Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Full Mailbox

One of the things I like about getting home from vacation is all the mail that is waiting on me!

As you can see there are no bills included!! I had quite the haul when I got home!

I recently met a cousin online while doing some genealogy.  His branch of the Morris family moved to Michigan in the early 60s to find jobs in the automotive industry. He sent me this Alabama alarm clock which plays the fight song for the Tide! He also sent me a mug to go with my Alabama footies! Those will come in useful on cool Fall weekends. This Saturday the Crimson Tide rolls into Athens, Georgia to take on the Bulldogs. Please pray that Alabama wins or my Georgia family will be all over me!!:)

My sister in law, Lanier, recently became a Jane for Matilda Jane clothing. They have clothing for all age groups from babies to adults. I never was a fan of Matilda Jane until Lanier gave me a cute top as a hostess gift on her recent visit. Well after wearing the top I was sold. I have to admit that I am rather miserly when purchasing clothes for the grands. They grow so fast that I cannot see spending a lot of money for an outfit. So Lanier shared that Matilda Jane has a GLT....a Good Luck Trunk online. Basically it is an outlet and I did find some good buys there. If you have some little granddaughters, you might want to check it out. If you purchase anything online, please use Lanier Grimm#1034 as your trunk keeper. She will appreciate your business. I also purchased a top for myself...

A cute and comfy blue stripe!

And look at this stack of magazines!! I am still looking through them!

I am off today to do errands and to search for pumpkins and mums for my front porch. Landon and I took a walk yesterday and we noticed that lots of our neighbors have their fall decorations on the front porch. I have to keep up!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Beach Time

Well I have to include a few beach photos as we stayed on the beach most of the week. The breeze was wonderful and there was only one afternoon rainstorm the whole time we were there!!

This is the view from our condo. See those beach chairs with the umbrellas? Ours was the one on the end. The water was so calm the first two days we were there. Hardly a ripple and so clear you could see all the way to the bottom! But after the rain on Tuesday, the water got a little rougher and once again I could close my eyes and listen to the waves breaking on the shore. It lulls me to sleep!!

I do not know if you can see it but lots of people are lined up by the water as there was a shark sighting. I did not run down to look. If a shark is going to get me he will have to take me from my deck chair!! The life guard came to the site and made everyone get out of the water for safety's sake. Apparently no one looked very tasty so Mr Shark headed back out to better fishing.

My sweet husband got a bit burned on our trip and I have to give kudos to this Young Living product. Lavaderm is a mist that is very cooling on sunburned skin. We used half the bottle on him!! I did not need it as I have learned to stay covered up as most sane fair skinned people figure out by the time they are 60!  My husband is still a bit of a skeptic where essential oils are concerned but when he loves one he LOVES it. He brings me the bottle every night so I can spray Lavaderm on him!! He also LOVES Peppermint.  I won't go into the list of all the oils I like but I would like to share that I recently became an executive with Young Living. I admit I was very surprised as I am not a salesperson. I do not want my friends to say, "Oh here comes Arlene and she is going to nag me to buy oils!" That is not my style at all. I have just shared with those who are interested and the oils seem to sell themselves.  I think with increasing medical costs we are all looking to be healthier and to commit to lifestyle changes.

When I got home from my vacay I had this sweet gift in the mail along with a congrats card from my upline leader, Myra. It is nice to be recognized. As a wife, mom and nana, I do not get a lot of

And finally I have to share something I purchased for myself at Krispy Kreme in Foley...yes we had to have donuts while on Vacay!

How cute is this?? It is just hard plastic and more suited for the kiddos but I just thought I had to bring it home with me. Marvin posted a picture of it on Facebook and my brother in law, William, wanted one as well so we HAD to go back to the donut store for one for William. I will be taking it to him this weekend when we visit Brevard.

Busy times at Nanaland...lots of traveling and visiting! Good Times!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Bon Secour

While in coastal Alabama, we took an afternoon to visit Bon Secour and to eat an early dinner at TinTop Restaurant there.

Bon Secour is a little fishing village not far from Gulf Shores. Bon Secour means Safe Harbor. I thought that was such a nice name for this little town. We always go to Billy's Seafood to get shrimp to bring home. Billy says if it swims, he sells it!  He can be found at Bon Secour as well as several other seafood shops. Last year while driving to Billy's we saw Tin Top Restaurant and decided it would be one of our stops this year.

