Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tankersley, England

One of my cousins was able to take a dream trip to England and while she was there she visited Tankersley, England. Why was that place so important to her? Well we are Tankersleys!! If our research is correct, all the Tankersleys in the United States are descended from a set of brothers who immigrated from Yorkshire, England.  One story says our original name was Tancred and it became in a place name, Tancred's Lea( pasture).  Over time it became Tankersley.  The Tankersley boys landed in Virginia, moved from there to North Carolina and  my line finally ended up in Georgia. Most of my branch of the family is from Ellijay, Georgia but my great grandfather moved across Fort Mountain to Chatsworth, Georgia.

Helen reported that it is just a small village and she was unable to find any Tankersley ancestor's graves there but still it was worth the trip to visit the place of our roots. I told someone that we had not changed much in moving across the ocean. We liked the mountains of Appalachia as it probably reminded the ancestors of the hills of home and the people of Yorkshire, England have quite the accent! Here in America we have our Southern accent with some "mountain" thrown in! Every time I hear myself on  a recording, I am appalled. Do I really sound like that????When we lived in Louisville, Ky, I lost a bit of my southern accent but after living in NoAla for 31 years, I am back to my slow Southern Drawl.

The Tankersley Clan has no claim to fame that I have found in my genealogy research. My ancestors were mainly farmers. I will say we have a love for land that is evident even now as you could tell from my cousin, Steve's land that I featured in a recent post.  As my husband reminds me," They are not making more land, hold on to what you have!!" That is one reason we are thinking of building a get away cabin on our land there.

So now you know my maiden I am proud of! However I will say I was happy to marry a Grimm for two silly reasons. One, I moved from the end of the alphabet to the sorta beginning of the alphabet! I was always one of the last in line at school! And I went from having a name that some found difficult to pronounce to one that was one syllable.  However, I continue to be amazed at the people that pronounce it GRIME!! Give me a does not even look like Grime!! It has two m's for heaven's sake.  I usually remind people that it is Grimm like Grimm's fairy tales. Of course, many young people look at me like, What? So I now say, Grimm like the TV show!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Going to Church

Kendall and Landon's stepmom, Tara, posted this picture on Facebook yesterday and I just loved it. Kendall and Landon are holding hands with their little sister, Raegan, as they walk into church. I am thankful that Nick and Tara take the children to church on the Sundays they are at the Ledlow home. Divorce is never easy and I know it has changed Kendall and Landon's lives but we are blessed to have a good relationship with Nick and Tara.  They allow us to have the children any time we want and Tara keeps us up to date on their school and sports activities.  I have heard many horror stories of divorce situations so I am very grateful that we all get along.

Speaking of blessings, when I went outside to get the morning paper, I was so happy to feel a cool breeze on my face. It is just delightful after last week's sweltering temperatures.  Monday is my errand day and I have quite a few stops on my list today!! One is the oil change at Toyota but I am taking my cross stitch with me, hoping to get a bit more done!! I am on a cross stitching roll right now. I am enjoying it so much! I was encouraged by Denise at to redeem my time in a more worthy manner. Check out her blog. And her sweet daughter, Whitney, is also on my blog roll. Her blog is Whitney blogs about homemaking and organizing, two of my favorite things.  Really I could read blogs all day! There are so many interesting ones to check out online and it seems as if someone is telling me about " a blog you have to read" each day.  Blogging has really expanded my world and I love all my blog friends! In fact, I feel as if I know the ladies whose blogs I read daily.  Well, enough chitchat....Off to get busy today! Have a good one friends.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Marvin and I have always felt that we should share what God has blessed us with and that includes our home. We have been blessed over the years to entertain many lovely people in our home. This weekend I have made a new friend by opening my home to a visitor. One of my friends here in Decatur is having a reception for her son who was recently married in South Carolina. She mentioned that she was pleased that her new daughter in law's mother was driving from Columbia, South Carolina to attend the event. I asked where she was staying and Lori looked a bit perplexed, "Well I am not sure." She answered. I offered our guest room ( which is really a little suite when the pocket door is closed). Lori assured me she would make this offer to Tammy and she called me back to say that Tammy would be glad to take me up on my offer!!  This just made me so happy. I love helping my friends and I love meeting new people. Tammy arrived last night and we seemed to hit it off right away. ( I love it when that happens!).  Tammy is a fairly recent widow and she shared with me some of her life story, giving God all the glory for the good and the bad.  She really encouraged me!

