. What a wonderful year we have had at Priceville Elementary School. It is always challenging to "change" schools but Kendall fit right in and made many good friends.

Kendall enjoyed Field Day last week, wearing her special blue Hump Day tee shirt. I got a picture of Kendall with her step mom, Tara, as Tara dropped K off for the day.

Besties Kendall and Lauren at the end of the school year party.

The classroom moms put on quite the spread for the party. Mrs Hudson gave each child a beach ball and sunglasses!

Kendall loves Mrs Hudson and I must say that Mrs Hudson is a wonderful teacher who puts her all into the lives of her students.

Kendall won an award for All A Honor Roll and she received a certificate for participating in the school wide spelling bee.

Landon enjoyed visiting the classroom with me.  Next year he will join Sister at PES as a kindergarten student. Then we will have two Priceville Bulldogs in the family!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Three Cheers for Red, White and Blue!!

I have been faithfully caring for my red, white and blue garden and it is coming along. It took quite a while for the white impatiens to bloom. But now they are blooming and my theme garden is coming together.

The lobelia looks rather purple in the photograph but it is a pretty bright blue. This is the first time I have ever planted it but it is becoming a favorite.

Hopefully the impatiens will continue to pop right up and the red, white and blue will be easily seen from the street.

I have been able to keep my petunias and snowflowers going in their planter. I had just dead headed the plants, hoping for some new blooms.

For some reason our Home Owners Association will not allow us to have flags flown in the front of our homes. This includes the American Flag and Seasonal Flags. You must fly them from the back of your home. We did not know of this rule before we bought our home. So my red, white and blue garden is my own living salute to the USA. I am hoping that by July 4th, it will be spectacular!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend in Memphis

Marvin and I traveled over to Memphis, Tennessee for the Memorial Day Weekend. Our nephew, Jeff, turned 30 and Lee and Lanier threw a big birthday celebration for him. We were so glad we could be there.  Unfortunately I did not remember to take my camera and I only got a few pictures on my phone camera!!

We started Saturday afternoon off sitting by the pool at the University Club while the children swam and jumped off the diving board! It was the perfect afternoon for sitting outside...not too hot and a gentle breeze to cool us off. Supper was delish BBQ and ribs...A Memphis tradition! We also had Muddy's cupcakes for dessert, one of my favorite things.

Sunday was church with all the family. Our nephew, Lee, Jr. was in town from Mobile with his wife, Meredith and children, Lee 3, Ellis and Paul.  We enjoyed visiting with these great nieces and nephews that we seldom see.

After church and lunch we went for an afternoon at the pool at Jeff's girlfriend's house. Sarah and her family were so sweet to have us and it was nice getting to know the Stimson family.

My brother in law, Lee, makes the most beautiful salads!! 
Lanier made everything extra special for Jeff's birthday dinner. We had Johnny Musetti at Jeff's request along with salad and bread. Dessert was THREE small cakes from Muddy's Bakery....Chocolate, Plain Jane and Lemon. One cake for each decade of Jeff's life!!

I was helping Lanier serve so I did not get a picture of Jeff blowing out his candles!!

We were thankful for nephew and niece, Jessie's hospitality in allowing us to stay at their house while they were on vacation at Orange Beach.

After a big breakfast of french toast and bacon Monday morning, we headed back to Alabama. Lanier had given us cupcakes to take home along with some Rodan and Fields freebies!! And a nice big pasta strainer for us to use in the kitchen. We always enjoy sharing "happies" with each other.  Now it is Lee and Lanier's time to come and visit us!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day

I am remembering my Daddy this weekend and his service to his country. My cousin, Scott Kuhn, of Scott Kuhn Photography, put together this photo for a Facebook post and he graciously allowed me to share it here on my blog.  The Memorial pictured at the bottom of the photograph is located in Veteran's Park in Murray County Georgia. Bricks are placed in the park to honor the county's veterans and I am glad to say my daddy is represented along with several other Tankersley and Henderson family members who did their part to preserve the freedom we all enjoy today.

