Thursday, June 12, 2014

Book Corner

As I have said before, I am making a habit of reading instead of turning to the television or computer for entertainment. This week I was able to finish two books. One gets a thumbs up and the other a thumbs down!!

Thumbs up went to The Death of a Policeman by M C Beaton. This is the 30th book in the Hamish Macbeth series and I never tire of the red headed bobby from the Highlands. Hamish is a rare bird, someone who is content with his lot in life. He prefers the life of a backwoods policeman to the possibility of being a famous detective in a big city.  In this installment, we find Hamish on the trail of the person who killed a policeman. Never mind that this policeman was sent to spy on Hamish. The sneaky Detective Blair, who has taken credit for many of Hamish's successes, wants to shut down the  police station in Lochduh and get rid of Hamish. He sends a young policeman to spy on Hamish to prove that Hamish is not needed and that Macbeth is a lazy bloke, mooching off the locals.  But this spy for Blair, ends up dead, shot in the chest. This mystery has many twists and turns and Hamish comes in contact with two of his former fiancees, Priscilla and Elspeth.  Of course, Hamish solves the crime and several others as well, proving he is needed in the Highlands.  In this book, we do see that Hamish is beginning to long for a wife...could Priscilla or Elspeth be the one? Maybe Ms Beaton's next book will answer that question.

The other novel, The Headmaster's Wife, had been on my To Be Read List for quite a while. When I saw it on the shelf at the library, I eagerly grabbed it before anyone else could get it!! This book is about the headmaster of a private school in Vermont. ( I love any story about Vermont, one of my favorite states!) Sadly, this book was an exercise in frustration. The plotline was disorganized and while I understand that the author wrote this way intentionally, it just made me aggravated. Modern day writers seem to want to be unique by scrambling things up a bit but that kind of writing is not for me. Basically, this book is about a headmaster who falls in love with one of his students....or does he? I will not comment any more on this book as I cannot really describe it without giving away the plot. Many people gave it four stars on Good Reads but I had to give it a two and that was stretching it.

Right now I am reading Lydia's Party. It had a beautiful cover so of course, that made me pick it up. It is an interesting read about a woman who gives a party every year  in January for the same group of friends. But this year the party is different as it will be the last party. Why? You can read the book for yourself and find out!!:)

So if you are looking for a bit of summer reading, I would recommend The Death of a Policeman and Lydia's Party. Both would be a good read on the beach with the surf in the background and the sun shining down!


Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon, Thanks so much for the book reviews.

Have a good night.

Terri D said...

I'm always happy to hear about good reads!! Thanks!