Friday, January 30, 2015

Easy Soup Recipe

One of the blogs I enjoy reading is Blogger, Whitney, is a young wife who blogs on homemaking and organization. Visit her site and tell her I sent you!  She posted this recipe a while back and I wrote it down for future reference. I made it Wednesday evening and I can say with confidence, it is a keeper.

Weeknight Chicken Stew
6 c chicken stock
1 can Cream of Chicken soup
1 can diced tomatoes with onions and garlic
1 T Italian Seasoning
1 cup cooked chicken
8 oz bowtie pasta

Combine the first five ingredients in a large pot and bring to a boil.
Add pasta and cook to al dente.
Serve with grated parmesan cheese.

This is a super easy recipe and very tasty. I did change it up a bit as I felt it needed more chicken for my husband. If he is having soup for supper he wants a hearty one! So I purchased the Tyson grilled chicken strips that are for fajitas and chopped the whole bag and put it in. I also added a bit more pasta to even out all that chicken! I splurged and purchased the Real Grated Parmesan cheese to add to the top when I ladled it into the bowl. I may never go back to the old style parmesan cheese as the flavor was so much better! Even an old cook can learn new things.  I served my soup with Ciabatta Rolls.  We both licked the bowls clean which is a sign of a good meal!  Thanks Whitney for sharing a meal that can be put together in minutes and is wholesome and delicious!


Mrs.T said...

This sounds so good, Arlene! I will have to try this. We eat a LOT of soup in the winter. I've been thinking of posting an easy chicken soup recipe myself.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mrs T, I am making this to take to a sick friend tomorrow. It would be yummy even without the meat. I simmered my soup base for a while before turning it up to boiling and adding the pasta. I like to let the flavors mesh a bit and I had the time to do so.

Terri D said...

Those fajaita strips are ALWAYS in my freezer! I get the beef ones, too. Other than in soups, they are also good on a big salad. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Mrs.T said...

MMMM... thanks for the helpful hints, Arlene! When I do a quick chicken soup like this one, I will often just cook a boneless frozen chicken breast in the simmering soup. It cooks in a half hour or so and then I take it out, dice or shred it up, and add back to the soup.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

They are very convenient and I am not a big fan of handling chicken so if I can purchase it already prepared that is a positive for me Terri!

Come Home For Comfort said...

Thank you so much for sharing my recipe!! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It sounds very good and would be perfect for Sunday night! Happy weekend my friend! Hugs, Diane

Anonymous said...

Arlene, that does sound delicious! Good idea to add more chicken. My husband would give me that "starved" look if the soup isn't hearty enough! :-)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Whitney, I am taking your recipe to a sick friend tomorrow! Perfect comfort food. Diane and Gina...this will be one I will use for years to come!