I am going to take a few days off to celebrate Memorial Day but I will be back on Tuesday to catch up with all my blog friends.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Another One....

Last week I posted a blog about my gallery wall that features crosses, well I have added another cross to my wall.

My friend, Andrea, is going on a mission trip to Uganda and she is making and selling these crosses to fund her mission trip. I was happy to purchase one to add to my collection and to encourage Andrea.

Andrea was approached by some other ladies at our church about joining their group to go to Uganda one month ago. She was hesitant at first and even told God she would just sit this one out but it appears He had different plans. :)  Through a series of events, God assured Andrea that not only did He want her to go on the mission trip but He would help with the details! The group plans to leave on June 19th and they will be gone for about two weeks. While in Uganda they will be holding a Women's Conference which will include Bible Studies and classes on hygiene. I know they will be such an encouragement to the Ugandan Ladies.  I look forward to hearing all about it when Andrea returns to our Titus Ladies Group!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Well I finally found a centerpiece for my dining room table. I was shopping at The Bumblebee in Hartselle last week when I came upon this pretty glass container that is meant to hold a candle.

The glass is rather bubbly and old looking which I like a lot. When I purchased it, there was moss in the bottom of the jar for decoration. But friend, Susan, had given me a bag of faux pears as part of my birthday gift and I thought they would look great in the jar.  I then added a battery operated candle that I had on hand to complete the look.

Here is a long view of the centerpiece.  I really love it and it goes well with the rest of my decor. In my opinion you can never have too many pears!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Night Circus

Are you an adult who enjoys fairy tales? I admit that I am a member of  that club! I found The Night Circus to be an enchanting story and I hated to turn the final page as it ended. On googling more about this novel, I found it is in development for a movie. While I think it would make a good movie, I am enjoying the images in my mind and fear and movie could not do this book justice.

Imagine that you live in a city in the United States or Europe and one day a circus, made up of black and white striped tents appeared at the edge of the city. No advertising, no parade, it was just THERE. It 's gates are opened at dusk and they close at dawn.  And oh the wonderful things that are to be seen inside the tents. The Cirque de Revers  mesmerizes one and all. So much so that many people spend their time following the circus from town to town, continent to continent. These people wear red scarves so they can be identified as fans of this circus and the wondrous circus entertainers.

The real story of The Night Circus is a competition between two young illusionists, Marco and Celia. The circus is their invention and could be their downfall.  How can you compete to the death against someone you love?

Erin Morgenstern has written a book that engages all the reader's senses and transports one away from the troubles of the day. If you are looking for a good get away from it all book, The Night Circus is for you.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Back to the Real World

After a week of birthday celebrations it is time to get back to the real world! I sure did enjoy all the cards, lunches, dinners and the general super fun week that marked my 59th birthday.

Marvin is always jealous of all the cards I receive!!

Each card is special because it is from someone who loves me and took the time to sit down and write a sweet note.

The pink card in the background has a story. My 83 year old mother found a nice card for me at the store but when she got home she realized it said Happy Birthday to my Daughter in Law!!  A sharpie fixed that problem. We all had a good laugh about it but technically I am her daughter in law!

The one on the end with the pretty pink rose is from Marvin. He always takes his time to pick out a sweet card with a lovely sentiment.  Thanks to everyone who sent me a card, facebook message or phone call. I had a wonderful birthday and I am hoping that God blesses me with many more.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our Graduate

Thursday evening we headed to Hartselle to see our Landon graduate from Preschool. I told Marvin that we will turn around and we will be at his highschool graduation! Time seems to pass so quickly.

Miss Pam taught Kendall and Landon at the preschool. We appreciate her so much!!

Sitting with his diploma...glad that graduation is over.

With Nana and Grandpa....

Kendall joins us and Grandpa is being mischievous!!

Amelia and her two sweeties.

