Monday, January 12, 2015

Goodbye Harvest, Hello Atlanta

Youngest son, Charles and his wife, Nancy, spent the weekend with us as they tie up the final details here in Alabama before setting off for Georgia.  They close on their house here at four this afternoon then on to their apartment in Alpharetta. They are doing a short term rental while they house hunt in Georgia.  They hope to be settled in a house before the arrival of their daughter in May!

Amelia, Kendall and Landon joined us for dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant to say Goodbye to the Harvest Grimms!  Landon is really going to miss Uncle Charles' lego skills. Whenever Mommy cannot figure out some toy problem, Landon tells her that they need to call Uncle Charles.

Aunts and Uncles are special people.

The Ladies side of the table.

The guys side of the table...lots of cheesing going on!!

We will miss having the young Grimms just a short drive away but we look forward to visiting them in their new home too. Atlanta is a special place for Marvin and me as it is where we met. And Nancy told me that Avalon is only five minutes from their apartment so I am looking forward to seeing that shopping center that is much talked about in metro Atlanta.  With grands in Bham and Hotlanta, Nana and Grandpa will be on the road for sure!


Tori Leslie said...

Aww, so glad you guys got to spend some fun time together. It's nice that they won't be too far away.
Sweet photos!

Linda said...

I love how you see the bright side of everything!!! You have such a beautiful family!

Terri D said...

Change can be so exciting, and it sounds like you have some great times coming up soon!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

thanks friends...Charles and Nancy are almost to Atlanta this evening. A new life ahead.