Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Stream

Another post from my stream of consciousness as I do not have anything specific on my mind.

1. I am still enjoying Pioneer Girl. Like several of you, I think I may have to purchase this book for my own library.

2. I am thinking of my sweet Landon as he will have some ENT surgery on Tuesday. He will get rid of tonsils, adenoids and have tubes inserted in his ears to drain that pesky fluid that seems to stay there. Hopefully the surgery will relieve his problems.

3. And I am thinking of Audrey this morning. Charles reported that they go to the doctor today to see how things are progressing and they have their last childbirth class this evening. Nancy's mother arrives on May 6th so hopefully our sweet babe will wait until her other Nana arrives to make an appearance.

4.I am glad that today is Friend Day. Deborah, Susan and I will meet for lunch at Java Jaay. This local eaterie has all kinds of coffee as well as delicious sandwiches. Their chicken salad on whole grain bread is my favorite. We will also get to see Susan's photographs from her European River Cruise.

5. Update on my Fitbit. I am still feeling motivated to get out and walk due to my little companion. I have not seen a lot of weight loss but I can tell I am toning up as my clothes feel different!

6.I am looking forward to our trip to Las Vegas. We finished making all our reservations and Marvin and I are both looking forward to our trip. We will be staying in Henderson, NV part of the time. Our long time friends, Gary and Melinda Johnson, invited us to come and see them to celebrate Melinda and myself turning 60 in May. We will also see the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. My science minded husband wants to tour Hoover Dam so I will go with him to see this great feat even though it is not my cup of tea.

7. I am looking forward to our MOPs training day on May 2nd at our church.  I am hoping to meet some mentors from other area groups and to get some ideas for improving as a mentor.

8. Another wedding in the family ....nephew Jeff will be getting married on Memorial Day weekend. It is always nice to see our family as we are far flung these days.

9.Saturday is Derby Day. Since we lived several years in Louisville, we always remember that the first Saturday in May is Derby Day. Maybe I should make a Derby pie to celebrate.

10. Daughter Amelia is having some minor surgery tomorrow. When it is your child it is never minor so I would appreciate prayers for her. I plan to make some of her favorite chocolate chip cookies for her to munch on as she recovers.

Thanks for jumping in the stream with me....have a grand day!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers

It is a rainy Wednesday but just what my newly planted bushes, hostas, and impatiens need!  If you look closely to the right you will see my little Japanese maple. One day I hope it will cover up the sprinkler system box!!  I decided to go with all colors of impatiens this year instead of just one color. I will see how this experiment works!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Laura Ingalls...A Pioneer Girl

I do not know about you but when I was a young girl, I LOVED the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. If I could not find something to read at the library I would check out an old favorite by Mrs Wilder. Now I have a set at home that I can peruse whenever I wish to visit the Prairie. When the tv show appeared on NBC, I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Mary and Laura looked as I had pictured them...Ma was gentle and kind as in the book but Pa( Michael Landon) called her Carolyn not Caroline as I had called her in my head as I read the books. Also..Michael Landon as Pa? He would not be cast in my version. Frankly the man who played Mr Edwards looked more like Pa as Laura described him in her books.  Books are just better as you can picture the scene in your mind without the help of Hollywood.

When I first read news releases concerning Pioneer Girl, An Annotated Biography, I knew I would be first in line at the library to get a look at it. Well believe it or not, our small Priceville Library had it on the shelf when I went for my weekly visit to the library. Thank you Paula!( our librarian is excellent at getting the books the readers are interested in!!).

Isn't the cover beautiful? Be honest, pretty covers lure readers all the time!! This book was published by the South Dakota Historical Society and they only published 15,000 in their first printing. They just did not think it would sell! But sell like hot cakes it did and many readers are awaiting their copy from the April 2015 printing. I may have to purchase it to go with my collection. The editor of the book is Ms Pam Smith Hill. She did so much research on this book. It is amazing.

I love all the photos and the notes about life on the Prairie back then. This is a young ma and pa.

The first three sisters.

Laura..she was quite pretty for that day and time.

Almanzo who was ten years older than Laura but they seemed to be made for each other.

You can see that the annotation takes up quite a bit of space. You will see it on the left.

This is the house and the desk where Laura wrote her little story.

This is the home that Rose Wilder built for her of the reasons she ran out of money! She built a very nice home for Laura and Almanzo and she took over the farm house.  Laura's money for her Little House books came just at the right time. Even though the first Little House book was released during the Depression, people purchased the children's book.

