Friday, May 29, 2015

Bubble Pit

The Birmingham Zoo hosted a Bubble pit last week and my grands had a chance to enjoy it. Here are Margaret and Baylor in the pit! Katy said that periodically a load of bubbles was dumped in the pit. This is a kid's dream come to life.

Before heading off to the Bubble pit, the Hoova Grimms enjoyed the zoo. They have a year round pass as it is a good place to enjoy some family time. I love this picture of Baylor and Ben.

Here is Miss Margaret. Ben brought the children over for Memorial Day while Katy was visiting a friend.

Our Elliott...I could eat this boy with a spoon. He is a typical third child..sweet and sunny!!

When Katy got here after her little overnight trip, the children were so excited to see her. You can tell they love their mommy. The look on Baylor's face is priceless!!

I love having my friends visit my blog and I hate to take a break but I need to recharge my blogging batteries. I will be taking a week off starting tomorrow. I plan to return to my blog on June 8th. In the meantime, check out my blog roll friends and visit them while I am away.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's Always Something

So do any of you remember this lady? Roseanne Rosannadanna....She always ended her rambling news report on SNL Weekend Updates with " My daddy always told me, Roseanne Rosannadanna, it's always something!!"

I am late in posting today because when I woke up this morning and fired up my laptop, it refused to let me get on the internet. Every time I tried to get on, I had to put in my user password and then I was told it was invalid. Starting off the morning with ATT Uverse support required that I dab myself with some YLEO Valor!! ( This is the oil that gladiators put on before entering has calming and focusing powers that I surely did need! ) The young lady who tried to help me was named Abby. She was very nice but I want to tell ATT that you might give your support people American Names but we are not fooled. Abby very quickly realized that I needed the help of a service person. He arrived about an hour ago at the time foretold(Thanks ATT!!) I got a new modem and a New Uverse Remote. Our old remote was aged and needed to be replaced. Over all I would give AT and T a 10 on their service today!!

I have one last photo from our week in Memphis!

We never go to Memphis without a stop at Corkys. Barbara and William joined us for a late lunch early supper to tide us over to the reception nosh!  Their ribs are superb!!

Speaking of Memphis..I texted my sis in law, Lanier, to see if she was rested up and she is sick with upper respiratory infection. Please pray the antibiotics kick in soon. She and Lee are going out of town this weekend for a grandbaby's birthday and they are bringing home their twin grands for a week. She needs to recover quickly. Please say a prayer for her recovery. We cannot party like we used to!!

So now it is evening and my fitbit is saying that I need to get out and walk a bit so I will wish you all a lovely evening!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sunday Brunch

After a late night on Saturday celebrating Sarah and Jeff's wedding at the reception, Lee and Lanier were so sweet to host a good bye brunch at their home Sunday morning at 9:30. Lee heated up some of the left overs from the Saturday brunch and cooked up some Conecuh Sausage and Scrambled Eggs.

Lanier had flowers from the Rehearsal Dinner scattered around the house and they were still beautiful.

Warren and Jessica, our Saturday they get to be guests.

Lee and Lanier's new kitchen got a work out with all the Grimm Brothers and their families.

Lots of yummy food.

Sarah was my first she is special. Her little mini me, Dottie, is named after Sarah's maternal Grandmother. Dottie was born on Mama G's Birthday so she will be three in July. Sarah's baby daughter, Sallie, is named after Mama G and Sarah. Lots of family names in the Grimm Family.

Christen on the left and Gabby on the right. Gabby is my youngest niece, she is Ed's daughter. She has all older cousins so she enjoys being with her cousins children.

Lila...she is Christen's twin. She was playing with the ipad, something all kiddos like.

Lanny with her granddaughter, Ellis. Lee and Lanier have 11 granchildren under the age of six. Any gathering at their home includes lots of children.

Lanier and I have been sisters since 1976 but in the last years as we are empty nesters now, we have become closer friends.

I am so thankful for a big family and the time to visit together. Those times are rare these days!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Saturday Morning Brunch

Saturday morning, our nephew, Warren and his beautiful wife, Jessica, opened their home to the Grimm side of the family for a great brunch. Jessica admitted to me that my brother in law, Lee, father of the groom, had done all the cooking. She and Warren cleaned house and allowed the hoard to come in!!

Ny nephew, Lee Jr with his son, Paul.

My niece, Sarah, with her husband, Trent and almost one year old, Sallie. She is named after her mom but is called Sallie, like her great great grandmother.

