Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On the Front Porch

We have a small front porch but that did not stop me from dressing it up for fall.

I took Ben's 36 year old Radio Flyer Wagon and filled it with pumpkins, mums, gourds and cotton.

I purchased my pumpkins and mums at Stonehenge Nursery, a small nursery near my house. I placed the mum in a Peterboro basket and I took some of my faux cotton, tied it together with a pretty ribbon and added it to the fall mix. After living with my faux cotton in vases on the mantle for a while, I realized that one branch of cotton looked more stylish amongst my sticks. So that left me four branches to work with in other ways. I also took apart an old wreath and repurposed some of the ribbon. I think we should be more like our ancestors and make do with what we have on hand!

I always enjoy seeing fall tableaus that turn up on porches and lawns this time of year!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Mix

When the fall M&Ms hit the stores along with candy corn, it is time to make some of my favorite fall mix. I got this recipe from Jill Bauer on QVC many years ago and it is a favorite at our house. We had a Sunday School fellowship Saturday evening and I made up this big bowl to take for nibbling. I brought home very little! ( The picture in the background is one of my and my besties that I keep on my kitchen counter.)

It is easy peasy to make...equal amounts of M&Ms, candy corn and dry roasted peanuts. I have heard it described as a Snickers like snack and if you leave out the M&Ms then it tastes like a Pay Day candy bar. Whatever floats your boat. It is great to mix up, put in small cellophane bags to give as Happies to teachers, friends and neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors, I am so glad to have John and Jean next door! They looked after our place for us while we were away. We stopped at the Peach Park in Clanton, Alabama on the way home from the beach and picked up some Apple Butter and Peach Butter to thank them for their kindness. If any of you find yourselves on I 65 traveling through Alabama, be sure and stop at the Peach Park. Peaches are found in season but they sell lots of yummy things all year.  The homemade ice cream there is simply delicious. I got a big cone of Banana while Hubs got peach.  My dear husband also loaded up on Boiled Peanuts. He got enough to put in the freezer to enjoy all winter!:) Boiled peanuts are a Southern Delicacy but one I do not care for myself. Green peanuts are boiled and then you shell them and eat them. To me they taste rather like black eyed peas but my Savannah born better half just LOVES them.

So we are back home and as Dorothy so aptly put it, There is no place like home!! And for a homebody like me, Home is the dearest place on earth!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Good Bye Gulf Shores

It has been a wonderful week but today we must pack our things in preparation of leaving for home tomorrow.  The weather has been perfect, we have eaten a lot of good sea food and both of us have read multiple books!

I do not know if it is my age but I am ready to go home. Home is where the heart is for me. I miss my friends, family and my own little nest.  When I get home I have quite a to do list.  I must change out the flower beds in front of the town home. It is time to put some of the summer clothing away and get the fall and winter things out. I must make some appointments for regular doctor check ups. And I look forward to having breakfast on Thursday with my girlfriends as well as hosting my Titus Ladies group that afternoon.

But for now, we will enjoy one last morning soaking up the sun, knowing that summer temps will soon be gone and we will not get to the beach again until next year.  Have a wonderful weekend blog friends.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blog Friends

One thing I enjoy about blogging is making new friends from all over the United States.  This year I have made new friends in Colorado, Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida and North Carolina.  Today I would ask you to and visit my friend, Kara, at Mundane Faithfulness. You can find her blog on my blog roll. I found Kara's blog as a Facebook friend posted Kara's website. From the first day I read Kara's blog I knew I wanted to read her blog every day. Kara Tippetts is the 38 year old mother of four, wife to pastor husband, Jason, and she is in the process of what she calls The Long Goodbye. Two years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and despite treatment the cancer has spread to her brain and she is in a battle to live each day that she can for her precious family. This week, Kara was on Dr. James Dobson's radio program and it was so real, touching and encouraging as she talked to Dr Dobson about dying well as a believer.  She has written a book, The Hardest Peace, which will be released on October 1st. I have already pre-ordered by copy at Amazon. If you have time today, go by and visit Kara and leave an encouraging message on her blog. She is an amazing young woman...she is always asking her readers where their hard places are so that she can pray for each person who is struggling. As I read Kara's writing, I am reminded of the blessing of time that the Lord has given me to see my children grow up and to see my children's children. So often, I take that for granted.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

W is for....