This book is one to be enjoyed for years. It is not really a book that you sit down and just inhale!! And you will be a bit disappointed to find out that Laura painted a pretty picture of her life growing up when in reality, it was not so rosy. Her books were fiction so she added stories and took away some of the grittier reality. Pioneer Girl was just one book that spanned Laura's life time and it was shopped around to publishers with no takers. Laura, with Rose's help, turned Pioneer Girl into a series of books that are still treasured today.  If you are a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan, then you will want to read this gem.

Monday, April 27, 2015

At the Zoo

It was a beautiful weekend here in No Ala! Ben and Katy took the children to the Birmingham Zoo and Katy shared these photos....

Camel Rides!! Margaret looks like she rides a camel every day!! Of course after riding Bubble Gum the pony at the Haynie Farm, Camels are no big deal!!

And Baylor enjoyed the splash pad!! A good sensory activity for our sweet boy.

Marvin and I spent Saturday morning doing some garden chores...I will post some pictures of our efforts tomorrow.  I do hope we get the promised rain on Wednesday as my new plantings would enjoy the drink.

Off to do some errands today! I will be enjoying the beautiful sunshine as well!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Kendall Elizabeth!!

I cannot believe our Kendall is nine years old today. Already I can see signs of the tween years approaching. She is growing up on us!! Slow down Time!

Sorry this is blurry but it is one of the few pictures I have of Kendall as a baby that is on my laptop.

Two years old and loved snow globes. Uncle Ben got this one for her for Christmas.

I love this picture!! When Ben and Katy got married, Katy's nephew, Charlie, was in attendance and Kendall was one of the flower girls. Her rose petals were in her little purse. Charlie was going to kiss Kendall and she put up her purse to stop him. We had her trained well.:)

She loved her Bubba...most of the time anyway!

Kendall was so glad to have another girl in the family!!

My pretty granddaughters!

In the field at Grandma and Pa's house.

With Grandpa at Tybee Island.

Before Glasses!

Our Scholar

The Girls...

Happy Birthday to the one of the sweetest girls I know. She has always been curious about everything. She has a sweet spirit and she loves her cousins and her friends dearly. I look forward to seeing what the future has to hold for our precious oldest granddaughter.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Little Things

With all the walking I have been doing lately, I have had some time to think and one thing that came to mind was all the little things we enjoy in life.  So often we are focused on the things we think we need and deserve that we do not thank God for the many little things that make life so pleasant for us. So here is my list of 10 Little Things That Make Me Happy.

1. Clean sheets....I think one of the best moments of the week is when I climb into my bed on Tuesday evenings and I am greeted with clean sheets!! They just feel so good!!
2. A Hot Cup of Coffee in the Morning.... I love the new McCafe Brands that are on sale at Walmart now. One of my favorite places to get coffee is McDonalds. Some mornings after I drop the kiddos off at school, I will stop for a nice cuppa.
3.My Morning Newspaper which is delivered at my door each day. I like starting the day off with the newspaper and the cryptoquote.
4.A pedicure at my favorite nail boutique. I treated myself to a pedicure yesterday and I am loving my Coral toenails this morning.
5.A handwritten note in the mail. I have several friends who are good to send me "real" mail.  I am part of the encouragement committee at our church. This committee is made up of ladies who take a week two times a year to write notes to church members who need encouragement.
6.My grandchildren's there anything so sweet?
7.A good all know how I love to read so when I get a good book in my hands, I am a happy camper.
8. A Muddy's cupcake....I only get these when we visit Lee and Lanier in Memphis but every time I put a bite of their chocolate chocolate cupcake in my mouth, I just savor it. Forget fancy chocolates, this cupcake is my favorite treat.
9.When my sweet husband empties the dishwasher for me....I hate that chore so when Marvin does it for me, I always give him a big thank you. Really any of the little things my engineer husband does for me makes me happy. He is not a touchy feely person and is not big on effusive compliments etc but he shows me his love for me in the things he does for me.
10.My Bible Study time...the 30 minutes I sit down with my Ipad and listen to the teaching available at Through the Bible, I am thankful for the technology that makes it possible.

Those are just a few of the little things that make me about you? Do you have something that is small that makes you happy? I would love to know what it is!! Leave me a comment!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Early Release

No, I am not talking about my early release from the funny farm but early release from elementary school. Yesterday was one of those days and I had the grands all afternoon. And is it just me or do children even go to school anymore? With the fall breaks, spring breaks, field trips and early release days when do they find time to get all their work done? I certainly do not remember all the vacation days that children enjoy now. We got out for Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a few days at for field trips, they were very rare.  I guess that back then we all rode the school bus, moms were often at home with no vehicle and school was serious business!! Oh Well...I must move with the times I suppose.

