Friday, December 12, 2014

Reading Corner

This year I set up a reading spot in my living room. I filled this box with all my Christmas books so that the grands can quickly find a Christmas book to read or they can ask Nana to read a book to them. I love it when Landon gets a book and snuggles next to me as I read to him. He is learning to read on his own so soon these days will be over.  Some of the Books to be found here are Santa is Coming to Alabama, It's Christmas David, Christmas ABC's, This Special Night, Arthur's Christmas, Auntie Claus and the Christmas I SPY book.   I like my old Christmas Angels who are perched on either side of the box. All this fits snugly under the secretary desk.
Here is a nice shot of my Christmas Tree. A glowing tree is so nice on these dark December evenings. I really do enjoy all my Christmas decorations and the house always seems rather stark when it comes January!!

Thanks for praying for my blog friend, Kara. I read on her facebook page that she was able to come home from the hospital yesterday and was there to greet her children as they came home from school. I know that was a wonderful surprise for the Tippetts children.  Please keep Kara in your prayers!

Today I am off to attend our MOPs meeting. I have a tray of goodies prepared to share at our Christmas party. We are doing Christmas Crafts as well as playing some fun games and then we will be eating too! A fun morning with these sweet young mamas!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Arlene. What a sweet idea to have the books where the grands can easily choose one. Your tree is very pretty. It gets dark so early, the Christmas lights are warm and cozy! Wishing you a wonderful day and I'm thankful Kara was able to return home.

Tori Leslie said...

Hey Arlene, that reading box is a great idea. I think the lights of the tree come at the perfect darkn time of year. Hope you have a great time at your mops meeting.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

thanks for stopping by Mildred and Tori!! Reading has always been one of my favorite things and I am glad to see that my grands enjoy books as well. I do love this time of the cozy and warm inside whileit is dark and stormy outside!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am praying for Kara, too. I think I'll make a box for more Christmas books. This is such a sweet idea! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Diane

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Diane, I am already ordering some winter and Valentines books for my box from my paperback swap credits! We have all come to enjoy this box of goodness. Thanks for praying for Kara. I saw a video she posted today just to let everyone know how she is doing and I must be honest and say that she did not look very well. I am praying God's Will be done in Kara's life. I love all my blog friends and get concerned when they are not doing well.