Here are some of the things I do to make my guests feel at home.

1. Ghirardelli  Chocolate.   I always have a little bowl of individually wrapped chocolates on the bedside table. Sometimes you just want a little snack! ( This time I got Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and of course I had to taste it to make sure it was ok!!).

2. Books....I put a few small books out on the bedside table as well. I always like to read a bit before I go to bed. 

3. Guest items...I have a little decorative bowl full of travel size items that I display on the counter. Mouth wash, tooth paste, lotion, floss, qtips etc...

4. I always take time to show them where all the towels etc are located and I have an over the door hook on the bathroom door where used towels can be hung up to dry. I also have a bottle of bath wash in the works better than bar soap for guests. Shampoo and conditioner are located there as well.

5. I put out pretty disposable cups...most of our friends and guests are at the age where they have a pill or two to swallow morning or evening.

6. I also make sure the night light is in the guest room and one in the bathroom. 

7. I leave a small lamp on in the living room just in case my guest needs something in the middle of the night. An unfamiliar house is daunting at night!

Sharing what you have with love is the key to hospitality. As believers we ought to be ready to open our doors and our hearts to guests!

Friday, June 26, 2015


Yesterday was a great day even if it did start out with a visit to the dentist to finish up work on a crown! I am thankful for my dentist, Dr Brian Cook, and he is well worth driving to Huntsville for his services. I was finished up there at 11 so I headed out to Bridgestreet Town Center. It is our shopping center that is similar to some you will find in air, upscale shops and even on a hot day like yesterday, well worth the trip. I will say up front that I seldom shop here but every now and then it is a nice treat.  I started off in Barnes and Noble where I picked up two of my favorite books that have recently been released in a large paperback form, A Man Called Ove and The Mockingbird Next Door. It was here that I met up with my friend, Cynthia, who lives in Madison. I have mentioned her before and her claim to fame is that we saw Steel Magnolias together when it first came out in the theaters. That will bond you for life!! She brought me a pretty cross for my cross wall.

It is going up today!! We had lunch at Bravo Italian Cucina. All I can say is yum...It was the perfect place to sit and visit.

Then we went to my favorite store, Anthropologie. I am glad it is in Huntsville and not in Decatur. I cannot pass by an Anthropologie without stopping in and spending some money.  Marvin even likes Anthropologie!! We visited one in Atlanta in May, then one out in Las Vegas so I am making the rounds! This retail store is just lovely...eye candy, good smells, pretty dishes...I could go on and on. The young lady who waited on us yesterday was so sweet and pretty. She had porcelain skin, dark hair and bright red lipstick. She could have been a Disney princess. I will take Anthropologie over Disney World any day!:) to unpack my bag.

Everything I purchased was lovingly wrapped and put in a pretty shopping bag.

And inside is...

This reminds me of the old I Love Lucy episodes where unwrapping your purchases was as exciting as buying them!!

This candle is called Volcano( And I lava it!!). I thought it was interesting that I purchased a Volcano candle after seeing the Pixar short on Volcanoes this week. It was the candle that was burning in the store when we walked it. It is an AMAZING scent. I do not use candles much anymore due to diffusing my YLEOS but I had to have this one and it matched my kitchen decor.

I had seen these little travel books while we were in Las Vegas and I picked up two yesterday. I may never travel to Paris or New York except in my favorite armchair but they spoke to me!

This pretty bowl was just the apple green that I use for a pop of color in my blue, white and black kitchen.

And finally my two cups that I had to have for me and my honey. My friend, Melinda, had two of these cups at her house in Las Vegas and I agree with her that they are just Happy Cups!! I will be having my morning coffee in one as I read the blogs on my blogroll.