As I was looking at the program, I noticed that a fern had been given in memory of a Nana who was no  longer living. It broke my heart and reminded me of how blessed I am to be able to enjoy these special times with my grands.

Friday, May 16, 2014


The first of my birthday celebrations began yesterday!

Deborah, Susan and I started the cool and cloudy morning at Sweet Pea Antiques in Falkville. It is a small shop but they have lots of neat things inside and outside!!

Here is something all of us girls(ladies!) wanted to take home. Do we ever get tired of doll houses? I had one similar to this as a child. It was not this big but I loved playing with it. Wish I still had it!

We then had lunch at Mama's Road House. They have delicious Angus beef on tne menu and we were surprised to find that one of the families at our church supplies some of the beef!!

Here we are enjoying our steaks!! The waitress offered to give me a shout out for my birthday but I declined!

After a delicious dessert of Cappucino Cake at Deborah's lovely Falkville home, I met my Titus Ladies for a visit at Panera. We had a good time as usual. Then it was time to go to Landon's preschool graduation ...a busy day from start to finish!

One of my Facebook friends posted this little quote the other day....Some Friends are a Blessing and Some Friends are a Lesson. So glad I have lots of Blessings in my Life!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

So True!!

I saw this on a friend's Facebook page and I had to "save" it.  When I was a little girl, my Daddy called me "Aunt Nolie" in reference to his great aunt, Miranda Magnolia...don't you just love that name?? He called me that because I loved to talk...ALL THE TIME just like his Aunt Nolie.  I have two granddaughters who inherited that family trait as well.  But then the Tankersley family are big talkers and always have been as long as I can remember. When Marvin first attended a Tankersley family event he could not get over all the different conversations going on in one room. The Grimms, being German, are not big on talking!! Ben and Amelia, my older children are more Grimm in personality while youngest son, Charles, is a talker too!

As I have gotten older I have tried to curb some of my others a chance to get a word in every now and then.  So when I saw the Facebook post I knew it was for me!!  It also reminds me that a  lot of what I talk about is not very worthwhile and sometimes I need to just sit quietly and listen. I might even learn something!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dining Room Table Blues

I have been changing up a few things in my house and decided the lantern I had on my dining room table looked better on my tea cart so that left me looking for something new for my table. Since it is summer, I wanted something light and uncomplicated. I checked at Ross and TJ Maxx without success.  I found this inexpensive platter at Tuesday morning that I am using until I come up with something better.

It is pretty and it incorporates several colors in my kitchen and dining room but it is just so PLAIN by itself. I am loving the summery colors and the whimsical pattern yet I feel it needs something to add to it. So I will be on the hunt for something to spruce it up. Or I may do something totally different. Any ideas from my blog friends?  I am heading over to pinterest for some ideas!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Birthday Week

This is my birthday week....I turn 59 on Saturday.  I am celebrating all week long. On Sunday when we returned from Nashville, I found a surprise birthday package in my mailbox. One of my sweet blog friends sent me a package full of fun things. She knows I love all things Mary Engelbreit so she included a cute tin and a note pad and pen. But along with those sweet things was a pretty candlewicked heart, made by hand just for me!!

And I had to share a picture of my goodies, including some beautiful tea cup note cards that my friend, Deborah, gave me as a happy.  Both these ladies know I love paper goods.

Thursday I will spend the day with my friends, Susan and Deborah, then head to Panera in the afternoon for a visit with my Titus Ladies group from church.  Friday I will have dinner with Marvin at Olive Garden then Saturday, my sweet daughter in law, Nancy, is making me my favorite Korean meal, bulgogi.