In my case, W is for Wednesday but the book I just read was W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton. Being here at the beach I have had lots of time to read and I really enjoyed the latest installment of the Kinsey Millhone series that I have been reading since A is for Alibi, which was written in 1982.  I have always loved quirky Kinsey. Raised by a maiden aunt after the death of her parents in a car accident when she was five years old, Kinsey grew into a very independent woman. She lives in a tiny studio apartment owned by her friend, Henry, an octogenarian who any reader cannot help but love! He keeps her grounded and provides comfort food when needed, as he is a retired baker. In addition to Henry we meet his siblings who are all in their 80s and 90s. They are a long lived bunch.  Kinsey runs her own private detective agency and over the years she has run into some pretty rough characters.  In W is for Wasted, a dead man shows up at the morgue with Kinsey's name and phone number written on a slip of paper which is in his pocket. Kinsey has no idea who the person is but comes to find out that is a cousin from her dad's side of the family. Since she was raised by her late mother's sister, Kinsey has no knowledge of the Millhone side of the family. In addition to being her cousin, Terrence was homeless, living on the streets of Kinsey's home town of Santa Teresa.  While investigating the death of her relative, Kinsey gets to know Pearl, Dandy and Felix who are Terrence's best friends from Harbor House, a homeless shelter. Kinsey also digs into the world of pharmaceutical trials and the danger new drugs can be to those in the clinical testing as well as noisy PI's who look at the books a little too closely.  We also meet some of Kinsey's extended family and they are quite unique and none to pleased to learn that Terrence left Kinsey $500,000 in his will.  Of course Kinsey solves the case to the satisfaction of all and makes me long for the release of X is for?( Xanax,Xanthan, Xerox,Xiphoids). Of course I had to look up those words on Word Finder!! Whatever it turns out that X is for, I will be reading!

Monday, September 22, 2014

It is Fall Ya'll

Or as Martha would say, Autumn, but Autumn does not rhyme with Yall!  Fall is my favorite season so I welcome it wholeheartedly. And I am so blessed to be celebrating the season here at the beach. Yesterday the water was very rough for the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, there was a report that someone was in distress in the water. We saw lots of police boats on the water as well as a beach police presence near our condominium. Fortunately, it appeared to have been a false report.

We got in a lot of reading and walking on the beach. Today will be more of the same but hey, I could get used to this.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Days

We headed out bright and early yesterday so we could stop at Krispy Kreme in Bham for donuts before stopping to see the grands on our way to the beach. Lots of people like Krispy Kreme's at nine am on Saturday. There was quite a long line but then the HOT sign was on so that reaches out to Southerners who know a Hot Krispy Kreme Donut is a little piece of heaven.  The grands were happy to see us and the donuts. Of course, Nana had brought a few treats along for them as well.  Baylor had such a good time that he pooped out before we continued on our way to the beach.

Thanks to all of you who are praying for our Baylor Boy....he is doing very well in therapy and we are hoping for much progress.

Grandpa with Margaret and Elliott. Margaret told us all about her trip to the ER last week. Thanks for praying for her and her siblings. All are on the mend.

Our dramatic Margaret. I wanted to get a photo of Margaret and Katy but only Katy put on a pretty smile.

And I have to share these cute long sleeved tees that my niece, Jessica, made for Baylor and Margaret.

Jess did a great job on these autumnal shirts.

And finally my view this morning.... We splurged for nice beach chairs and our attendant comes by and moves the umbrella around as the sun moves! I feel so decadent. We usually tote out own chairs and umbrellas but decided to take advantage of beach service this year. And a good thing we did. The STICKS in the picture are actually beach umbrellas that the owners folded up as the wind was really ripping today. We are back at the condo for lunch and Marvin is checking out the Sunday football game....soon we will be back on the beach and then out for dinner. These are happy days.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

And We're Off

This will be my view for the next week and I can hardly wait to sit on the beach and read!! It is September and time for our wedding anniversary trip to the beach. Marvin and I both look forward to it every year.  The neighbors are keeping an eye on the house for us and in our townhouse community, nothing gets by their watch.