It does not look too impressive but the food was delicious. It was Marvin's favorite meal of the week. I have to say that Cosmo's is still my favorite place to eat at the beach.

I love old buildings...not sure what this was as there was no sign. I would say a church or a school from the looks of it.

This Catholic church is still in use...mass every Sunday.

An old historic home...described as a coastal plantation home.

These big old trees are just gorgeous.

Who does not like a  gravel road with spanish moss hanging in the trees?

If you get to the Gulf, take time to visit Bon is like a step back in time.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


I do not usually post on Sundays but it is a quiet afternoon here at the Grimm house and I have been missing all my blog buddies so here goes!

On our way to the beach we stopped in Birmingham to see the Grimmlins.

We were happy to show off Grandpa's new car...a Toyota Highlander. Both our vehicles were getting old and it was time to trade in our 13 year old Ford Explorer. We have not had a car payment in years so we do not like that aspect but we will get it paid off as soon as possible.  We keep our cars so we are hoping this one keeps us going for many years. My Toyota Sienna is ten years old and still drives like new.  Can you tell I am a Toyota fan?

Here is Ben and Baylor. Baylor liked Nana's sun glasses! There were balloons on every table at Krispy Kreme and Baylor said, "They're Awesome!" We love to hear him state a thought...still praying he will become more proficient verbally. Thanks for all those prayers you are sending up on his behalf. I believe that one day he will be able to communicate with us. (there are several pirates in the background....they did not demand perfect costumes to get free donuts).

Miss Margaret..adorable as always!!

Elliott and can see one pirate in the background. There were SO many people dressed as pirates to get a free dozen donuts. No purchase was necessary!! I do not know how they kept up with demand!

We ate our donuts, visited outside and Nana handed out gifts as usual. The boys got Matchbox cars while Margaret got the new Cinderella dvd. Aunt Mimi and I took Margaret and Kendall to see Cinderella when it came out in March. I knew Margaret would love her own copy of the film.

Then it was on to the beach. Of course we had to stop at the Peach Park in Clanton to get boiled peanuts for Marvin and a jar of Apple Butter for me. They have great homemade ice cream there as well but we were good and avoided the ice cream line!!

We stopped for a late lunch in Bay Minette at the Shrimp Basket. Delicious as usual. We also tried out the new route to the beach via the Baldwin Beach Express. No more slowing down for every small town on Highway 59! We arrived at our condo right at check in time and spend the afternoon walking on the beach.  It just seems that time slows down at Gulf Shores. There is no hurry to rush here or there and we can do whatever we please. For Marvin it is beach time and for me I like Beach time in the morning then I headed inside to do some cross stitching while looking out at the beach from the condo. I think September is our favorite month of the year because of our annual beach getaway.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I'm Back!!

Well as Dorothy said, "There is no place like home!" We had the perfect week in Gulf Shores. The weather was perfect, sunshine and a gentle breeze almost every day. This is our third year at Shirley's condo which we found through VBRO. We first started going to Gulf Shores after a summer vacay with all the kids and grands that left us wanting some quiet beach time. We love our family but that year we had lots of little ones and Nana and Grandpa came home just worn out.  We decided to look and see if we could find a one bedroom condo in Gulf Shores that fit our budget. We found Shirley's condo and it has been just perfect for us. It is right on the beach so we do not have a long walk to get to the sea and sand. This year Shirley had replaced the living room furniture and she got a very pretty white sofa.  I was worried the whole time that I was going to spill something on it! I am not sure that is the best choice for a vacation rental at the beach! We made it through the week with no spills thank goodness.  We also enjoy renting beach chairs and umbrellas. Chris, our attendant this year, was so good about coming by often to move our umbrella and to make sure everything was just as we wanted it.

We did some shopping at the outlets in Foley and I found some Talbots and JJill tee shirts on sale at Burlington. They are long sleeved and perfect for this winter.  Marvin always buys new work clothes at the Jos A Banks outlet when we visit Gulf Shores.  Let's put it this way, I had quite a few things to press and put away in the closet when we got home.

I read three books this week and one was 600 pages long! I also made a good bit of progress on my cross stitch. It was so good to be away from the cares of home,  no phone calls and very few texts. We tried to unplug as much as possible. I was able to read some of my blogs and comment but our internet connection is rather spotty there and I am not going to complain. A vacation is a time to get away from technology. We also ate royally while we were there. I have some pictures to share next week.