Unfortunately, it is also time for my six month check up at the doctor at the end of May....I am afraid the scales may give away how much I enjoyed my birthday!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Prairie Home Companion...Finally

Marvin and I have listened to Garrison Keillor on National Public Radio for 30 something years. Marvin's Grimm family is from Minnesota so he really enjoyed Mr Keillor's tales of the Minnesota bachelor farmers, the folks at the Lutheran church and various other characters in the fictional town of Lake Woebegon, Minnesota. I just liked it because it was funny!  We have wanted to see Prairie Home Companion in a live performance for years but the minute the tickets are posted for sale, the show SELLS OUT. This year, Marvin got online and was able to snatch a pair for us. So off we went on Saturday to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennesse to mark another item off our bucket list.

Here we are just outside te Ryman, waiting for the doors to open. this is our Selfie....old people are not as good at selfies as the younger generation! When do you smile, are we both in the

This bus belongs to Mr Brad Paisley who was a surprise, last minute guest on the show. We both love Brad so this was just icing on the cake for us. This was our first trip to the Ryman Auditorium which I have heard about since I was a little girl. Country Music on tv late Saturday afternoons was a ritual at my house...Flatt and Scruggs, Porter Wagner to name a few. To see the stage at the Grand Ole Opry where Ernest Tubbs, Hank Williams and Minnie Pearl put on shows was exciting for me. And now that Marvin and I know how easy it is to get to the Opry, we will be returning sometime in the near future.

Here is the backdrop for the show...we could only take a small camera inside so pardon the quality of the photographs. I sure wish I had been able to photograph with my DSL.

And a rather blurry Mr Keillor!!  The show was wonderful...every guest was great and of course to hear about another week in Lake Woebegon was a delight for us.

On Mother's Day, Marvin treated me to breakfast at the Loveless Cafe...then back home to Decatur with lots of wonderful memories.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my Mother! She is 83 years old and still going strong. She cooks meals for the family, she does beautiful handwork and keeps  her mind sharp by reading and doing word search puzzles. I tell everyone that she has more energy at 83 than I do at 58.

I am blessed to be able to call her and wish her a Happy Mother's Day.  I always think of my late mother in law on Mother's Day as well.

Mama G raised six children, one of which is my husband! She did a great job with him. She was more than a mother in law to me, she was a second mother.

I am thankful for my three children and my five grandchildren. They have taught me so much about life and love.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Wedding Bells

It is that time of year...weddings and graduations abound.  I was so happy to be able to open my home for a wedding shower for a young lady who is getting married on Memorial Day Weekend. Mary Carol is the daughter of my good friend, Amy.  Invited guests were ladies from our Sunday School Class and we had a wonderful time visiting and celebrating the beginning of a new season of life for Amy and Mary Carol.  Mary Carol is Amy's first child to be married and  that does make a big change in a family. The young couple will live nearby as they start their married life as young farmers.

I went with a pink and green theme, using some old glass serving pieces. The star gazer lilies just lit up the table.

I served little "pick up" desserts along with coffee punch. My friend, Deborah, helped by making some delish lemon blueberry bars as well as sharing her pretty table runner.

Here is a picture of the pretty bride and her mom.  They have two more weeks until the wedding so it will be a busy time for these ladies. Best wishes for a long and happy marriage Mary Carol!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gallery Wall

It seems that Gallery Walls are very popular in the decorating world right now.  I see many of them in magazines and on blogs that I follow. When decorating with a gallery wall, you can make it anything you like. I have seen some galleries that were just photographs along with other galleries that featured collectibles of some kind....clocks, baskets etc. In one of the magazines I subscribe to, a decorator had used cork screws that a gentleman had collected over the years to make a special gallery wall for this client.

I have started what you would call a gallery wall in my kitchen. My gallery is a work in progress as I am in the process of adding to it!

I have always loved crosses and over the years I have collected several. The ones I have are special to me so my gallery wall will only grow as I find crosses that speak to me.  The tiny cross at the top of the photograph came from New is a copper and turquoise cross. the Blue cross below it is one I picked up at Hobby Lobby just because I liked it! The porcelain green and cream cross was a gift to me from my friend, Carol. She noted that I had crosses through out my house and she gave me this one. The big cross is one I picked up in Hartselle last week at The Bumblebee.