We will swing by Krispy Kreme in Birmingham to pick up donuts to take to the grands as we stop there for a visit on the way to the beach. Of course, we cannot wait to see those sweet faces.

I will be blogging this week but the posts will probably be short and sweet. I am hoping for good weather and lots of rest, reading and relaxation.

Friday, September 19, 2014


In the past I have made Halloween Trick or Treat Buckets for my grands. I purchased plain pain buckets at Lowes. painted them and added their names. If I say so myself they were very cute and the grands loved them. But when a Current Fall catalog arrived in my mailbox displaying some very cute personalized buckets at a great price, I decided I would order one for Elliott. And here it is! I will be taking it to Birmingham tomorrow so he will have his own treat bucket.  And a reminder to all Nanas, if you start projects for your first grandchild, you will have to continue the tradition for future grands.:)

Ok, I am editing my blog this morning to add a rant.  Be forewarned. I enjoy looking at blogs that feature decorating as much as anyone. I love to change things up and I am always on the lookout for special items to display in my home. However I am noticing a trend which is bothering me. TOO MUCH of everything!  In a well decorated room, the eye can appreciate the decor but also rest and enjoy the room.  Some of the blogs I read feature homes with rooms crammed full of everything and there is a hodgepodge of colors, designs and patterns. It makes me want to go and help them edit their rooms. One of my favorite bloggers who has found the happy medium in decorating is Kelly at Talk of the House. Her rooms are colorful and interesting without being overwhelming.  The trend of painting furniture is interesting but hey, let's not paint every piece of furniture in our homes.:) I have a feeling that in a year or so, decorators will be stripping away some of this chalk paint and calling it dated.:) Ok, rant over...I feel better!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mellowing Out at Mellow Mushroom

Last night Marvin treated me, Amelia and her children to dinner at Mellow Mushroom in downtown Decatur.  Amelia thought she would be funny by posting this picture on Facebook with the hashtag, rude!

Oh my goodness, the comments that were posted. Apparently we are very funny! Marvin said he hoped this posting did not use up his 15 minutes of fame. :) I guess it is ironic that the "old folks" were being rude at the dinner table instead of the "younguns".

There is a reason we were on our iphones. Our nephew, Jeff, had just announced he was engaged to his girlfriend, Sarah.  I was texting Sis in law, Lanier, to get all the details and we were both looking at her reply as she had sent the same message to me and Marvin. By the way, Jeff proposed to Sarah in a very sweet way...he told her they were going dove hunting and when they got to the field, he had a table set up with a beautiful meal and music playing in the background! How could a girl say no to that. So we are happy for Jeff and looking forward to welcoming another niece to the Grimm family.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Autumn Wreath

I put up my autumn is an older one but still looks good so I will use it another season.

I found the wreath along with the ribbon at a local store and I added the G to it. The wooden letter was purchased at Hobby Lobby and granddaughter, Kendall, painted it a pretty burnt orange. I tied the finished letter to the wreath with gross grain ribbon. 

This is the wreath I used last year but it did not hold up very well, looking limp and worn this year. And I must admit it is a little "too much" for me. I prefer simple.  One year I purchased Indian Corn and tied a pretty ribbon on it and hung it on my door. I loved it!

What is your favorite fall door decor? 

Fall Touches

Since fall is in the air here in No Ala, I thought I would share some of my fall touches around the house. Of course I have my Fall Bath and Body Works soaps in each bathroom. My Yankee Candle, Autumn Wreath is burning in the living room and Harvest is located in the kitchen. Last year I splurged and purchased a large  Harvest Yankee Candle and some of it is left! A good buy for sure. I also diffuse some of my Young Living Essential Oils, my favorite fall aroma is Thieves mixed with Orange. It smells like spice tea!

My dining room table. The runner is a pretty linen runner that Charles and Nancy brought me from China.