And on the way home Marvin and I noted that the trees are beginning to change colors especially north of Birmingham.  Fall is really on its way to Alabama!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Blogging Break

The Hubby and I are on an anniversary vacation this week so I am going to take a little break from blogging to enjoy our time together! See you here at Nanaland when I get home!!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Saturday Silly

I am going to be up and out of the house early in the morning so I thought I would post this tonight. While many people think I am outgoing, it does not come to me naturally. I have to work at it. Deep inside I am an introvert.  My husband is an introvert as well and I had to chuckle when I saw he had posted this on Facebook!  Enjoy your weekend Bloggie Friends!!

Q is for Quirky

The other day I had a new over the range microwave installed. I had to clear out a cabinet above the mircrowave that holds all my husbands meds etc.  When the installer had finished I left the whole kit and kaboodle there for my dear physicist husband to deal with when he got home from work. Why? Because he has his own standard for placing his pill bottles where he wants them! I would never try to duplicate his method.  But we all have quirks that make us special, don't we?

I have a few quirks myself. 

I hate those hand dryers in public restrooms. If I see there is only a hand dryer I will just step outside and scrub up with my Thieves hand sanitizer.  In fact I just dislike washing up at all in public areas. They are usually pretty messy and being a nurse, I know that handles of any kind are some of the dirtiest places you will find. Now you will say, but you are going to wash your hands after touching them...yes but I am just quirky that way!! 

You already know I listen to Christmas music all year and I guess that is super Quirky!

I detest cooked green veggies of any kind. They just make me gag. Recently I read the book, The Autistic Brain and it was very enlightening. The author proposes that we all have certain autistic traits. Sensory issues with food is definitely an autistic trait. All these years I just thought I was Quirky. And the author also states that Engineers have quite a few autistic traits but they are not autistic! 

I must have all the hangers in my closet hung in the same direction and all my clothes are categorized by color! Any no one had better touch them!!

I have quite a few little rituals...take for example my early morning ritual where I do things in a certain order. Believe me if something happens to mess up my routine, my whole day is a disaster.:) Maybe that is not so quirky but I am really trying to be more flexible. 

So how about you? Do you have quirks or are you one of those NORMAL people?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I Love Technology!

Growing up in a small north Georgia town with one tiny library, I had no thought whatsoever that one day I would hold a computer in my hand and it would be my phone!! We never saw that on Lost in Space or the Jetsons!! I still find it amazing that I have so much information at my fingertips.  I thought I would share some of my favorite apps with yall this morning.

1. Google....when the grands ask me a question I cannot answer, we google it. One day Kendall asked me why cowboys wore chaps. Now I thought I knew the answer but we googled it and found that chaps protected their legs from many things...the cattle, spurs on another cowboy who might ride too close and several other things that do not come to mind right now!  The other day I asked Suri when we return to standard time and she gave me the 2 am the first Sunday in November.  I hope she is  right!

2.Through the Bible....I love doing my Bible study online with Dr J Vernon McGee. I am over half way through a study of each book in the Bible. I like that I can turn it on at a time that works for me rather than having to remember what time it is aired on our local Christian station.  Also I can listen while I iron. I am not a big fan of ironing like my friend, Sharon, in NC. So listening to Dr McGee as I iron makes a tiresome chore more pleasant.

3. IMDB...Internet Movie Database.  I do not know about you but it drives me crazy when I cannot recall the name of an actor/actress in a certain movie or tv show. This website has settled many arguments in our home over which actor played which role. And if I like a certain actor, I can find all the movies and tv shows that they have appeared in over the years.

4. Fit Bit... I do check my FitBit app pretty often to see how many steps I have logged so far in one day. I can also see what my FitBit friends are doing and that motivates me to "beat" them that day. I recently got a special badge for walking 500 miles since I purchased my fit bit. Go ME.

5. Pandora...Ok, I have  a deep dark secret to admit. I love Christmas music. And I enjoy listening to it through out the year! With Pandora I can indulge without anyone knowing this! I simply turn on my Christmas radio station and get in the groove. Growing up my mother would not allow any Christmas music in our home until the day after Thanksgiving. Of course back then, we played records on the stereo or in my case, my record player. As the years moved along, CDs became the way to listen to music and I would sneak a Christmas CD in my player every now and then but of course my kids or my husband would find it and go"Why are you listening to Christmas music in July?"( Grinches!) So with Pandora I am a happy camper in the music department. I also have a John Denver station, a Bing Crosby station and other musicians I enjoy.  But I must say that my daughter, Amelia, takes after Mom in this department. I shared with her how we can listen to Christmas music all year long and no one is the wiser! She loved it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Benjamin Elliott

This is Benjamin Elliott Grimm...our Elliott. He is Margaret and Baylor's baby brother. As you can see he is enjoying a morning with Mommy while the big kids are in school. Mini oreos and juice is a pretty good good snack when you do not have to share.

