Monday, June 9, 2014

Bham Babies

We had a wonderful day Saturday with our Birmingham Grands. We arrived just in time to treat the kiddos to Chic Fil A for lunch. As Margaret told Katy, "Grandpa got us some Restaurant Food!" Katy explained that most of their restaurant food is purchased and eaten at home as taking three preschoolers out to eat is not much fun for anyone.:) We spent the afternoon, coloring in the big coloring books Nana found at Walmart, playing with LaLa Loopsys and kicking Baylor's new soccer ball. Of course both Grandpa and Nana enjoyed holding sweet Elliott.

Can you believe that Daddy taught Margaret to call Elliott, SMELLIOTT??? Not this sweet boy!!

Baylor is getting so tall!! He still loves his ipad and can really work all the apps like a pro.

Here are all the Grimmlins with their Grandpa. A lap full of love!!

And here is a picture of our sweet baby boy. His smiles just make Nana's heart turn into a great big puddle of Nana Goo!!

Marvin and I had a chance to volunteer at our church nursery yesterday and we both enjoyed those sweet little ones. The Bible Story for the day was Creation and it was a blessing to my heart to see those little ones answer questions about who made the trees? Who made the flowers? Who made Mommies and Daddies and Children. "God Did" they replied with authority!!

Today I am off to my planning meeting with MOPs. I look forward to being a Grandmother of Preschoolers again this year! I will be battling the rain...we have had almost a week of storms on and off and no end in sight. We had a COLD winter and now a rainy summer. Hope the rain makes my flowers grow!!


Terri D said...

Elliott is adorable with that gorgeous toothy grin! All the kids are adorable, but there is something about a baby....

It was good catching up with the Grimms! Wishing you a blessed week!

Anonymous said...

Precious photos. Elliott is really growing and has a big smile. I've heard from many blog friends who are experiencing rain/storms.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for dropping by Terri and Mildred! I always look forward to your blog visits. And thanks for indulging me in my Nananess!!

Anonymous said...

Oh the grands look so huggable! Lucky you!! I did see a number of Chick Fil A's in North Carolina. There is one here that I know of but I've never eaten there. I shall have to give them a try! :-)