I changed out my candle holder, placing fall leaves, bittersweet and mini pumpkins on display in the bottom of the jar. Before it held mini pears, one of my favorite things.

I love this big cream pumpkin that I found years ago at TJ Maxx. The little scarecrow was a gift from my sister, Kristi. He is pretty old but a sweet fall decoration.

My fall cross stitch...Give Thanks Unto the Lord for He is Good. The little bear Indians and Pilgrims came from my sister, Leta.  She knows I enjoy fall decor and these can stay around until Thanksgiving.

My hutch has a fall flair...The orange pumpkins look good with the blue dishes!! The mugs are my Louisville Stoneware and very special as they are a gift from Marvin. When we lived in Louisville we were young and poor so we drooled over the stoneware but it was out of our league, pricewise. Marvin has presented me with several pieces on special occassions over the years.

And a little Beanie Baby Jack O Lantern....the grands like playing with this decoration and Nana says help yourself!!

Well it is a Cleaning Day here at Nanaland so I need to get busy. Have a good day Blog Friends.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Reading

Thanks to a sweet blog friend, I found a website that sells old books, ABE Books. Books that might be very special to someone but they are no longer in print. It was here that I found two more Gladys Taber books about Stillmeadow Farm.

I so enjoy sitting down to read these sweet remembrances of time past. Mrs Taber describes the changing seasons at her Connecticut farm. In this book, her best friend, Jill, has passed away. (These two widows lived on the farm after the death of their husbands and were the best of friends as only women can be!). The reader can feel the sadness as Mrs Taber relates her days at the farm, relying on friends and neighbors to fill the void in her life.  I finished up June before I went to bed last night and now I am on to the second half of the year!!

Speaking of old books, this one arrived smelling a bit musty and my allergies were protesting as I opened this book so I put a laundry softener sheet inside it and left it to sit in the laundry room for several days. This got rid of some of the "smell" but not completely so I pulled out my Young Living Essential Oils and chose to use some Purification on it. I dabbed a bit of the oil at the top of about twelve pages and left it to sit one day. Voila! Purification did the job and now I can read my book without a runny nose and watery eyes.  So essential oils have many uses!!

I love this old book by Tasha Tudor. Fortunately the publishers realized it would be a good book to re-release and I purchased it several years ago. On the dedication Ms Tudor gives us this sweet sentence, A wee story for a very sweet wee person. I have a feeling it must have been a grandchild!! Pumpkin Moonshine tells the story of Sylvie Ann who was visiting her grandparents in Connecticut  and she wanted to make a PUMPKIN MOONSHINE.   That was Sylvia's name for a Jackolantern! But the big old pumpkin gets away from Sylvie as she rolls it home! A sweet story of a little girl and her grandparents.  I love Tasha Tudor's illustrations!!

Ms Tudor was a very unique personality. She loved to dress in clothes from the 19th century and she lived very simply in her New England home.  I have several books that were illustrated by Tasha Tudor and I treasure them all.

Fall is a good time to sit down with the hot beverage of your choice and travel back to a simpler time. These books are perfect for just such an excursion.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Two years ago I ordered this cute treat basket from Peterboro

In Peterborough, New Hampshire this company has been making baskets since 1854!  I have several Peterboro Baskets scattered around my home. I could not resist the cheery orange color of this basket and the cute little ghost is sweet too.  Once Halloween passes us by I simply turn the ghost toward the wall and use it for a candy basket for the grands until Thanksgiving.  Right now the basket is filled with  Skittles, M&Ms, Starburst and Hershey Kisses. The grands know where to find a treat but they are very good about asking first! It is a matter of discipline for Nana to walk by without picking up a treat!

And fall is certainly in the air here today. The air is crisp but there is a threat of rain that might cancel Landon's last soccer game this morning.

And with fall comes croup! Ben and Katy had to take our Miss Margaret to the ER last night as she was struggling to breathe. She was there about two hours and is now home on steroids. Please pray for our sweet girl to have a quick and complete recovery.  Katy's mom was visiting so Ben and Katy were able to take Margaret to the hospital together, ER visits are a scary thing for parents.