This little boy is named after his father and his great great great great grandfather! Whew, that is a lot of greats. When I had my first son, most people in the family thought he would be Marvin the 3rd. Well I just could not bring myself to put Marvin on a little boy. And my husband was sweet and agreed that Benjamin was a family name that we both liked and we would use that along with Anton, which is Marvin's middle name.  My Grandmother Henderson grew up with a daddy who left a lot to be desired but her granddaddy, Benjamin Elliott Parrish, was a good man in her little eyes and that story always stayed with me. It is another lesson we can all learn about how important grandparents are to their grandchildren.  So my Ben was named after him.  When Ben and Katy learned that Elliott was a boy, they were all set to name him Asher. I like that name and we all thought of the baby as Asher but about two weeks before he was born I got a call from Katy. "Wasn't Elliott your great great granddaddy's middle name?"  Yes I responded. "Well I want this baby to be named Benjamin after his daddy and I just cannot settle on Asher so we are going to go with Benjamin Elliott."  Well of course I was doing a happy dance right there in Target because I am one of those people who adore family names.  So that is how we got our Elliott.

And what a hoot this little boy is!! Always smiling and always up to something. He is a busy bee. I am going to get to keep him for several days in October so that Katy can go on a field trip with Margaret. I can hardly wait. You know he is going to be spoiled rotten when he goes home. But that will be Ben and Katy's problem.:)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Stream

Welcome to my stream of consciousness! See if you can follow as the men folk in my family have lots of problems floating along with me!:)

1. I was excited to hear that my dear friends, William and Kate, are expecting baby number three! Ok, so I am not friends with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but I like to pretend that I am.  They just seem like such a sweet couple and George and Charlotte are such cuties.

2. I just finished reading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. Let's just say I enjoyed the movie more! Mr Bryson's story is interesting but he tends to get a bit preachy on certain subjects. Let's just say he was not very complimentary of southerners or the US Forest Service. I am a Southerner and my daddy worked long hours for the forest service in the Chattahoochee National Forest.  He got on my wrong side.

3. I am hoping to get my new microwave installed this week. After I tried to fix it via a you tube video, a plastic piece broke off and it was a pretty important piece. Let's just say, plastic and door latches do not go well together. I am going for a different brand this time around. And from now on, I will leave repairs to the pros. I think those You Tube videos give us false confidence at times. I have used them successfully in the past but I will be a bit more discerning in the future.

4. Welcome a new blogger to my blog roll. Leslie Anne at Fairhope Supply Company. For some reason her newest posts do not update on my blogroll so you will find her blog at the bottom of the list. She is good to blog often about the goings on in Fairhope, Alabama. It is one of the prettiest little towns in LA( Lower Alabama).  Leslie Anne is a hoot and I loved her post about her recent purchase of a fitbit. So scroll to the bottom of the list and check her out.

5. I am enjoying this season of The Making of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on CMT. It is my guilty pleasure each late summer/early fall. If you have not seen this show, check it out. Kelly and Judy
are in charge of choosing who will be a new cheerleader. Every year 46 or so girls are chosen for Training Camp with 36 being the final number of DCCs.  And even the veteran cheerleaders are not "safe",. I have seen a few of them booted from the team, mainly for weight issues. It takes a special girl to get into that teeny weeny suit.  Another reality show I enjoy is Ladies of London. I admit, I am an Anglophile and I just love hearing their accents!!

6. I am very happy to report that I had a text from Katy yesterday and she tells me that Baylor is doing MUCH better in the behavior area. Thanks to all of you who pray for my precious Baylor. We will meet them in Bham on Saturday at Krispy Kreme. It is Pirate Day and if you go to the store dressed in pirate attire or even if you order in "pirate talk" you will get a free dozen donuts. The kiddos will be dressed as pirates.  So dress like a pirate and have a donut!!