Uncle Barry played ball with the cousins outside. This is the same bunch who cleaned up so beautifully for the wedding later in the day.  Granny Lanny was admonishing them not to fall and get hurt!!

Brother in law, Ed, visiting from Charlottesville, Virginia, Sister in Law, Barbara Grimm, in from Brevard NC, nephew, Warren and his daughter Adeline, and last but not least, sister in law, Monique Grimm who is married to Ed.

Baby Anna Kate who will be one this week!!

Here are the Brothers Grimm, Ed, Lee, Marvin and William. In order of age they are Marvin, Lee, William and Ed. They have two sisters, Mina and Amy who were unable to attend.

Nieces, Mary and Meredith. Mary is married to Barry Grimm and Meredith is married to Lee Grimm Jr.

The Groom came by for breakfast too!!

Music provided by the cousins...You don't want to hear!!lol

We all had a great time eating and visiting..the best parts of Family Time.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Going to the Chapel

Over the weekend we traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to see our nephew, Jeff, tie the knot with his bride, Sarah.  Marvin's brother, Lee, and his wife, Lanier, outdid themselves this weekend. After a lovely rehearsal dinner we enjoyed a brunch with the Grimms on Saturday and Sunday morning. In addition to his duties as a general surgeon, Lee is one good cook. We had breakfast casserole, homemade cinnamon rolls, fruit and frittata. And we also enjoyed world famous, Gibson's donuts! Best of all for Marvin was visiting with his three brothers and all his nieces and nephews. Mina and Amy, the Grimm sisters did not make it to the wedding.  I will post some photos from the brunches tomorrow but for now I wanted to share some pictures from the wedding.

Count em!! Nine little children, all Jeff's nieces and nephews minus the two infants!! They did great walking down the LONG aisle at the church. Little Adeline( with her finger in her mouth) brought up the rear but she made it. After they proceeded down the aisle, they were quietly ushered to a room off the sanctuary to play until the wedding was over!!

Jeff and Sarah are pronounced husband and wife. Jeff has a sister named Sarah so now we have to distinguish between the two. Lanier calls Jeff's Sarah, Sarah W as Wells is her middle name.  I grew up with two Aunt Joyce' was taller than the other so one was Big Aunt Joyce and the other was Little Aunt Joyce. Not sure that would go over well nowdays!!

Lee and Lanier with Eden and Adeline the wedding is over and on to the reception!  Aren't those French hand sewn dresses adorable? Jeff and Sarah's wedding was a picture of a Southern wedding. Sarah wore her Grandmother's veil of Belgian Lace and the flower girls and ring bearers were dressed in Southern Style too. The only thing missing was big white bows for their hair!!  All of Lee and Lanier's children are married now..the next weddings will be William and Barbara's children! Marvin and I will try our best to make it to all of them!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Still Blooming

When Marvin surprised me with a dozen yellow roses for my birthday, I hoped they would last all week. However by Wednesday they were a bit droopy so I created some new bouquets and now I have yellow roses all over my house!!

I was able to use my neat pottery flower container that Deborah got for me. You have to use flowers with sturdy stems so that they stand upright. Then you fill the reservoir with water! This allows the flowers to get the water they need without the contamination of water standing in a vase. Whoever thought up this idea was a genius!!

This bud vase is very special to me as it was a gift. When Marvin and I became engaged 40 years ago now...Mama G gave me this pretty vase.  I guess it is an antique now!! And I am going to need a new picture with ALL my girlies for my bedside table.

So proud of Landon this morning. His baseball team is now the County Champions after playing hard last night...two games in a row against a team that was equally talented. I am thankful for the coaches on Landon's team, including Landon's dad, Nick. These men are such encouragers and teachers. I have never heard one of them speak harshly to a player on their team. And I can say that I have seen coaches who belittle and humiliate their players. I just cannot go along with that at any age but especially for these little ones.

We are going to have a busy Memorial Day weekend but it should be fun! Remember that freedom is not was bought with a price. I am going to remember those that gave their lives so I can live safely in the USA.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Equal Time

As a Nana, I have to give equal bragging time to all my grands! Yesterday Landon had his award day but as he is in Kindergarten, they do their program in the classroom.  Landon got the Almond Joy Award as he is always joyful and a friend to everyone.

I am so proud of this boy's outgoing personality. As a toddler he was super shy and would cry at the drop of a hat. When I look at him now, I can hardly believe it is the same child.

