Friday, December 5, 2014

One Year Old!

One year ago today we were in Birmingham to welcome Benjamin Elliott Grimm!  I love this photo of all the Grimm men!

Margaret loves her new brother.

Always room on Grandpa's lap for one more!
And here he is now...our big boy. He is not walking yet but he stands alone and cruises. He has a mouth full of teeth and he is a typical laidback third child. However, if you tell him "no" it really hurts his feelings and he will cry! We do not get to see the Bham grands very often so every time Elliott sees us, he looks us over from top to toe before deciding that he knows who we are. It is so funny. We call him the Judge as he is very solemn during deliberations.

We will be heading down I 65 tomorrow for his party that he will share with Daddy. Daddy Ben turns 36 tomorrow. ( And he requested a caramel birthday cake that Mom will bake and take!) This is a week of birthday celebrations for the Hoover Grimm Family!


Terri D said...

He is even more adorable at 1! Happy birthday to Ben, as well. Safe travels and have a blast!

Tori Leslie said...

Happy birthday to the little man, so cute!