Well it is time to hop out of the stream and get to work. This is cleaning day and already I have the washing machine humming!! Have a great day ladies.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lady Time

Lady Time is so important to me. I love my friends and I so enjoy spending time with other females. Every Thursday I have lunch with Susan and Deborah who bring much clarity and sincere friendship to my life. I have a photo of the three of us on my kitchen counter where I can see it everyday and be reminded of the blessing of friendship.

Once a month I have several friends who I meet with intentionally. Maggie is one of my Panera buddies. We try to meet once at month at Panera for coffee and visiting. I worked with Maggie at the Weekday School and we are dear friends all these years later. I also meet my friend, Lori, at Panera. We met as my youngest son and her oldest son were in the same grade at Cornerstone Christian School. Lori was also a teacher who taught my children. She has her own tutoring business now but we make it a priority to sit down for coffee as we can. Sharon and Terry are two of my Sunday School friends. We have lunch together on the first Friday of each month. My friend, Diane, and I meet at IHOP once a month for breakfast. I have found you cannot just say, "let's get together!" because it will never happen.

In addition to these friends, I love W3 and MOPs! W3 stands for Women Walking Worthy. It is the ladies ministry at our church that has been intentionally nurtured these last two years. We had a Connect Time recently and Sonya of W3 leadership took photos of the group.

Here is my table minus a few ladies who got there later. The W3 leadership did such a good job with this meeting. Everything always looks so pretty! I love the simple black and white decor of this meeting.

We were playing a game called Connect. It is hard to explain but it was so fun!

And at MOPs on Friday we had a great time creating art!

I just love seeing women creating and connecting at the same time!! Thanks Suzy, a MOPs steering member, for taking these neat photos and sharing them on our Facebook page.

Our special events leader, Tiffany, helped us with this Pinterest project. Every lady had a unique piece of art when she left MOPs. Thanks to Laura at our table who brought a Stamp it Up paper punch which allowed us to knock out our art in no time.

Make Lady Time a priority and you will be blessed!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Signs of Fall at the Grocery Store

I do not know about the weather in your neck of the woods but here in NoAla, it is a beautiful crisp September morning. Fall is on the way. How do I know? Let's stroll through the local grocery store.

This is CVS but  oh well. If you need candy corn, you can get 2 1/2 pounds for $6.99. Sadly I left it on the shelf as I could eat 2 1/2 pounds of candy corn.

The Baking Aisle is back at Walmart! To me that is a true sign of fall and the coming holidays. I try to buy one thing from the baking aisle each week so I am ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Halloween Oreos...sorry but I am addicted to the double stuffed oreos!!

Punkins!! I brought two baby pumpkins home for my mantle piece.

And today College Football reigns supreme at Nanaland thanks to Grandpa. Another sure sign of fall is all the orange and crimson colors that we see everywhere on Saturdays in Alabama.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Patriot's Day

Another September 11th and it brings with it memories of that day 14 years ago when everything seemed so uncertain.  I was on my way to work, teaching my sweet little two year olds at CWS when I heard the news that the World Trade Center was on fire. Only later would I learn that a plane had flown into the building. As our moms dropped off their children, we heard bits and pieces of the news and I have to say that fear grabbed my heart.  Before 9-11, the assassination of President Kennedy had been the major world event in my life that stood out among the others. Now there was a new national tragedy that moved to the forefront.  A reminder that there is evil in this world and that our only hope is Jesus.

I am off to MOPs this morning but I will be remembering 9-11 and saying a prayer for our country.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pretty in Pink

Okay...I have not posted any photos of Miss Audrey in a while so Nana has to brag on this beautiful baby!!  It sure is hard being far away and only seeing her every now and then.

I make little Halloween candy buckets for all my grands and I made this one for Audrey.

I found the bucket at TJ Maxx and the sparkly alphabet stickers at Hobby Lobby. As Nancy put it, it is scary and classy!!  I have painted buckets for the older kids, using paint buckets from Lowes but it is always nice to be able to find a bucket that is ready to add stickers to and no mess to clean up!

It is friend day again and we are trying a new coffee/sandwich shop in Hartselle. Tonight we are having a ladies event at the church so I am looking forward to lots of girl time today!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Grimm Fam

I thought I would post a few photos from the Grimm Family Labor Day. ( It is a slow newsday here in Nanaland!).

Our 39th wedding anniversary dinner at Connor's Steakhouse and Seafood at Bridgestreet in Huntsville. Lee and Lanier celebrated 39 years on May 29 while we celebrated on September 4th.

