Monday, February 23, 2015

A Baby Shower, Snowbirds and a Movie

Our weekend started Friday with a movie...Hitchcock.

Marvin and I came upon this movie while channel surfing for something to watch Friday evening. It was made in 2012 but I had never heard of it.  We really enjoyed this movie about Alfred Hitchcock as he filmed the movie, Psycho. Anthony Hopkins played Hitchcock while Helen Mirren played his wife, Alma Reville.  With such sterling performers as the stars of this movie, how could it be bad?

On Saturday morning I went to a baby shower for a young friend. How I wish I had taken my camera as this shower would have been a good blog post.  The theme of the shower was books and the guests were greeted on the front porch with a table stacked with books and a little chalk board sign with a quote about the importance of books in a child's life.  Inside, the food table was so sweet...hummus and carrots were served next to the book, Peter Rabbit.  Meatballs near Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,  Little Ham sandwiches and deviled eggs tinted green were served next to the book, Green Eggs and Ham. And for Dessert we had Cookies and Milk next to If You Give A Mouse a Cookie.  Books were used through out the home as decoration and as a  reader, I just loved this theme. Each guest brought a book along with their gift and believe it or not, there were no duplicates for the sweet baby. As we left the party, Moon Pies were placed by the door as a little take home...and the book? Good Night Moon of course.

Saturday afternoon, we welcomed Marvin's first cousin, Bill and his wife, Sue. They spent the night with us on their way home from their winter vacation to Florida and Alabama's Gulf Coast.

I had the guest room ready for them with a bowl full of Lindor's truffles. Unfortunately we did not get any pictures of them while they were here. We just enjoyed visiting and eating!  Marvin does not get to visit with his Grimm Family very often so it is always a treat to see them.

We ended the weekend as most people did, watching Downton Abbey.  I am so sad as this series comes to a close and I have read that the next season will be the last.  I can see that Mr. Fellowes is wrapping up some story lines as he prepares to end his saga. I have to say that I am so irritated with the whole Mr Green's mysterious death plotline. It was enough that Bates was in prison, let's not have Anna going there!

We are having more school delays this morning...please spring come soon!


Terri D said...

Arlene, I am SO happy that someone else is irratated with he story line for Anna and Bates, and the murder of that miserable Mr. Green. Enough is enough! Hard to believe that next week is the last for the season.

The book-themed baby shower is a great idea! Sounds like it was fun and books are the best for babies!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I know Terri! Let's go break Anna out!!lol

Cranberry Morning said...

The baby shower sounds so cute! And thanks for telling about the movie. That is one I will track down! As far as Anna and Bates are concerned, I love Anna and am so sick of Bates. Mr. Fellowes will certainly rescue Anna for us all. :-)

Anonymous said...

Arlene, what a wonderful idea for a baby shower! I love how the food matches the books!

Poor Anna. She's one of my favorites!

Cranberry Morning said...

We just finished watching 'Hitchcock' and really enjoyed it! Thanks for the recommendation. :-)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie Judy. I thought it was a good one! I have always enjoyed Hitchcock films.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Gina, I was so SAD that I did not take pictures of that baby shower. I had my iphone so it was possible but I think all the fun visiting kept me busy.