Hoping that the rest of our weekend is uneventful!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

In The Land of Cotton

As I was driving the children to school the other day, I noticed that a cotton field was showing its colors! The white cotton bolls are opening up and soon the smell of defoliant will fill the air! Yes, crop duster planes spray defoliant on the fields before the cotton pickers roll up and down the fields. The smell of defoliant is a fall smell for me. It is a distinctive yet not unpleasant smell. Once the defoliant has done its job, the cotton fields are just beautiful. Such a brilliant white, almost like a snowfall.

I must admit that when I saw some of the cotton plants opening up next to the road, I was tempted to stop and pick a few bolls for decorating! However that was not necessary as I found some beautiful fake cotton boll picks at one of my favorite stores in Hartselle, Bumblebee!

I added the picks to my vase full of sticks that resides on my mantle. It adds a fall touch to the room.

I really like the way it pops the vases on my mantle.

One of my favorite prints in my house is the one in the background above my china cabinet...a pretty basket full of cotton. And I added a cute pumpkin picture that Kendall made in art last year as well as some fun ceramic jackolanterns in front of a canvas of my two monkeys, Landon and Margaret.

Fall is coming and I am looking forward to it!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never Forget

If someone were to ask me the question, "What was the most frightening day in your life from a historic viewpoint?" I would answer without hesitation, "September 11, 2001." I was born in 1955 and as a child I experienced the assassination of a president. That day is etched in my memory but a bit hazy wit the passing of years. I remember the day the Space Shuttle, Challenger, exploded. As a resident of Huntsville, Alabama at the time, it was a devastating loss to our community. Many Huntsville engineers worked for NASA and knew the astronauts who were lost that day.

But Tuesday, September 11th is crystal clear in my memory. I was on my way to work at Central Weekday School where I taught one of the two year old classes. I was listening to one of my favorite radio programs, Rick and Bubba, when they reported that a there was a fire at the World Trade Center. Then the news that a plane had flown into the tower...then another plane. I think everyone in the United States knew that we had been attacked by terrorists.  Of course, I had to compose myself to take care of my little ones but you could see the fear and dismay on the faces of the parents as they dropped the children off at school that day. My assistant received a phone call from her husband relating that the Pentagon had been hit as well. We could not help but wonder, What next? I did not see the disturbing images of the planes hitting the twin towers until after work that day. Sobering images that will remain with me the rest of my life.

While this was a national tragedy, I also remember seeing the brave people of NYC soldier on amid chaos. I read so many stories of kindness in the face of terror. We are Americans. We may be divided over many things but when our country and way of life is threatened, we pull together.  So today I will remember those who lost their lives that day...those who were passengers on the planes as well as the first responders who gave their lives helping others to escape from the burning towers.  Rest in Peace.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thinking Across The Spectrum

After we received the official diagnosis of grandson, Baylor's autism, I began researching this puzzling disease. Having trained as a registered nurse, I knew about autism but what I knew about it reflected what I learned in the mid 1970s. I kept hearing about Temple Grandin, a highly functioning autistic person who shares her knowledge about living with autism.

The Autistic Brain, Thinking Across the Spectrum is a really good book on this subject. Temple Grandin was born in the 1940s to a 19 year old mother who knew something was wrong with her baby but found little help in the medical community. A neurologist tested her for deafness and for epilepsy. When those tests were negative, the physician had little to offer Mrs Grandin. At the time of Temple's birth, autism was just a symptom that had recently been found to be a portion of the diagnosis of schizophrenia.  Such children were institutionalized.  But Mrs Grandin decided to work with her child in hopes of helping Temple to be mainstreamed in the public school. This was unheard of at this time.
Temple learned to talk at age four and attended school with her peers but not without a lot of understanding from the teachers and pupils at her school.  She attended a boarding school for troubled children in high school and it was there she came in contact with a teacher who saw her strengths in science. Temple Grandin went on to college and then received a PhD and became widely known for her work in creating a humane cattle chute that is still used in the industry today. She explains that Seeing in Pictures helped her to be able to create and solve problems.