And while we were partying in Huntsville, other members of our family were celebrating at the Smith Beachhouse at Tybee Island.

My sister in law's family owns a beach house that is actually part of old Fort Screven. Located just behind the lighthouse, it has been the site of many family celebrations.

This is the view of the light house from the backyard. So thankful that the Smiths are gracious hosts for the Grimms.

A Grimm family friend, Larry Branson, took this photo from the beach. It was a stormy Labor Day morning at Tybee.

I am thankful for my Grimm family. We are scattered all over the southern US and it is seldom that we are all together any more. My husband is hoping to get a siblings reunion that does not involve a wedding or a funeral. You know what I mean, for us it seems those are the only times we are together. It would be nice to just sit and talk over old times at our leisure. I am sure Marvin will make it happen!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday, Marvin and I headed out to Huntsville with good friends, Barry and Sharon, to see the movie, A Walk in the Woods.

Bill Bryson wrote this book in 1998.

Robert Redford liked the book so much that he bought the rights and had plans to make the movie with Paul Newman as his walking buddy, Stephen Katz.  However, Mr Newman passed away before the movie ever got off the ground and Nick Nolte was cast as Stephen. I must say that I think Mr Nolte was the right man for the job.

Sharon and I laughed so much that I think we embarrassed our husbands, who are on the quiet side! First up let me say that the movie is rated R. Language was rather salty and there was some sexual innuendo.  I think most baby boomers would enjoy this movie as much as I did.

Bill Bryson is at the age where all of his friends are dying or being diagnosed with some ailment or other. All he ever talks about with his friends is what meds they are taking! Frankly, it is depressing to him. One afternoon, after arriving home from yet another funeral, Bryson, takes off on a walk. His home is not too far from the Appalachian Trail and as he sees the sign, he gets the desire to hike the 2100 mile trail. He begins calling all his old friends but none will go with him and they think he is just crazy to think of such a thing. One day he gets a call from his old high school buddy, Stephen Katz, who has heard about Bryson's idea from another friend. Bryson and Katz had traveled in Europe together and it was not all together successful! But since Katz is the only one willing to go with him, they set off! Bryson's wife, Catherine( played superbly by Emma Thompson) is not happy about this trek but feels they will be back in a week or two, overwhelmed by the physical demands of the trail.

The scenery was beautiful and as the movie unfolds, you get a  feeling for the bond between these unlikely friends. One has travelled the world, the other is happy at home in Iowa. One has a wife and family, the other is alone. One is a wealthy author, the other lives on the shady side of Des Moines. Each is happy in his own way and the friendship  they shared as teenagers is still there many years later.

I cannot remember the last time I laughed so much at a movie. These two guys are nuts. After I got home from the movie, I had to google the book and now I want to read all of Mr Bryson's books. Most are about of my favorite subjects. I have a feeling A Walk in the Woods will be a bit different from the movie because in the movie the guys are older than Mr Bryson and his friend were when they hiked the trail. Of course after seeing portions of the trail, I realize that it would be hard for anyone who was not in good physical shape. My favorite quote from the movie, Bryson ( Redford) tells Katz( Nolte), Books are like Television for Smart People!!

And speaking of the AT, I am reading the journal of a man who is on the trail right now. His trail name is Butter and you can find him on Butter is a friend of our friend, Barry. On retiring Butter decided to hike the AT. He has been hiking for years with different groups but this is a real challenge for him. He just made it into Massachusetts yesterday. It is rather like a blog. Butter posts a photo along with a description of his day's hike. I hope he makes it to the end!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

I always think of Labor Day as the end of summer. While Fall does not arrive until later this month, it is fall here in Nanaland!!

We had a nice weekend with our Memphis visitors. My brother in law, Lee, and his wife, Lanier spent the weekend celebrating our anniversary with us! We had supper at Mellow Mushroom on Friday evening. Then we spent Saturday watching Football and eating snacks. Roll Tide!! Saturday evening we had a nice steak dinner at Connor's in Huntsville. Our husbands were even kind enough to let us wander around Anthropologie before dinner.

Sunday was church and a restful afternoon! Today we are going to the movies with our friends, the Gosnells. We all wanted to see the movie about two old friends walking the Appalachian Trail.  I would also like to see War Room which is getting a lot of attention right now.