It will probably be Christmas before I get back to my favorite store but you can be sure I will be making my way there again in November!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Inside Out from Nana's Point of View

On Tuesday afternoon, Nana and Grandpa took the three cousins to see Inside Out. Landon was thrilled that Grandpa was there as he is usually the only boy!  Kendall and Landon had seen previews of this movie and were anxious to see it in the theater. I think Margaret was just happy to go somewhere with her cousins.

It is hard to find a good movie to take the children to view these days. We gave thumbs up to Alexander and The Worst Day Ever, Big Hero Six and Paddington.  The Book of Life was a disappointment and frankly Nana should have researched this one a bit more before planning the outing. It was not a bad movie but some of the themes were troubling. It did open up a time of dialogue between me and the kiddos on the way home from the movie, however.

Inside Out was a very cute Pixar production. Pixar animation is always superb. We were also treated to a Pixar short film about a lonely volcano...I lava you, by the way! The children enjoyed the short but we were all ready for the movie after about 6 previews. I would pay extra to avoid all the ads,  to just see the movie!

The movie is about a little girl named Riley who lives in Minnesota. We meet her as a baby and we find that her brain is operated by the emotions. Joy is a Tinkerbell with blue hair who never wants Riley to be sad. Fear is the purple guy who worries about Riley being hurt as she runs around her house with abandon. Disgust is the green girl who shows disdain for broccoli, Anger is red and shows up when her parents try to get her to eat broccoli!! And the poor blue sad sack is Sadness....she is relegated to the background as much as possible.  All of Riley's emotions are categorized and sent to her core memory. She has a happy brain for the most part.

Riley's life changes drastically when she moves to San Francisco with her parents. This would be bad enough but due to an accident with the core memory tube, Joy and Sadness are sucked away to the recesses of Riley's core memory and are not able to do their jobs in the brain center. With Fear, Anger and Disgust in charge you can see there will be trouble.

Most of the movie chronicles the journey of Joy and Sadness as they try to get "home". We meet Riley's imaginary friend, Bing Bong, who is a curious creature that cries Candy! The grands loved that! We visit Riley's imagination, her dreamscape and her deepest fears. I had to laugh as it in Deepest Fears that we meet a giant clown who screams, "Who's the Birthday Girl?" Two of my own children HATED clowns.

In true movie fashion, Joy and Sadness make it home and along the way, Joy realizes that there is a reason that Sadness has an important role to play in Riley's emotions.  Marvin and I enjoyed the clever dialogue, some of which went right over the heads of the grands.  I like when the producers take into account that the parents and grandparents are at the kiddo movie.  Two of the cast of The Office are the voices of the emotions.  Phyllis Smith who played Phyllis Vance on The Office was the voice of Sadness and what a great job she did at getting that emotion right. Mindy Kaling who played Kelly Kapoor on the Office voiced Disgust and she was perfect as well.  The Office is one of my favorite tv shows so I was happy to hear those familiar voices.

I think this movie opens the door for conversations about emotions. Kendall at age nine, really " got" this movie. Even though it is a secular movie, the themes can allow the parent to talk with their child about emotions, why God gave us emotions and how we can learn to control our emotions rather than allowing our emotions to have full reign.   This Nana gives Inside Out  a thumbs up!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fairy Houses

It is cousin time here at Nana's house. Today we have Kendall and Landon along with Margaret. I always try to plan fun times so the children will remember doing things at Nana's house. I planned Fairy House crafts for the girls as Landon told me he was NOT making a fairy house. However when he saw all the fun the girls were having with the painting, he changed his mind. But his was not a fairy house but a little man house. We have been making fairies and peg people like crazy. The kids LOVE the peg people. We made replicas of each child and now we need to do Baylor, Elliott and Audrey to complete the Grand collection.

Nana's prototype.

Landon and his man house...the man on the right is peg Landon, the guy on the left is Peg Man.

Kendall with her creation.

Margaret and her fairy house.

Kendall put a lot of thought into her has a pond with a lily pad!!

The man house...

Margaret's more eclectic style.