When I saw it I loved the ruggedness and the old tin cross tied to the middle of this cross. The colors were pretty too and incorporated several of the colors I have used in my kitchen.

My gallery wall of crosses encourages me each time I look at it and I hope it will bless visitors to my house as well.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nerds Like Words

I have always had a fondness for words. As a child I remember reading It Pays to Increase Your Word Power in the Reader's Digest that my grandfather subscribed to back in the 60s.  You may remember this Reader's Digest Monthly Feature....there was a list of words and you picked the definition from a, b or c. I was always thrilled when I knew the definitions. I am still fond of words as most nerds ( or nerd princesses are!).

I recently read a book (The Book Store) that featured quite a few words I was not familiar with and that bothered me as I feel I have a good vocabulary. However even at the end of my fifth decade, I still consider myself a learner. So I looked up the words on Google. This led to my sharing of my recent knowledge with my two friends who read as much if not more than I do! I asked them if they looked up words they did not know. One friend told me that she just looked at the word in the context of the sentence and she could figure out what the author meant by using that word.  My other friend said she usually looked up words she did not recognize. When I quizzed them with the words that had given me trouble, I was thankful to find out that they did not know the words either!!

So here are the words that sent me to you know them?
Plinth, blazon, elegaic,hegemony, quotidian, brio were found in The Book Store and here is one from the book, Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin...Panglossian.

Here are the definitions I found on Google.
Plinth...base or platform on which a column or statue rests
Blazon...coat of arms
Elegaic...a mournful quality
Hegemony...influence or control over another group of people
Quotidian...something that occurs every day
Brio...casually elegant who views the world as smooth and uncorrupted

Some writers like to use ten dollar words when a one dollar word would do but hey, it pays to increase your word power!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rocking Away

This pretty rocking chair came to me last week thanks to my neighbor, Janet.  We were in our respective garages, cleaning out and tidying up those spaces that seem to get so cluttered. Janet asked if I would like to have this rocking chair as it was just taking up room in her garage. She related that her daughter was not interested in antiques and Janet wanted me to have it if I would like it. Well I did not have to think twice on that!  I brought it to my house and I have enjoyed "rocking" again. What is it about rocking chairs? Do they remind us of our mom's rocking us when we were babies? The rhythm of the rocking chair is so comforting.  I admit I have spent some time rocking my cares away in this pretty chair since it arrived at my house. I told my sweet neighbor that I would keep it safe for her and if her daughter changes her mind, it will be here waiting on her. How could anyone resist this pretty chair??

Monday, May 5, 2014

Wonderful Weekend

We had a busy but fun weekend, starting in Bham Friday night!

Margaret wanted Grandpa to rock her like a little baby!! So he did.

After Margaret and Baylor were in bed, Elliott decided he would rather be up with Nana and Grandpa.
He was not a fan of sitting in his bouncer.....he did not have to stay there long as Nana and Grandpa are 
suckers for Elliott's sad cry!! He is usually a happy camper so when he cries it is heartbreaking !!

Saturday I was out early for Saturday with the Sisters at our church. We made a really cute craft to give the teachers at Nungester Elementary School for Teacher Appreciation Day. Nungester School is our next door neighbor so our church has been a helping hand to this public school. Many people in the church are lunch buddies, reading helpers and classroom grandparents. It is a fun ministry for FBC.

On my way home from church I saw a man selling beautiful petunias at a road side stand. I was on the look out for a red white and blue flower for my front porch. He did not have red white and blue but he did have this pretty red petunia planted withe the tiny Snowflake white flowers. I was so happy to bring it home with me. It fit perfectly in the iron plant stand that I found in an antique shop in Hartselle.

Sunday was church, lunch with our good friends, Barry and Sharon, then home for a quiet afternoon of rest. This week will be a busy one so I am glad for that rejuvenating Sunday nap!!