Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Around the House

I have decided it would be dangerous for me to live in Brevard, NC. Dangerous to my wallet that is! My brother in law, William, took us to a pottery called, Mud Dawbers and I could not resist some ot the wares.  In the last five years or so I have become enamored of pottery and I have purchased some pieces for my growing collection. I have always loved Louisville Stoneware, then I found Ayers Potter in Hannibal, Missouri and finally I purchased some pieces from a local potter who was just getting started in the business. He has now perfected his skills and sells to bigger fish than me!! William told me that there are several potteries near Brevard but Mud Dawbers is his favorite. The small business is perched on the side of a creek and when we were there I could have sat by the gurgling stream for hours. What is it about that sound that is so calming? Sound machines can imitate but nothing like the real thing! When we went inside we were greeted by a nice lady who answered all our questions.

I picked up this spoon holder for the top of my stove along with a cross. I had some extra Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket.

When I admired these candlesticks, my sweet husband purchased them for me. As you can see they look nice on the dining room table. I picked up the beeswax candles at Hunters and Gatherers. Pardon my hubbys ipad ...just now noticing it was in my photograph!!

Hear is a close up! Love the blues and greens.

I leave out my snowman collection through the month of January before putting them away and getting out my heart decorations for Valentines Day.  I know I have too many collections but it is so hard to get rid of any ot them!!

No snow in our forecast but lots of cold weather is heading our way. However the sun is shining and that is a blessing after a very dreary December.  Everyone stay warm this week..the artic blast is going to get to most of us here in the USA.


Terri D said...

The arctic blast will plummet us into the 40s at night and low 70s during the day. Cold for us!!

I like pottery, too, and enjoy seeing your collections! I just don't have storage room for collections anymore. The snowmen are precious!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Terri, I know I am going to have to start cutting them back but for now I am just enjoying them!! We are fortunate to have a lot of storage in our townhome. Yall stay warm!! Dripping the water kind of weather to prevent those pesky pipes from freezing.

Tante Mali said...

Arleen, the kandlestick is so beautiful - oh my wallet would have been in danger too!!! :)!
Great pottery!
All my best from Austria and happy happy New Year

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit Elisabeth!! Loved the photos on your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, such lovely pottery! And those beeswax candles are darling! :-)