After crafting and rest time, we went to see the movie, Inside Out. It was a cute movie and one that would open conversations with children about emotions. There were some cute jokes for the adults as well.  Margaret goes back to Birmingham tomorrow so I will be back on my early morning posts come Thursday!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Trip to North Georgia

Over the weekend we made a trip to see my family in NoGA. ( kinda like NoALA) Marvin and I have some property on our family farm, graciously deeded to us several years ago by my parents. Marvin has always wanted to build a small cabin there for a get away home for us and a place for our children and grandchildren to enjoy as well. We are getting serious about it now and I knew that one of my cousins had built a cabin on his property so I asked if we could look at his cabin.

My cousin, Steve, has some beautiful property near the Cool Springs Community in our county. He inherited some of it and then added to it by purchasing plots from family members.  When I asked if I could see his cabin to get some ideas, he told me that I would not want a cabin like his...

The Out House

And this is why! It is very primitive and no running water or electricity is available. The window allows for ventilation as well as for checking for bears before making a run to the cabin.( Sounds rather like Alaska instead of NoGA.)

Steve built his cabin as a true man cave but he has cleverly come up with answers to running water as well as a sound system! He is a smart cookie...he pretty much built his cabin, made a road over his big property and has a beautiful rock wall at his primary home. He says his tombstone will say, "I worked myself to death!" Not many of those kinds of people left around now days!

However primitive...the site is BEAUTIFUL.

This is the view from the front porch! As hot as it was on Saturday, there was a breeze at the top of the ridge that was very pleasant. To the right hand of the picture, you can see Chattanooga in the distance.

The men talking over cabin building.

Smokey Bear is near and dear to all of us as my daddy, Steve's daddy and our Granddaddy worked for the US Forest Service. Steve worked as a ranger for the State Forest Service and he has fought forest fires all over the west as needed during his career.

Steve found these arrowheads on his property.

He is quite the hunter as well.

This is a picture of the "old" Cool Springs Baptist Church that was founded by members of our family. The church is still there but it has a new building these days.

A view out the cabin and beyond.

After visiting in the cabin, Steve took us in his jeep to see the rest of his property. Our car would have never made it up the hill to the cabin much less on the dirt road that crosses his land. This is a view of Fort Mountain that few people have seen.

It was just beautiful from every direction. Dense woods that few people have even walked through. Steve told us a story about my Daddy, his uncle. When Steve was 13 he wanted to go coon hunting one night with Daddy. Steve said that he and Daddy hunted this property and my Daddy just about wore Steve out! Daddy was used to working in the mountains every day and he could walk for miles. I loved hearing this story!!

A creek we drove through. The ride was so rough that my fitbit thought I was walking and I had 5000 steps after that ride!

This is the Blue Hole located near Steve's home. Many baptisms were held here.

The bank was filled with Oak Leaf Hydrangeas...just lovely.

This is my sister, Kristi and me with Steve.  As you cant tell from my flippy, frizzy hair, the humidity was about 100%! This was such a fun afternoon and one that I will always remember.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our Grand Girl

I am doing a late night post as we brought Margaret home with us and to be honest, I know I will not have time to post in the morning. Five year olds who do not see Nana very often, tend to be a bit needy. And of course, I love it.

Marvin had quite the Father's Day as we traveled to see Charles and Nancy in Atlanta then drove on to Birmingham to see Ben and to pick up Margaret. We rolled into the garage at six thirty this evening but Marvin was so happy. He saw all his children and grandchildren in one day!! Of course I have to admit that seeing Audrey was the high light of the day as we had not seen her since she was born.

Since it was Father's Day, Grandpa got to hold her first!!

So precious!

At least Charles and Marvin are happy!

Nancy's mom, Jee, along with Nancy and Audrey. Nancy's dad arrives from China on Wednesday. Though the Kims are Korean, they live and work in China. They are here until August. Charles and Nancy were so glad to have Jee's help as they settled in to family life.

That look on Audrey's face, priceless!!

Grandpa with his oldest and youngest granddaughters.

Amelia( Aunt Mimi) and Todd were camping at Stone Mountain this weekend so they dropped by to meet Audrey for the first time on their way back to Alabama.

