Thursday, December 11, 2014

Walk Through Nativity

Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham hosts a walk through nativity each year as their gift to the community. It is quite an undertaking with 250 costumed characters who depict scenes from the life of Christ. Eight hundred volunteers work to make this event one that is a must see Christmas activity.

And Briarwood makes this nativity available to special needs children as well by allowing them and their families to come to their own walk through before it is open to the general public.  Ben and Katy bundled up their three to see  Baby Jesus.  Katy said Baylor thoroughly enjoyed himself and kept saying, Sheep Sheep!! After the walk through hot chocolate and cookies are served in the fellowship hall. I am go glad Ben and Katy make an effort to expose Baylor to all sorts of things, even if it is a bit out of his comfort zone. 

I found this photo from the walk through nativity online...that is one big camel!!

I have not updated all my prayer warriors on Baylor in a while so here goes!! His teachers at preschool as well as his therapists are quite pleased with his progress. His Occupational Therapist has decided he is doing so well that he only goes once a week to see her. His speech therapist has decreased his visits from three times a week to two days a week.  Baylor is talking now although much of it is what is referred to as scripting...he repeats what he hears. The next goal is for him to have original thought in his speech. Now if he WANTS something, he is pretty clear on that!! And the other day Katy was helping him with his boots when she ran into trouble getting one on Baylor's foot, Baylor told her, "Try it again." That is BIG for him to use phrases appropriately.  He is playing appropriately with toys and is beginning to get imaginary play, which is another milestone.   He found Grandpa's camera the other day and was holding it up, pointing at things as if he were taking photos which may seem simple but for our boy it is BIG.  We are so thankful for your prayers and it is exciting to see Baylor blossoming. Please pray for Ben and Katy as they parent Baylor. Many days are hard. The other day Baylor realized he could stand and hold the water button on the fridge and flooded the floor so that Mommy had to spend a good deal of time mopping it up! So all is not sparkles and rainbows but with God's help they are able to travel this road!

Since I am so thankful to have prayer warriors for my family, I am asking all of you to say a prayer for Kara Tippetts. Her blog, Mundane Faithfulness, can be found on my blog roll. Kara has been fighting breast cancer for two years. She is a much loved wife and mom to four sweet kiddos. She went into the hospital on Saturday and is still there. Please pray for pain control and for peace of heart and mind for her as well as her family. Although I do not know Kara personally, after reading her blog and her book, The Hardest Peace, I feel as though I do know her just as I feel I know all my blog friends.  I will be lifting up Kara in prayer today.


Anonymous said...

I believe I lost my first comment. The Nativity is wonderful and I know it touches the community in a great way. Thank you for the update on Baylor and I am thankful for his progress. Prayers continue for him and his family.

Linda said...

Your Nativity is amazing! I shall go over to Kara's blog and add my prayers to yours.

Terri D said...

Such a great update on sweet Baylor! He remains in my prayers, as do his parents. I will also lift some prayers for your blogging friend, Kara. I am also praying for a breast cancer patient, Keetra, who is the BFF of one of my coworkers. Please add her to your prayer list!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for all the prayers Ladies!! And Terrie I will pray for Keetra as well. One of the benefits of internet is the ability to pray for others in need!!