His teacher gave everyone a note card with her observations added. As you can see Landon wants to be a police officer when he grows up. When I asked him about it, he told me he really wanted to be a Ninja but all the boys were saying that so he said Policeman!! And Landon is good at sports! He is tearing it up on his coach pitch baseball team.

And a gift from his teacher....isn't she a cutie? None of my teachers were that

Today is the last day of school and Kendall and Landon's Mimi is in charge of pick up. I am off to have lunch with my Girls and then dinner with my Titus Ladies from church!!  Starting the Memorial Day weekend off with a bang.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Awards Day

Yesterday was Awards Day at Priceville Elementary and I had the privilege of being there to see Miss Kendall receive two awards.

Here she is receiving a medal and certificate for having All A's all year. Mrs Brown is her third grade teacher. The awards program was just for the second and third grade and was it ever packed. I was glad to see so many parents and grandparents in attendance on a Tuesday morning. I also noted that second graders had lots of All A students but when third graders came to the podium, the numbers were less. I guess third grade is harder than second grade!!  When I was in school there were not a lot of students in my class who made all A's. ( I am going to brag and let yall know I was one who did!!).  I thought I was pretty special in elementary school but when I got to high school and there were kids from all over the county who were smart too, I got my comeuppance.

In addition to her academic award, Kendall received the leadership award for her class. This award goes to a boy and girl in each class who have high standards and go the extra mile in being helpful and friendly. Most teachers related that these boys and girls finish their own work, then help other students who need a hand. I am glad that PES encourages the students to help one another. This is a good life skill.

Here is my pretty girl dressed in her pink and smiling!! Right in the middle of the row.  Looks like a lot of proud kiddos!!

Now I have to figure out some fun activities to keep the grands entertained this summer. I already have a bucket that is hidden in my closet with different crafts etc that I have picked up for them. Kendall wants to do some baking so we will do that. She wanted to host a bake sale but I told her we would just share our goodies with friends and neighbors.

Well I am off to get a nice pedicure this morning, thanks to darling daughter, Amelia. She gifted me with one for my birthday!! It will be a Wonderful Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Library of Unrequited Love

I picked up this small book at the library the other day. Any book about libraries captures my attention. When I read the introduction to the book I was hooked.

To all those men and women who will always a place for themselves in a library, more easily than society, I dedicate this entertainment.  Sophie Divry, author of The Library of Unrequited Love.

The story opens as the librarian who reigns supreme over the Geography section in the basement of a library in France, comes upon a patron who has been locked in the library overnight.  On the discovery of a captive audience, the librarian begins to relate to the man all her thoughts on libraries, readers and life in general. It is a gentle rant that brought many a smile to my face as I read the book. Only 92 pages long, with no chapters it is an easy read.

One of the things I most enjoy about being a "reader" is the tidbits of information that I come upon. In this book, I discovered a French citizen by the name of Eugene Morel. Monsieur Morel was a man who had ideas about changing libraries from a palace of learning to a place for readers of all ages and interests. Morel felt that libraries should be made more comfortable and well lit to entice readers inside! But the thing I liked most about Eugene Morel is his last name. My husband's grandmother was a Morel who has French roots! I had to wonder if Eugene might be a distant cousin!!

If you enjoy libraries, you will get a kick out of this small gem.

Monday, May 18, 2015

A Little Water

What is is about summer time and water hoses? I love to take the time to water all my plants and to check on their progress. We replanted our front beds this summer and they are growing so well! I have babied them along the last two weeks. Giving them extra water along with the sprinklers seems to have done the trick.

The nandina, impatiens and hostas are growing well.  My friend, Barry, brought mulch for us when he picked up his own. It is nice to have a friend with a truck!!

Our Japanese maple already has new growth as well!!

This year I purchased one of the light weight hoses that draws up on its own when the water is turned off and I have LOVED it. It is perfect for the light watering that I do and it is easy to handle and put away. I am so glad that I do not have to wrangle with a length of rubber hoses!! Little things make me happy!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015


On Thursday my dear friends had a 60th birthday lunch for me at Deborah's beautiful house in the country.  I do not turn 60 until tomorrow but I am celebrating all week!! One of my friends asked if turning 60 bothered me. I told her that I was HAPPY to reach 60 as I have some sweet friends and much loved cousins who did not make it to see their 60th birthday.  I do not understand people who are coy about their age and do not want anyone to know how old they are. Sorry ladies but there comes a time when we all know you are not 16 any more no matter how much you cling to youth!! I have no time for such silliness.