We had such a nice visit and we also had a great time in Birmingham. Margaret was beyond thrilled to come be "the only child" until her cousins come on Tuesday. We are having a cousin sleepover and we are also planning to see the movie, Inside Out. All the cousins are excited about spending the night with Nana and Grandpa!! And Nana and Grandpa are pretty excited as well.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Kitchen Corner

I have a corner of my kitchen counter that makes me smile. Why? 

Because I have pictures of special people and special times displayed there! I may have to get a bigger counter top soon!!

From the bottom left, you will see Marvin, me, Lanier and Lee as photographed on our visit to Biltmore. Behind that picture is me with my two best friends, Deborah and Susan. It was made at a wedding shower that was held at our church several years ago. In the blue frame are my two sisters and my Mother. And the flashy Las Vegas frame holds a photo of Gary, Melinda, me and Marvin on the evening we saw Frank, the Man and his Music, at the Palazzo Theater.  Most of you know about my penchant for pears!( Hey that might make a good post title!!) Susan gave me this pretty pear for my 60th birthday and it brightens up this spot on the counter.

Behind the picture frames you will see a part of my kitchen that needs to be tidied up. It is my basket with stamps, tape, envelopes etc. That might be a good project for Monday! 

Do you have a special spot in your home that makes you happy? I would love to hear about it. Have a blessed weekend friends!

Friday, June 19, 2015


With the hot temps we have been experiencing here in NoAla, I have to get up at six, get dressed and out the door to get in some early morning steps. I do enjoy the cool of the early morning but by my second lap, I am "glowing". As Julia Sugarbaker said on Designing Women, "Southern ladies do not perspire, they glow!!".  I also like to walk early in the morning to keep people from being frightened by my white legs!! I saw a post on Facebook that said, "It"s not PALE it's PORCELAIN and I'm ROCKING IT!!" That is my story and I am sticking to it. I would have been right at home in the Old South where porcelain skin was the sign of beauty. Today in our tan mad world, I stick out like a sore thumb. I have tried the self tanners etc but I cannot stand the smell and invariably I have orange streaks in unexpected places. Not good. I am going to embrace the works for Lady Mary on Downton Abbey so I will emulate her!!

I have to share some of my favorite walking shoes....Skechers. I wore Skechers flip flops on Vacay and I never had a blister or a foot pain at the end of a day of walking.

For my early morning walks I wear my Skechers Go Walks.

Another great shoe and no laces to tie up!! It makes it easy to just put on my shoes and head out the door. Walking is good for the body and mind. I find my day just goes better if I take time to walk in the morning. I get some prayer time in, I soak up a bit of Vitamin D and hopefully all the walking will improve my bone density. So far I have seen no big weight loss but I have toned up and my stamina is much better!

Speaking of walking, I was able to check out the movie, Wild, from the library. It is a movie about the book by the same name, written by Cheryl Strayed. I enjoyed the book about a young women who walks the Pacific Crest Trail to deal with grief and loss. Let me just say that the book was better, as is almost always the case! I would not recommend the was rated R and some of the scenes  of her old life were disturbing. So that is some free advice this morning!!

Thanks for all the nice omments on my cross stitch. I started a Thanksgiving sampler yesterday.

I might just get it done and have it framed in time for the big feast day!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Cross Stitch Peddler

This is the name of our local cross stitch store which is owned by the ever sweet and personable, Marlene.  This little store is a treasure trove for those of us who love to cross stitch. Marlene holds classes and some sit and stitch times for her customers and many people drive from all over North Central Alabama just to visit her store. I love to cross stitch but I am not one of these speedy stitchers therefore I am not a regular at the Peddler, so I am glad there are enough stitchers to keep Marlene in business. I can look at patterns and books online but there is nothing like seeing the pattern all stitched up and framed to make me itch to get a needle in my hand.

As you can see, her store is filled with treasures.

A lot of time and effort goes into stitching up sample pieces.

The pretty table where classes are held and ladies love to sit and stitch.

I can never resist a look at all the pattern books, especially the newest ones. The Prairie Schooler is my favorite pattern maker.

A future project for me!! I am thinking it would make a pretty pillow for the summer time.

My latest effort which is off to the framer today.