In her sixties, Dr Grandin has learned to live with many of her autistic tendencies but they have never completely faded away. She takes medication to help with her anxiety. She would appear odd to anyone who meets her but she has made great strides using her strengths and dealing with her weaknesses.  As an autistic person Temple Grandin can tell me what sensory problems my little grandson is experiencing and how I can do things to help him to deal with the issues. While she does go into a lot of the recent research and the theories on what causes autism, she says that doctors need to work more on early intervention and helping the autistic person learn to compensate for their sensory overload. Temple gives her own mother a lot of credit in expecting a good deal of Temple from the time she was a child.

I give this book a five star rating for its detail on the brain, its compassion toward autistic persons and its hope for those who love an autistic child.

I am so proud of Ben and Katy for giving Baylor experiences that will widen his world. We look forward to seeing the progress our boy will make as he begins his early intervention!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday in Nanaland

It is still dark outside as I sit here on the couch posting my blog today. Kendall and Landon arrive early as their stepmom, Tara, has to be at work very early on the weeks the children are with Nick and Tara. I will drive them to school, then stop for a big cup of coffee at McDonalds on the way home.  Marvin is not allowed to have caffeine as it makes his heart pitter patter with premature atrial contractions and being a sweet wife, I suffer along with him.:) But when I get a chance to have some caffeine, I take advantage of it. Since today is a cleaning day in Nanaland, I need all the help I can get.

Here in NoAla, I can see signs of the approach of fall. Darkness is falling a big earlier in the evenings and by Thanksgiving it will be dark around 4:30 in the afternoon. Living at the edge of the central time zone makes for short winter days. A few leaves on the trees here are beginning to change colors as well. The corn fields are ready to be turned into mazes as some of the local farms open their gates for pumpkin patch time. In Target yesterday, I noticed that Halloween books were front and center in the children's section of the book aisle. Just the other day, Margaret and I went through all my seasonal books and pulled out the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving books. They are in a pretty basket in the living room so we can read them at our leisure. Pumpkin Moonshine by Tasha Tudor is one of my favorites. Other books in the basket are Max's Halloween( all Nanas know who Max and Ruby are!), It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Fall Leaves, Arthur's Halloween, The Berenstain Bears Halloween Fun, Pumpkin Heads, Arthur's Thanksgiving, The First Thanksgiving and The Turkey Hunt.

There is talk of a Cold Front this week. That means the nights will be cooler and the day time temps will be in the low 80s but we like that kind of weather. When the humidity goes away Southerners love getting outdoors to walk, work in the yard and to enjoy the fall festivals that are taking place in several communities.  I am putting away our light summer quilt and putting the fall and winter comforter on the bed today, looking forward to some cool nights!

So today I will clean, organize and do laundry. I may burn some of my fall candles...Autumn Wreath and Harvest by Yankee Candles.  Change of seasons is always a good time to "nest". I also received another Gladys Taber book in the mail yesterday, Stillmeadow Calendar. I may have to spend some time in New England via arm chair!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


USS LST-235 sailed into the Decatur harbor on the Tennessee River this week.

The LST-325, now based in Evansville, Indiana, sails on educational tours. Manned by a 45 member volunteer crew, it is quite the sight to see. I have to admit that Marvin went to see the ship and he took all the photos! It was a very hot day and there was quite a line to view this historic ship that landed at Normandy on D Day.

Marvin said that the smart people brought umbrellas for shade. Vendors were selling water for $1 a bottle but Marvin said most would have gladly paid $5!! WW2 vets were the guests of honor and did not have to wait in line to view the vessel.

Old Jeeps and Trucks were also on view. This Jeep had been used on the tv show, MASH.

This truck looks a lot like the one that Marvin's father drove across Europe when he landed ten days after D Day.

Marvin was glad to see so many families touring the ship with young children. We all need to remember that freedom is not free.

Marvin said that the interior of the ship was very warm! But as one WW2 vet said, " A hot ship was better than a fox hole any day!!"

