Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Taking Time

I have heard a lot about schools that have chosen to take cursive handwriting out of the curriculum. This makes me sad as a nice handwritten note is always in style. When you take the time to sit down, pen in hand and write a note to a friend it is a special thing! I have always enjoyed sending and receiving cards and notes. Now days we seldom receive a real letter as most of us tend to communicate by phone or email in the computer age. I have a hat box full of letters that I have received over the years and I like to take that hat box down every now and then and peruse those special "antiques". Most are letters between me and family members as my children were growing up. One day I hope my children or grandchildren will cherish those memories as much as I do.

When I wrote letters regularly, I purchased a lot of my stationery from Current. Recently I have come upon their catalogs again and I ordered quite a few note cards to have on hand. They still produce quality goods! I have also found Michaels to be a source of Mary Engelbreit notecards and I am a huge Mary Engelbreit fan. Lifeway Christian stores carry some really sweet and reasonably priced cards...I especially love their 99cent cards that come with a cheery yellow envelope.  My problem is that I want to buy it ALL. Like seamstresses hoard fabric, writers like to hoard paper goods. Most of my good friends know that notecards and stationery are always a good gift idea for Nana. Take the time to send someone a note will be a blessing to them.


Anonymous said...

I love pretty cards/paper, too. It is always such a blessing to receive an unexpected card from a friend. There are a lot of bloggers who make their own cards, too. I especially like the ones with paper quilling.

Terri D said...

Oh my!! I used to buy so much from Current. I lost track of them, too. Guess I need to look them up on line. Thanks for the reminder!!

I hate thinking the schools will stop teaching cursive writing. Everything is electronic now - even electronic signatures. Not nearly as meaningful as signing on the dotted line. I just can't imagine.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I can't pass up stationary or cards either. I do my best to avoid that area of the stores! I remember Current but haven't received a catalog in a while (my husband thinks this is a good thing!)

Have a lovely afternoon!