Deborah made this cute birthday banner.

Susan was in charge of ordering the cake....a classic Dooney and Bourke purse! ( You can see me and  my phone in the shiny foil!!) It was hard to cut into it at dessert time but it was yummy.

Note my 60 tiara and necklace! The necklace states I am a classic.

Love my friends...a few were missing due to work and travel but the four of us partied like it was the 70s!!

Susan gave me a cute card of three old ladies just chillin! I also received a beautiful scarf from Terry, a lovely pear from Susan(who knows my love of pears!) and Deborah gave me a pretty piece of pottery and an all cotton dish towel which is another love of mine. Susan also got me a Little Audrey comic book from 1956...she bid on one from 1955 but did not get it.  The comic book is going into my Audrey's special memory box that I make for each of my grands to keep mementos for them.  I got tickled as under the comic book title, Little Audrey, it said Everybody Loves Her! That would be true of our Audrey as well!!

Today I am picking up another birthday cake to take to Sunday School tomorrow. I am also making some cheese straws so it will be a real birthday party to celebrate 60 with my church friends.  I am blessed beyond measure with friends and family!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Let's Scuba

Since this Is Nanaland, I had to share this picture of a craft Baylor brought home from school!! His teachers are so creative!!

Baylor the Scuba Diver!! Those cute handprints that are a crab and a jellyfish caught my eye right away but my favorite is the Scuba Diver!!

Katy said she and Ben were so tickled when they found this art work in his book bag!!

My sweet friends threw a 60th birthday lunch for me yesterday at Deborah's house. I will be posting pictures tomorrow. I think I am going to like this new decade of life!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

How To Be a Good Wife

No, I am not handing out advice but this is the title of the book I just finished. Author Emma Chapman actually signed this book that I picked up in the Target Book Club aisle the other day.  When am I going to learn? This is the second book that I have picked up there that I have not enjoyed!! I gave up on the Oprah Book Club many years ago because every book that was suggested would leave the reader in the slough of despond! Well the Target Book Club books are not always depressing but are just rather strange.

The blurb on the cover of this book sounded is the story of a couple who have been married for 20 something years. They seem comfortable in their relationship but the wife is wondering if she is truly happy.  Set in an unnamed Scandinavian country, Hector and Marta live a quiet life. Hector, who is twenty years older than Marta, is a respected teacher at a local high school. Their son, Kylan, is on his own so these years should be happy ones for Hector and Marta as they have time to enjoy one another. However, Marta begins to question her marriage. Marta cannot remember how she met Hector. He tells their friends that they met on holiday when he saved her from drowning.  However, Hector tells Marta that he found her one day on his doorstep, unresponsive and he nursed her back to life. Marta marries Hector much to Hector's mother's dismay. Marta is not at all what Matilda wanted as a daughter in law. Matilda gives Marta a book titled How to Be a Good Wife. This book is straight from the 50s....instructing the wife to put aside her needs and wants for her husband. And Marta tried to follow this book to make Hector happy and to keep things calm in their household.  Over the years Marta has taken a little pink pill that her doctor has prescribed. But one day Marta decides to stop taking the pills without Hector's knowledge or approval.  Here is where the book becomes something of a mystery. Who is Marta? How did she end up on Hector's doorstep? Is she mentally unbalanced or has Hector made her think she is crazy? And what about he the respected local teacher or a controlling monster?

While this book is thought provoking, I hate a book that is unresolved. Sorry...that is why I read books to get to the bottom of the story. Sadly with this book, there is no resolution and the ending is disappointing. I gave it a two out of five rating on Good Reads because it was a compelling story but it just went on too long and I was unhappy with the ending. Now I am reading Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline and it is much more my cup of tea!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


After seeing this product on a shopping channel, I decided to give them a try...ok, I am an easy sell but I have to say that this product has lived up to the hype.

I have always used fabric softener sheets and I never really thought about what they did to my clothing, other than make them soft and giving them a nice scent.   The salesman was relating that fabric softener softens but decreases the absorbency of your towels. That resonated with me as I could tell that my towels left something to be desired in that area. So I ordered the Woolsies, knowing I could return them if I was not happy with them.