I know several schools are planning field trips to the ship this week while the 325 is docked here. It is neat to see this fine old lady visiting our River City.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Today I am thinking of my late inlaws, Saramina and Marvin Grimm. September 6, 1947 was their wedding date. World War 2 brought Marvin's parents together.  Papa was one of the second generation of his family to be born in America, Minnesota specifically. His grandfather had immigrated from Germany as many Germans did in the mid 1800s. The Grimms were farmers and farmland was disappearing in their native country. In Minnesota, Carl Grimm found a nice big piece of land that his family farmed until the Great Depression.  Papa was the youngest of six children. His mother died in the Spanish Flu epidemic leaving her husband, Herman, to raise six children under the age of ten. Papa's grandmother took him in to her home, separating him from his twin brother and the rest of his siblings. He was just an infant at the time and several family members stepped up to help care for the children. When the other children went back to their father's home, Papa's fierce little Grandma Hasse refused to give up her baby.  When Papa was ten years old, Grandma Hasse passed away and Papa lived with his Uncle Tony and his Aunt Maggie who were his sponsors in the Lutheran church. Papa saw his father and siblings occassionally but he felt more a part of the Hasse family.  Growing up on Uncle Tony's farm, he helped his uncle as well as working as a farm hand for neighbors to earn some extra spending money. As many other of the greatest generation, he joined the army at the start of World War 2. He was sent to an army base in South Carolina where he made friends with a Savannah Georgia soldier named Peyton Mayo. Peyton introduced Papa to Saramina Crane and they were smitten. Mama G corresponded with her boyfriend through the war and prayed for his safe return. Papa landed at Normandy twelve days after the big landing and made his way across Europe. He told us of the cheering crowds of French people who were so happy to see the American Soldiers who liberated France. Then it was on to the Battle of the Bulge...Because Papa spoke German, life in the camp was not always easy for him. Some suspected him of having sympathy for the Germans but he was an American through and through. When he made it home he married his sweetheart and they began their life in Savannah, Georgia. Though he visited his family in Minnesota through the years he often told us that Savannah had made his blood so thin he could not survive in the cold Minnesota he remembered from his childhood.

Mama G was a special lady and a wonderful mother in law. She had a soft sweet southern voice and I can still hear her asking her grandchildren, "What do you need darlin?" She grew up in Savannah in the home she shared with her mother and her great aunt who remembered the Civil War. You can imagine that the old aunt was not too fond of any Yankee but she thought Papa was alright.:) Mama G was very close with her mother and her sister, Willilou as well as her extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins. Unfortunately Mama G's father deserted his family and this was at a time when single parents were not common.  Granna, Mama G's mother, took great care of her girls and both grew up to be lovely ladies.

 When Mama and Papa G got married they were excited to have their own family and with six children they had a happy and busy homelife. All these great grandchildren of theirs would be a joy and delight to them.  I am so glad that I met Marvin and I am a part of the big Grimm family!

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Doctor is In....Real In

How many of you remember that cute sign from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special? I always smile when I see that Lucy only charges a nickel, up front of course!! Apparently Obama Care has not impacted the Peanut Gallery.

I took Margaret home yesterday and later in the day, Katy posted some cute pictures of Margaret playing with her baby brother Elliott.  I think she missed both her brothers but Elliott is still small enough that he has no say in Big Sis's antics.

Listening for a heartbeat! Apparently he had none according to Margaret.:)

Elliott is wearing the hat because he has a fever, according to the doctor. She is into holistic treatment.:) Love the look on Elliott's face, Help Me!!

Sister is glad to be back home with her baby dolls. She is such a fun and imaginative girl. She was putting on a puppet show for Grandpa and she finally got exasperated with him, "Grandpa, you cannot watch the puppet show if you keep taking naps!!"  Soon these sweet days will pass by and these precious little ones will be busy with school and friends. Then the grandparents take a back seat to all the other activities...I keep telling myself to enjoy the hugs, the snuggles and the smiles.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Late Scholar

While I was without internet and tv, I was able to read a WHOLE book in one weekend. Fortunately I had just made a library run before the internet went down. While browsing the new book shelf at the library, I came up a new series by Jill Patton Walsh. She is taking the Dorothy Sayers characters, Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane and writing new mysteries featuring them in the 1950s. Still happily married, they reside in Peter's family home as he has inherited the title Duke of Denver on the death of his older brother. He and Harriet have two sons of their own who are considering their futures...will they attend Oxford as did their parents?  Harriet continues to write her detective stories and they are gobbled up by mystery lovers.

