Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Charles and Nancy had an uneventful closing on their home and made it to Atlanta before midnight. Poor Nancy has work today so I hope she got a good night's sleep. They are living in a one bedroom apartment while they look for a house.

I hosted an Oily Party last night for some friends who wanted to know more about Young Living Essential Oils. All were "of an age" where we need some extra help!!:) It was a lively meeting with lots of discussion and I think we overwhelmed Jenn, my friend who got me involved in oily living.  But three ladies signed up for the oils so it was a success.  I have to say that Oils have really helped me with several medical issues and being an old nurse, I was sceptical. Yesterday I had stuffed up sinuses with lots of pressure in my cheek area. I applied some Lemon Oil and within an hour I was feeling better.

Landon and Kendall received their report cards on Friday. Kendall had all A's and Landon had all S's. So Nana put in an Amazon order getting Kendall two of the Grimmstastic Girls books and a small Lego set for Landon.

Margaret will be coming to stay with Nana and Grandpa next week. She arrives on Sunday afternoon and I will take her home later in the week.

I started another cross stitch project for my nephew's wedding gift.  Charles and Nancy are not going to announce their baby girl's name until she is born so I cannot work on her sampler until then.  I always forget how much I like cross stitching until I sit down with it and work for a while. It relaxes me.

Well I need to do some cleaning today...laundry etc. And I promised Kendall I would make a breakfast supper for her today. Amelia works late on Tuesdays so the children eat with us. Since it is a dreary day, breakfast supper will be a cozy ending to the day.

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Terri D said...

We really enjoy having "breakfast" for dinner, and even order breakfast food for dinner in restaurants, when it is offered.

Congrats to the kiddos for the good report cards! Glad the closing went well. Thanks for catching us up on your news!!