I received a box of six woolsies and I use all six when drying my towels. These little balls really do what they say they will do! They decreased the drying time for my towels as well as my other clothing. My towels are much more absorbent and they are still soft and static free! This box of Woolsies will last for approximately a year and a half. That is quite a savings as this box was $20 and I pay approx $8 per month for dryer sheets.  I have to say that I did see a box or two of them at TJ Maxx for $16/box but that was well after I had ordered mine. I thought about buying some for my children and now I wish I had! You can hear the balls in the dryer but it is not annoying and with the door to my laundry room closed, I do not notice them at all.

So I give this product a thumbs up and it is a money saving product that I will purchase again!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Big City

Marvin and I met in Atlanta as we were both in school there. I was at Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing and he was a grad student at Georgia Tech. That was 40 years ago. How Atlanta has changed in those years!!  I thought I would share some of my thoughts on Atlanta then and now.

1. The Sky Line was not as impressive. The biggest buildings were downtown and the Regis Hotel was dominent with its revolving restaurant on top of the building.  Now there are HUGE buildings everywhere.
2. Interstate 285 that circles the outside of Atlanta( Locally known as the Perimeter) now has about 8 lanes both ways. I try not to think about that as I am helping Marvin navigate. When we were young there were only two lanes going each way on the Perimeter. If you live in Atlanta, you live ITP or OTP...inside the Perimeter or outside the Perimeter. As students and newlyweds we lived ITP. Our son, Charles and his family live OTP.  While we were there a small plane crashed in the median of 285...amazing to me that only the passengers on the plane were killed. As it was traffic was tied up for hours. My sympathies to the family who lost three members as well as  the fiancee of a son. They were on their way to the graduation ceremonies at Ole Miss.  A very sad day for a family that was looking forward to celebrating their graduate.
3. Traffic was bad then and it is bad now. While I love Atlanta, I do not think I would want to live there as getting from point A to point B is always nerve racking.
4. Shopping remains great in Atlanta. Oh my...all the shops and restaurants makes my heart go pitter patter. I have to admit that I miss all the downtown department stores that were there when I was a nursing student. We rode the Marta down to Peachtree Street where we could shop at Rich's and Davison's as well as Woolworths and The Baptist Bookstore. We would have lunch at the Shoneys downtown and that was such a treat back then. There was also a tea room at Rich's for the Ladies who Lunch!
5. Atlanta is a melting pot now. While we sat in the Northside Labor and Delivery waiting room, we heard no less than 6 languages spoken in 8 hours time.
6. Northside Hospital no longer does a steak dinner for the new parents who deliver there. When I was a student at GBH, no one wanted to come to our beautiful facility because it was downtown and we did not do a steak dinner like Northside did at the time. Even back in the 70s hospitals were vying for services.  GBH was a great hospital and I am a proud graduate!!
7.Even though Atlanta is a big city, there are lots of green spaces to enjoy. I am glad that as the city has grown, the powers that be made sure that trees are in abundance. Of course with trees and bushes come allergies and I heard quite a lot of sneezing and coughing.
8. The Fabulous Fox Theater was almost razed in my day...thank goodness some forward thinking people saw that this grand old theater could be revitalized. Now it is a gem on Peachtree Street hosting all kinds of Broadway shows and special events.
9.The Varsity and other Atlanta landmarks are still going strong, making a visit to Hotlanta a walk down memory lane.
10. The biggest change for me is that my memories of nursing school have been erased. The nursing school is now a part of Mercer University and the school is located far from Boulevard, where our nursing dorm and classes were held.  Georgia Baptist is Atlanta Medical Center as the Baptists sold it long ago.  My old dorm is now low cost apartments for students who attend schools downtown...Tech, Ga State etc.  At least Georgia Tech is unchanged but growing as it can within its landlocked downtown location.

All in all it was fun to be back in our old stomping grounds and now that Charles, Nancy and Audrey live there, we will have lots of opportunities to visit!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Here She Is!!

Here is the new family shortly after Miss Audrey's arrival.  That smile on Charles' face says it all.

Grandpa and I wore pink to welcome our new granddaughter.

Here we are with Charles....Almost midnight but we all had an adrenaline surge!!

My favorite picture...this was taken on Saturday morning. Our sweet cousin, Sue Grimm, crocheted this lovely blanket for Audrey. It was the perfect backdrop for photographs. Audrey is one alert baby and is already trying to lift her head and look around at this new world.  Just as with our other five, she had our hearts from the moment we saw her!!