Tomorrow we will all get back in our routines. I enjoy a break but I love my little routine and rituals. Enjoy your Labor Day Friends.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

It is hard to believe that at this time 39 years ago I was waking up to my wedding day and all that entailed. This morning we got up a bit late and I had forgotten all about our anniversary when Marvin greeted me with an anniversary kiss. It is nice when the guy remembers!! We exchanged cards and will be going out to celebrate this evening and tomorrow evening.

I thought I would share some special photos.

This is a picture of Marvin's parents on their wedding day, September 6, 1947.  I love Mama G's stylish suit and her dark gloves. They went on a wedding trip to Minnesota so Mama G could meet all of Papa's relatives.

My parents on their wedding day, April 3, 1954. They went to the Smoky Mountains for their honeymoon.

Marvin and I are so thankful for the example that our parents were to us! Both couples celebrated over 50 years together and were faithful unto death. Of the four parents, my mother is the only one still living and I always try to call her on her anniversary, even though Daddy is in heaven, it is still her anniversary.

And there we are..the young couple...darker hair, thinner bodies and no clue as to the adventure we would share together!  Happy Anniversary Marvin! I hope we have many more years together.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Taste of Savannah

A short post this morning as I am off to meet the girls for breakfast! My husband loves Johnny Harris BBQ sauce and well he should as the Johnny Harris restaurant was not far from the house where he grew up! I am sure the smell of BBQ wafted over to Oleander Ave from Victory Drive.  Whenever we are in Savannah, we bring some bottles home with us.  Imagine my surprise when I was shopping at the Walmart Neighborhood Market and I found four bottles of Johnny Harris on the clearance shelf! Score one for the Grimms!! These bottles should last us a while.

And remember it is Thoughtful Thursday...join me today in finding ways  to bless others!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Recipes

My sweet MOPs friends shared two of the recipes we enjoyed at our MOPs Kick Off on Friday and I thought you all might enjoy them as well.  First off is Ashley's Red, White and Blue Parfaits.

8 oz cream cheese...softened
1/2 c sugar
3 c fresh strawberries, sliced
1 c fresh blueberries
12 oz Kool Whip

Mix cream cheese and sugar until creamy. Stir in Strawberries, Blue Berries and Kool Whip. Spoon into individual servings

1 c crushed pretzels
1/2 c butter melted
1/2 c sugar
Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Mix pretzels, sugar and butter in bowl. Spread into a 13 by 9 pan.( do not use cookie sheet as this will burn!) Bake 7 minutes. Allow to cool, break apart and add to tops of parfaits.

I am having some weekend company and this will be served for breakfast on Saturday morning. I do not particularly like blueberries but I liked them in this dish!!

And my sweet friend, Stephanie, made a punch that was so tasty and refreshing. It is very simple to make and I am going to make it my go to for parties.

Lemonade Punch
Mix two packages of Lemon Flavored Kool Aid, 2 cups sugar, 4 c water and 48 oz can of Pineapple juice. Chill in Refrigerator. Pour into punch bowl and add 2 liters of a good GingerAle. Stephanie recommends Verners or Buffalo Rock.  She also told me that this was the punch served at her wedding!! That makes it even more special. I think not a drop was left at the end of our MOPs meeting.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday Friends.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I love the month of September! It is the month I celebrate my wedding anniversary. We were married on Labor Day weekend.  Friday the 4th will mark 39 years for us! It seems impossible that it has been that long but they have been good years and I am thankful for each one of them!! Well I have to admit that I jumped the gun in decorating this year. I had some free time on Saturday so I got out some of my fall things. I did restrain myself this year and I have some extras that I will share with the daughters and grands. I am sure Kendall will take some things to decorate her room.

My faithful fall wreath is on the door for the last year I suppose. It is starting to look rather worn. If I find a new wreath I will relegate this one to the back door.

My big fall pumpkin that I purchased years ago at TJ Maxx. I need to go to Hobby Lobby to get some rust colored candles for the candle sticks.

A fall garland spruces up the candelier. I love fall colors!

My new cross stitch is in place along with a cheery pumpkin plate. 

The top of the kitchen hutch. I ususally go overboard here. 
But two smiling jack o lanterns are enough!
I swapped pumpkins for pears in my wire basket.

This cute treat basket is from Peterboro Baskets of New Hampshire.
The kids love to get a treat when they get home from school.

I love this tiny jack!! I have two of these that I found on sale at Pineapples years ago.

I really enjoy adding some seasonal colors to my home and while I have been restrained for fall, you can be sure that my Christmas house will be sparkling with lights and colors come December.