As this book opens, Peter is asked to put on his role of Visitor at St Severins College in Oxford. It seems there is a dispute among the dons about the sale of an ancient manuscript. With the college deep in debt, some of the members of the school have decided that the sale of the precious book would be the answer to their problems. With the proceeds of the sale of the book, the college would purchase some land near the college as an investment for possible resale. Peter is expected to make the deciding vote in the matter as there is a deadlock among the dons. Peter knows that land speculation can be well, speculative!

Peter delves into this question with all his usual wit and discernment. Harriet accompanies him to the college where she proves to be valuable in probing the motives of the college in this matter. And of course, Peter's faithful butler, Bunter, is along as well, getting all the information he can from the servants of the dons.  As questions are asked, murder and mayhem becomes the order of the day. The Wimseys manage to unravel a very quirky mystery at Oxford.

While Ms Patton is not Dorothy Sayers, she does a good job in allowing the reader to enjoy the Wimseys once again.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Meme Revisited

When I was first blogging and getting to know others in the Blog Universe, the Simple Woman's Daybook Meme(Meme is an idea that spreads from one person to another in a culture!) was quite popular. I had forgotten about it and the other day I decided to look it up online. Apparently the blog is now called The Simple Woman. But I did find the linky party and the  questions that she answered every Tuesday and I thought I would join in today in remembering the old blog days.

Outside my window....the sun is shining through the glass door making pretty designs on the wall

I am thinking....of the shopping trip Margaret and I will be making to Target later this morning. When a grandchild visits we have to indulge in a few treats.

I am thankful, family and friends.

From the learning rooms....well I do not homeschool so this one will be left unanswered.

From the kitchen....lingering aroma of waffles and syrup that I made for Margaret( grandchild number three, granddaughter number two)

I am pjs! But I do have an outfit laid out for today. I always lay out my clothing for the next day each night as I put on my pjs. Is that OCD?

I am reading....Coming to Rosemont...a book I won in a give away at Kelly's Talk of the House! I won the first two books in this series.

Around the house....though I planned to wait to decorate for fall, Margaret and I put out all the pumpkins etc yesterday. I have culled my collection so that we are not on Fall Overload.

One of my favorite things....a big hot cup of coffee to sip on as I read blogs and update my own.

Plans for the week.... I will be taking Margaret back to Birmingham tomorrow then I have a meeting with my Titus Ladies tomorrow afternoon at 4. Tomorrow is also my 38th wedding anniversary. I think we will go out to dinner to celebrate. Our gift is our yearly trip to Gulf Shores where we spend a week in a one bedroom Condo without a care in the world. Ok that is probably taking it a bit too far but we sure do enjoy a week away from work and the daily world.

So that is the end of the meme...hoping some of my other blog friends might join in. Also, thanks to my blog friend, Mildred, I learned  how to add the Google app to my blog that allows my readers to "join" my site. You can find it at the top of my blog just under the title, Nanaland.  If you are a "joiner" please join me here at Nanaland!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Smiles

We had a great family time celebrating the "last" day of summer. The whole family was here except for Charles and Nancy who were resting up after a weekend trip to Atlanta.  Any time we can see our grands it is a good day!!

Of course, Baby Elliott is the hit of the party! He got lots of hugs and kisses yesterday. He will be nine months old on Saturday. He is pulling up and holding on to things, walking will not be far behind!

Baylor gave me a winning smile!

My girls!

Landon and his little buddy!

Ben and Katy...Ben blinked!

Marvin and Amelia with a little photo bomber in the background.

Miss Margaret is staying with Nana and Grandpa until Thursday.  We are enjoying our sweet visitor!