Monday, December 15, 2014

Party On

I love this Polar Bear Cookie Jar and being from Georgia I am partial to Coca Cola.( Did you know that the original recipe for Coca Cola had cocaine in it?)  I have always enjoyed Coca Colas Christmas advertisements...with Santa and later with the Polar Bears. I have not seen any Coke commercials this Christmas. Maybe they do not need to advertise this year! I found this polar bear years ago and I purchased it for Mama G. She was a big cookie baker and she always had a stash of chocolate candy hidden in her house! I thought she would enjoy it and she did for many years. When she passed away, this was one thing that I really wanted to take back home with me.  He is a cheery addition to my Christmas kitchen.

We had fun at our Sunday School party Saturday night. Dirty Santa was played with gusto and I came away with some pretty bracelets that my husband "stole" for me and we also ended up with some pretty Alabama Christmas ornaments. Not Alabama as in BAMA but  Alabama as in our state!

Yesterday was a red letter day for our youngest son as he received his Masters Degree in English from the Universtity of Alabama at Huntsville. He chose not to walk as he and Nancy are busy getting ready to move to Atlanta. Their cute home in Harvest, Alabama has sold so they will spend part of the week looking at houses in Northeast Atlanta. While I loved living in Atlanta as a young person, the traffic there makes me glad I live in Decatur, Alabama.  Charles will be looking for a job and he also hopes to enroll in an Atlanta area college PhD program. His goal is to be a college professor.  They have an exciting 2015 ahead of them as they move to a new city, get new jobs and welcome Baby Girl Grimm in May. So far Baby Girl does not have a name. Nancy says they may have to see her to decide on a name. So no monogrammed goodies for this grandbaby until she arrives.

Today I hope to spend most of my time in the kitchen....much Christmas baking to do!! And maybe a little cross stitching as I have almost completed the wedding sampler for nephew, Jeff and his fiancee, Sarah. Lots to look forward to in the Grimm family in 2015.


Tori Leslie said...

Love your bear! We also had our church Christmas party Saturday but I've never heard of dirty Santa, sounds fun!
Congrats to your son on his big accomplishment!
Well, hope you have a great time baking today!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Tori, our Dirty Santa is called many other names too but here is how we do it...everyone brings a wrapped 10$ gift and we draw numbers...Number one takes a gift, then number two can take a new gift or "steal" number one's gift. A gift can be stolen twice then it is frozen. However at the end of the evening the person who had number one can steal any gift, frozen or not. It is a lot of fun and we like to rib each other about the gifts as well.

Terri D said...

You have a busy week ahead!! Love the cookie jar! Congrats to your son on obtaining his degree and a new job...I'm not sure I could handle living in a big city again, but the youngsters will enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your son and may God bless he and Nancy as they search for a new home in my old hometown! Sunday and Monday I had to drive in that traffic and it made me grateful to live in Gainesville!!! lol