Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SHS 1969

My dear husband's high school friends sure do know how to party!! From a class of around 600 people, some old friends came together this weekend to share  memories and to catch up on life events.  In some cases, they actually made new friends. Marvin met some people who were in his class that he did not know 45 years ago. It was a fun bunch and by the Sunday Goodbye Brunch, it was like we were all old friends.

The weekend started off with Bowling and Pizza at the bowling alley on Tibet Ave. It was a good way to loosen up and renew old acquaintances. And yes, they were all able to bowl with no injuries!!

Saturday evening was a big party at the Forest City Gun Club. Shrimp Boil for appetizer...yummo, then music, photo booth and a late dinner.

The photo booth was a big hit!!

Marvin's old friend, Steve, and his fiancee, Beth, were in attendance from the DC area. 

Ed and Susan....who graciously invited us to stay with them while we were in Savannah. Marvin went to elementary school with Susan, then he and Ed met up in junior high. Ed and Marvin also shared the Georgia Tech experience. Ed is a retired engineer from Michelin in Greenville, SC. Susan is a retired calculus professor from Greenville Tech. They came back to Savannah to enjoy their marshfront home in Richmond Hill. It sure was nice waking up to the view from their back porch.  We really enjoyed our time with the Johnsons!

Dressed in Blue in honor of the Savannah High Blue Jackets.

Sunday Morning was a brunch at the home of Nancy, one of the teachers at Savannah High when this bunch graduated. Nancy was a brand new teacher and not much older than her students.

Sissy, Marvin's partner in crime!! She and Marvin worked together on the last three reunions for the class of 1969. Of course many others helped as well but Sissy really pulled everything together in Savannah. Sissy is also a mesothelioma survivor....15 years, the longest surviving patient in the US. So glad to know this wonderful lady who is also a teacher in Chatham County!!

And now it is time to get back to 2014 after a weekend in 1969! Hope I can make the time change!!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, So happy to hear you had a great time. I loved seeing the pictures. So happy for Sissy. John's childhood friend and his wife in MI both have mesothelioma.

Terri D said...

I graduated in 1970, so we are of the same generation! I lost a dear friend to mesothelioma and didn't know anyone survived it. God bless Sissy!! The photo booth looks like lots of fun. I am missing a reunion this month, but am still in touch with and see my good friends from high school. My class had 47 students...a little different from Marvin's!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, what an adventure! Marvin and his friend must have been so proud that everyone had a delightful time. I haven't made any of my high school reunions but did go with my husband to his 10th (I was VERY pregnant with my 3rd daughter!).

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for dropping by my sweet was a fun time and one we will always remember. Sissy's mesothelioma was caused by some of her family members who worked in the ship building business. She was treated at Johns Hopkins and is very active in educating and encouraging those who are suffering with this disease.

I seldom go to my class reunions Mrs R. I did not have a great high school experience and I blame it on that.