Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Stream

Another Stream of Consciousness post as there is not a specific topic on my mind this morning.

It is COLD here in No Ala...Kendall and Landon have a three hour delay due to weather. So Landon will arrive at school just in time to eat lunch.:)

Now that the new granddaughter has a name, Nana had to run out and get something monogrammed! 

Landon dressed as a Knight in Shining Armor for the kindergarten Fairy Tale Ball celebration at his school for Valentines Day.

I am glad I splurged on one more winter scarf as I am using it this week. I found this pretty gray infinity scarf at Pineapples here in Decatur. I love scarves that are self service!! I just loop it twice and I am ready to go out the door.

This photo is from several years ago. I put it on my Facebook page just to remind myself that spring will come. This has been the coldest week so far this winter and I had to look at the extended forecast on the Weather Channel app to help me get through it. After this week, temps moderate and there were even some 60s and 70s in the forecast for the early part of March. 

I will probably wait until the first part of March to decorate for Easter but oh my goodness, can you believe that we are talking about March already!! I do think time is flying by in 2015.

Stay warm wherever you are and remember that spring will be here before we know it.


Cranberry Morning said...

Ooo, I like that pretty scarf! Lots of outerwear is needed just about everywhere this winter. Sweet little knight you have there. I always liked those fun little suits of armor. The kids always enjoyed them. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You look pretty in your new scarf. I love that color and wear it more now. Stay warm this week! Hugs!

Amy Burzese said...

It is cold isn't it? I'm glad the roads dried up for the most part. I was dreading it yesterday. All our trees are coated with ice. We didn't lose power, thank goodness. I have too many scarves, but who cares. Love your little cuties. Stay warm. It's getting worse in a couple days! My comment is a stream too. Oh well.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for dropping by today ladies with your sweet warms up this cold day!!

Debby said...

Love the scarf and the cute knight. It's so cold out here that they cancelled school. There was so and ice but I think it was more the cold.
You stay warm and keep thinking of snow.