Monday, December 29, 2014

Home Again

On Friday evening, my brother in law, Lee and my sis in law, Lanier, arrived for a lasagna dinner and an overnight stay here in Nanaland. Early Saturday morning, we loaded up the SUV and headed for North Carolina.

Back in June, Marvin's younger brother, William, and his family moved to Brevard, NC where my sister in law began her job as a principal at Brevard Academy. We wanted to see their new hometown so  Lanier and I planned an after Christmas trip that included a tour of Biltmore Estate.  On our way through Knoxville, Tennessee, we stopped for lunch at Five Guys where we met up with Lee and Lanier's son, Barry and his wife, Mary and their sweet twin daughters.  It was the first time we had seen Barry in years so it was a fun short visit.  We arrived in Brevard late in the afternoon but we had time to check out a few of the shops downtown. William was a good tour guide and seems to have learned a lot about the town in a short time. We ate dinner at The Square Root in downtown Brevard and it was just delicious. It was the perfect atmosphere for a meal and a family visit. Unfortunately we missed William's wife, Barbara and youngest son, Doug. They were in Addi Ababa, Ethiopia on a  short mission trip! Yes, William was home alone and Lanier and I thought he could use some company. :)

Sunday was spent exploring Biltmore Estate. I have to say that if you have never seen this magnificent manor in western North Carolina, put it on your bucket list. We wanted to visit at Christmas to see all the decorations and it was definitely eye candy. This is going to sound silly but our favorite part of the house was the basement that housed the servants quarters, kitchen etc. It was JUST like Downton Abbey.( Our favorite soap opera!). Also located in the basement was a huge indoor pool. The story of the building of Biltmore was very interesting. The manor had electricity six years before Asheville had access to the miracle of the late 1800s.  George Vanderbilt had his own physical plant that powered the electricity for his home. I know my Ga Tech man would have loved to tour that part of Biltmore.

Here we are in front of the large garden room at the Biltmore.  No photographs of the house are allowed so you must be happy with this one taken by the Biltmore staff.  Lanier and I purchased books, Christmas at Biltmore. These books were on sale in the book store and filled with wonderful photographs of each of the main rooms decorated for Christmas.

After a morning spent walking and climbing stairs, we were ready for lunch. My good friend and native North Carolinian, Susan, had recommended Cedric's for lunch and it was perfect. There are several eateries on the Estate. Cedric's was the perfect atmosphere for tired and hungry tourists.

We had various sandwiches and soups along with Irish bread. It was very tasty!!

Then we met up with William for more exploring in Brevard ending with dinner at Marco's.

Not the greatest photo but our meal at Marco's was the perfect ending to our time in NC. Like Marvin said, it looks like all we did was eat!! And yes...we are foodies!

Lanier and I agreed that we needed to do another couples trip. We had a great time just being together, improving family ties and making sweet memories.


Terri D said...

We also loved seeing the Biltmore a few years ago. I would love to see it decorated for Christmas, though. May have to add that to the bucket list. How nice that you got away for a nice trip and had a good visit with family and friends, too!

Tori Leslie said...

How fun! I centralize Biltmore was in NC. Looks like you had a great time. I love seeing you in the photos. Hope you have a great New Year.

Amy Burzese said...

Looks like a great holiday trip! We have visited Biltmore at Christmastime too, and love it. We also love Downton Abbey and can not wait for it to start again!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for stopping by Ladies! Tori, the Biltmore is only five hours away but I had never seen it. I would like to see it at every season!!

Cranberry Morning said...

Sounds like you had a marvelous time! We visited the Biltmore several years ago. It was unforgettable. Your post is making me want to go back. :-) Hope you have a wonderful week, Arlene.