This was the UFO( unfinished object) that I completed yesterday. It was almost done but I had neglected to finish up. It will go to the framer today as well.  I like to display seasonal cross stitch around my house!!

These days I have to use a clip on magnifier to work on my cross stitch but it is worth it to me. Counting and stitching really calms me down and focus on the work at hand.  It makes those pesky worries and silly thoughts drift right out of my brain!! My sweet Mother in Law always said that she crocheted her worries away!! I say amen to that. The world might be a better place if we all did a bit of handwork!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Enchilada Dinner in a Crock Pot

It is extremely hot here this week and for those of us who do not want to heat up the kitchen by turning on the oven, here is a great recipe. I got this from my friend, Melinda, who lives in Las Vegas. She reports that it is a furnace there this week! When you live in the hot desert, you learn to keep your home as cool as possible. Melinda says she uses this recipe quite a bit and I can see why. It is delicious! She served this dish along with green beans and fruit on the evening we arrived for our visit with the Johnsons.

Enchilada Dinner
1 # lean ground beef
1 small onion chopped (approximately 1/3 c)
1 clove garlic chopped
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 4.5 oz can Old El Paso chopped green chilies
1 10 oz can Old El Paso Enchilada sauce
10 six inch corn tortillas( Melinda says she prefers the flour tortillas after making the casserole both ways!)
3 c shredded Monterey Jack Cheese
chopped fresh cilantro

In a 10" skillet, cook ground beef, onion, and garlic over medium high heat. Drain. Stir in soup and chilies.
Spray crock pot with Pam cooking spray.
Spread  1/4 enchilada sauce in bottom of crock pot. Place four tortillas on top, overlapping.
Top with 1/4 beef mixture.
Drizzle 1/4 enchilada sauce over top. Sprinkle with 1 cup of cheese. Repeat twice. Cover and cook on low for 3-4 hours. Let stand 5 minutes before serving. Sprinkle with paprika and fresh cilantro if desired.

Since everything is cooked before it goes into the crock pot, I think you could just cook it until the cheese is melted and then serve it.  I think you could also change this up a bit by using shredded chicken instead of beef. I love a recipe that is easy and versatile!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Stream

After my great vacation, I am finding it hard to come up with ideas for a post so today I will go with The Stream.  There are a lot of little things floating about in my brain!

1. This morning I opened my email to find a note from a high school friend who reads my blog. Her words were so kind and it really reminded me of why I blog. I have kept up with old friends and I have made new friends from all sorts of places like Australia and Croatia!!  Each of my readers is special to me. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

2. I was saddened to hear of the death of Elisabeth Elliot. She was one of my Christian Lady role models. Her strength to endure hard times while remaining faithful to God is such a testimony. If you do not know her story, her husband, Jim Elliot was martyred by the Auca Indians in the 1950s. He along with Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Peter Fleming and Roger Youdarian gave their lives to spread the Gospel. One of my nursing school friends was an MK and her dad was one of the Missionary Pilots who went to Ecuador to take up the job of the late Nate Saint. It is a small world we live in.

3.I am into making Peg People. I first became aware of these little people through one of my Catholic mom friends. To teach their children about the saints, the moms take wooden pegs and paint them to look like a particular saint.  On that saint's day, the peg "saint" is placed in a prominent place in the home and the child learns all about that hero of the faith.  I began looking at Etsy to see what kinds of peg people were available there. Oh my...there are all sorts of peg people, wedding cake toppers, cartoon peg people ...even some for Peppa Pig which is one of the favorite tv shows enjoyed by granddaughter, Margaret. Baylor my little grandson who is on the spectrum, loves Yo Gabba Gabba so I painted some peg people to represent DJ Rock and all his friends. I plan to take them to him this weekend. Now I am addicted. I have a feeling we will be making a lot of peg people here this summer. You can get 8 peg people at Hobby Lobby for $4.  You can also buy them from Etsy in all shapes and sizes. I will be posting some photos of our efforts!

4. Fitbit update....I am still loving my Fitbit! It has helped me to see just how much I need to work at losing some weight. Unfortunately as we age, our metabolisms age as well! It takes so much effort to exercise and discipline to push back from the table these days.  I get a little thrill when my fit bit buzzes letting me know I have reached my goal for the day. Right now I have moved up to 9,000 steps a day and soon I will inch up to 10,000.