Kendall has been planning a craft project that involves a collage so we stopped at Dollar General to get some pink poster board before stopping at Burger King for an Icee. ( They had already had lunch at school). Kendall enjoys making collages for various family members for special occassions. She wanted to do a Welcome to the Family Collage for Baby Audrey, who is yet to arrive.

Here is the finished project. We are still working on laying out pictures before gluing them down. That is why Aunt Katy is leaning in the upper middle section!!  I am between Grandpa and Landon...I have no neck but I am very skinny so I am  Kendall wants Uncle Charles and Aunt Nancy to add Audrey's photo when she is born.

While Kendall was crafting, Landon was playing Pirate.

He told me that he was Patch the Pirate. We listen to Patch the Pirate(Ron Hamilton) CDs in the car on the way to and from school. Patch was a favorite of my children when they were young and I am so glad Mr Hamilton continues to release Patch CDs that encourage a love for the Lord along with practicing good character.  I love the look on Landon's face...Arrhg Matey!

Today is usually my friend day but Susan is on vacay and Deborah had a little trip planned with her mom so I am on my own. I will get my hair done, visit TJ Maxx and enjoy a burger for lunch before coming home to do some chores around the house.  Hope all you ladies have a blessed day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Birthday!

I was remiss in not wishing Queen Elizabeth a happy birthday yesterday! She looks great for 89!! I have always admired this lady who has been queen since she was 25 years old( the same age as Taylor Swift as a news article reminded us!). She has always done her duty and I have read that she will not abdicate because she sees her job as God Given.

I read some other interesting facts about the Queen.

She celebrates her birthday on June 13th as do all English monarchs no matter the date of their actual birthday. Supposedly the English weather is at its best then.

Her family nickname is Lillibet.

She has owned 30 corgis in her lifetime.

Her husband calls her sausage or cabbage. I guess he thinks that is cute.

She speaks "handbag". Her staff know that if she puts her handbag on the table, she is ready to go. If she moves her handbag from arm to arm, that means she is bored. And we all thought that handbag was just for looks.

She enjoys a good crime thriller for reading. Her favorite authors are PD James, Agatha Christie and Dick Francis.

I hope the Queen has many more good years to reign because I cannot imagine a world without Queen Elizabeth on the throne.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Brothers Grimm

While we were partying the other day, Katy asked me to get a photo of the boys together. Baylor is not one for posing for pictures but with the help of Mom and Dad we got some good ones.

Something made Baylor laugh!!

The boys...

This boy has my heart. Yesterday I was having my teeth cleaned and I was talking to my hygienist about Baylor, admitting to her that sometimes I wonder why autism had to affect our precious boy. She replied without a beat, He is a pure soul that you get to love. Well that gave me something to think about all afternoon. That is SO true!

Elliott is 16 months old and such a charmer.

Benjamin Anton and Benjamin Elliott....

I wanted to get some shots of Landon with his cousins but he was too busy playing to stop for pictures! This Nana is so thankful for ALL her grands.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Kendall

It is hard to believe that on Saturday the 25th, our Kendall will be nine years old. It seems like only yesterday we were all gathered at Decatur General Hospital, awaiting her arrival. She was our first grandchild and you know we were just beside ourselves. Uncle Ben was there and Uncle Charles was in China so he did not meet her until she was two months old. What joy she has brought into our lives.

Monster High was the is a Disney show that lots of little girls enjoy.

What a spread!!

Kendall with her Zuppie...We got it for her...I think it is a robotic dog!

These two dramatic!!

Kendall and my girls.

We had a fun time celebrating another milestone in our family life.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Simply Beautiful

With all the gloomy weather we have been having this little graphic is going to be my motto for today. And speaking of beautiful....

Nana had to share this photo of Margaret. Her mommy is so sweet to send Nana pictures of my girlie all ready for church.  Don't you just love her big blue bow? A little Southern girl is not ready for church without a bow!

