Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Plans

With the Summer upon us I am trying to plan activities to keep the grands busy on Tuesday and Wednesday. I love my local MOPs page because the moms share all sorts of summer activities to check out. Kendall and Landon's stepmom, Tara, sent me some links to the Somerville Playhouse which is just up the road. They are having several great activity days for kids and I am signing up my two for Super Hero training for Landon and Diva Makeover for Kendall. The Diva Makeover includes a little make over and a tea party. I am not sure what Super Hero training entails but I know Bubba will like it.

Kendall has asked me about some cooking lessons this summer. Both kiddos enjoy helping me in the kitchen so we will be experimenting with cupcakes this summer.

I found this cupcake brochure as well as the fun cupcake liners at Michaels. I think we will try that pretty chocolate cupcake first.

Kendall whipped up a batch of brownies this week. We ate some and shared some with out next door neighbor who turned 87!  After mixing up the brownies, we spooned them into my  Pampered Chef brownie pan.

It really makes baking and serving brownies easy as pie.

I am looking forward to making lots of memories with my grands this summer, the Decatur grands and the Birmingham Grands!! We are off tomorrow to spend the day in Bham. Grandpa and Nana will watch the children while Mom and Dad have a date. Here's to a great summer!


Terri D said...

It is such a blessing for all of you, to be able to participate in fun summer activities with the grands. We missed that with ours because we were always too far away. I know memories will be made and fun will be enjoyed, and I look forward to photos and stories as the summer progresses! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

The tea party sounds so sweet! I know summer will come and go too fast! Have a great weekend.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for dropping by today!! Yes, I am thankful that I can make memories with the grands and I am one of those who writes down plans so that they will get done!! I find if I put things on my to do list, I usually have success in accomplishing my endeavors!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, do they have those activities for adults too? They both sound like fun and who wouldn't want a diva makeover??