5. Well summer is here in No Ala!! It is in the mid 90s and the humidity is HIGH! For people with curly hair like me, the frizzies are back. That is one thing I loved about the humdity and so many good hair days.( No need to use a flat iron!).  On the plus side, I am thankful for some of Marvin's work friends who are bringing in their extra garden gleanings to share! Marvin brought home a bag of pretty yellow squash yesterday! As a former farm girl, I know how much work goes into those gardens.

6. I just have one grand with me today. Landon is with friends so it is just Kendall and me. She is going to paint a peg person later! We are also heading to the library. Kendall has found a book series there that she likes. As for me, I am reading The White Queen by Philippa Gregory and I found the mini series, The White Queen, at our Decatur library so I will be watching that once I finish the novel.

Hope all of you have a great day. Stay cool!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

My Summer Reading

This summer I have been on a Philippa Gregory reading fest. Each week at the library I pick up one or two of her books. The series I am hooked on is called The Cousins Wars and this week I completed The Red Queen, which focuses on the story of King Henry the 8th's grandmother, Margaret.

What a time of intrigue in the court of the royal house of Great Britain. It seems there were spies everywhere and anyone who thought they might have a claim to the throne, was itching to wear the crown.  However, with all the intrigue came a lot of beheadings so I am not sure I would have been too excited to rule Brittania at this time.

When the Red Queen opens, young Margaret Beaufort is 14 years old and would love nothing better than to go into holy orders as she feels she has a call on her life similar to that of Joan of Arc. However, she is given in marriage to Edmund Tudor and produces a son who she names Henry. Since she cannot be a nun, she feels God has called her to see that her Tudor son becomes King. She is very focused on her goal and rejoices when Henry is crowned Henry the 7th of England.  Several of these books also address the mystery of the two princes in the Tower of London. In line for the throne of Richard the 3rd, they mysteriously vanished. Did Margaret have anything to do with it? Many speculate regarding the end of the 9 and 12 year old royal sons. Margaret lived to enjoy the fruits of her labors and that in itself is surprising to me. There were so many diseases abroad at this time and there was very little to be done to help patients then. It was easy to murder someone with poison and the physicians were none the wiser. It was a fascinating time in history.

If you are looking for some books will teach you something of history while enjoying a good story, Ms Gregory is the author you are looking for!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Harvey Girls

As I mentioned in one of my posts about the Grand Canyon, I have read several books about The Harvey Girls as well as seeing the 1946 movie of the same name. So when we arrived at Bright Angel Lodge, I was happy to find a museum there that told the story of Mr Fred Harvey and his quest to civilize the west.

At one time travel in the west was not for the faint of heart.  Lodging was scarce and good restaurants were hard to find. Seeing an opportunity for business, Mr Harvey decided he would provide good facilities for travelers. He is credited with starting the first restaurant chain in the United States by offering clean hotels and eating houses along major train routes in the west.  Two of his hotels were located at the rim of the Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Lodge and El Tovar.  Bright Angel Lodge was designed by Mary Jane Coulter. I really enjoyed our time there and if I ever go to the canyon again. I want to plan enough in advance that we can stay at the lodge. It is so nice!!

Here are some of my photographs from the Harvey Museum Room at Bright Angel Lodge.

When I say that the Lodge is at the rim of the canyon...this is what I mean. This is the courtyard off the back of the Bright Angel Lodge. Marvin is looking off in the distance.

Even the china looks "southwestern".

If you wanted to take a ride along the rim of the canyon, this would be your mode of transport!!

The young women had to be of sterling character to work for Mr Harvey.

I imagine the girls got pretty hot in these uniforms.

Some found husbands out west.

This dining room might seem rather primitive to us but it was high style at the time.

Mr Harvey was quite the business man of his time!!  In fact some historians go so far to say that The Harvey Girls civilized the Southwest!!

I always enjoy learning something new when I travel and I was very impressed by all I found out about Mr Harvey and his girls.