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. We will be celebrating with granddaughter, Kendall, tomorrow as she is having a birthday party. She will turn nine next Saturday. Where has the time gone? And I am on the hunt for a Japanese maple tree for my front flower beds today. Wish me luck! They are my favorite ornamental and it is proving hard to find one in my price range!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

On the Bus

As well as walking I am riding a Bus...the Bible Bus that is.  The late Reverend J Vernon McGee had the foresight to tape his five year inductive Bible Study and I am so glad he did.  He likes to refer to his study as being on the Bible Bus!  I just noticed that three years ago this month, I began my study with Dr McGee to study each book in the Bible.  I have read through the Bible five times but I was determined to do a study of each book of the Bible.  Dr McGee can be heard each day on BBN but I find that his Through The Bible App is best for me. By downloading this app, I have access to his studies and can proceed at my own speed. I try to listen to one lesson each day but some days that just does not happen so I can catch up later.

Here is a photograph of Dr McGee. I find it helps me to listen better if I have a face to put with the voice. And Dr McGee has a very distinctive voice!  Although he passed away in 1988, his ministry is still going on and what a blessing it has been to many people like me who wish to study the Bible but are not up to going to seminary!! Right now we are in 1st Peter and I have to say that I look forward to sitting in my favorite chair in the bedroom, taking my Bible and my Ipad and enjoying some time in the Word.

There are many Bible teachers available to us in this day and time, some technology is really useful!! How about you? Do you have a favorite Bible study that you are doing? I would love to hear about it!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mall Walking

With all the rain we have been getting, our May flowers should be GAWGUS!!( That's gorgeous for all you non Southerners!)  But rain means that if I want to get my walking in I must head to the Decatur Mall. Thankfully it is not far away and as I was walking yesterday I was considering the pros and cons of mall walking.

Here are the pros...

1. Trees without pollen. The rain should get rid of the pollen but I am finding that since I diffuse Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint YLEOS, I have no problems with seasonal allergies.

2. You can check out what's playing at the movies. My daughter saw The Longest Ride and really enjoyed it. The last movie I saw was Cinderella.

3. You know which Holiday is coming up next...Mothers Day Gifts were on display at Hallmark.

4. You can plan your fall wardrobe for Alabama Football.

5. Having breakouts???Get your ProActive from this machine!! Ladies, it has been quite a while since I have shopped at the mall, being a TJ Maxx gal, but I was amazed at all the things you can get from machines now!!

6. Need a prom dress???? You can find one here.

7. Saving the best for last. We ladies of a certain age, like to know there is a clean facility for the mall walkers. I have to say that when I go early in the morning, I am surprised at the large number of people using the mall for exercise. Most of them are older folks but some of them can really motor along.  Of course the mall is cool in the summer and warm in the excuses for not getting those 10,000 steps in!! Thanks to the mall for making their property available for the community.

Now to the cons...

1. It sure is hard to exercise when you can smell cookies baking. I try to get to the mall early for this temptation when the cookie store is closed.

2. Dippin Dots in a MACHINE!! What will they think of next?

3. A nice place to sit and watch other people walk...uh, no, you are here to make it around the mall five times!!

4. If you are like me and get distracted by pretty dresses and shoes, the mall might not be the place for you to exercise. :) And I want everyone to know I took these photos on my cool down jaunt around the mall.

Over all I think I will be using the mall several days a week for my exercise. As I said before, as long as the mall is there and it is open I have no excuse NOT to walk. I will also say that my FitBit has really encouraged me to exercise. Even at home, if I am watching tv, I take time during the commercials to get up and a small chore or put something away!  I am slowly learning that eating less and exercising is the proper way to stay in shape? Who Knew???

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Brighten the Corner Where You Are

How many of you remember that old song? Well at my house, I have a corner in the kitchen that seemed pretty bare after all the Easter decorations were put away. So I went shopping. Not to the store mind you but upstairs in my attic room where I keep all of my decor items. I was looking for a chalk board that I had stored there last year. After I located the board, I headed to Hobby Lobby as I needed some craft items. There I found the CHALK pens that so many are using right now to make cute chalk boards. I needed one of these as my friend, Susan, had given me some little chalk board tags in my Valentine Goodies and I needed a chalk pen in order to write neatly upon them.  After consulting with one of the Hobby Lobby workers, I found what I needed. It was about four dollars but I am hoping it will last a while. I came home and added a quote to my board then placed it in the corner of the breakfast bar! IT did brighten the corner!!

I had purchased this cute board with our family name on it from a young lady who was making them several years ago. I put it away because my chalk skills with a regular piece of chalk left much to be desired.  I am very pleased with my chalk pen...I love this quote too. I found it in Gretchen Rubin's book, Happier at Home.  That is my home is very special to me.