Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Thanks to Charles Schultz for his cartoon, It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. It is an annual favorite at our house and now our grands are enjoying the tale of Linus and the Great Pumpkin. Having the DVD we can watch it whenever we want in October.

 I hope the rain holds off here for the little goblins that will be out tonight.  I need to get rid of all the candy I bought!!

Also if  you are looking for a good old movie to watch this evening, Meet Me in St Louis, has a great Halloween scene! I also have this movie on DVD and my kids loved it when they were growing up!!

Well Marvin and I are off to spend the day in Tennessee with some friends. Hoping the leaves are pretty up that way!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall on the Farm

My sisters posted some pictures from the farm on Facebook and I just had to share them. When our friends find out we are building a little farm house they always ask, "Where is it ?" So far Chatsworth, Georgia has not made it to the top ten places to live! And hey our farm is really in Eton, Georgia and to further identify it, the Cool Springs Community.   Marvin and I have decided we will be fortunate if the farm house is done by next Christmas!! However, my cousin, Steve, is home from his hunting trip so we hope the road to the property will be a reality soon.

Leta took these two photos the other day and I love the way the shadows play over the fall colors.

Our little place will be off to the far left of this piece of land.

The majestic Fort Mountain was in view every day of my growing up on the farm but as with most things you see every day, it becomes common place. This view is from my mother's front yard.  My daddy's orchard and grape vines are in the foreground.

Sister, Kristi, posted these....

The side yard at my mother's house.

Grassy Mountain in the background.  Bruce's cattle in the foreground.

I believe this is on top of the hill where Kristi lives. When the leaves fall off the trees she will be able to look down and see our farm house.

The colors of fall are always a delight. I will hate to see the leaves fall off the trees but cold weather is coming! I was reminded of that as I took my walk this morning in the 45 degree temperature.  And do not forget to FALL BACK this weekend. Here in NoAla we are at the very edge of the central time zone so with the time change it starts to get dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. My afternoon ritual of closing the plantation shutters and turning on lamps will resume. I also have to remember to turn the garage light on for Marvin so he does not return to a dark home. With Halloween over, we will have Thanksgiving to look forward to and I have to admit it is one of my favorite holidays. When eating and being thankful is the main focus of a holiday I am all for it!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015


My blog friend, Leslie Anne, at Fairhope Supply Company had an interesting post yesterday on a Film Festival that is being held in Fairhope. She asks her readers to name some of their favorite movies in the comment section.

I must admit that I am more of an "old" movie gal. I love the old black and white movies of the 30s and 40s. My favorite leading men of the era are Cary Grant and Clark Gable.  Cary Grant makes me just laugh out loud in My Favorite Wife.  Cary has just remarried after losing his beloved first life in an accident at sea....but guess what, she is not dead and she shows up after Cary marries his not so nice second wife. Irene Dunne and Cary Grant have wonderful chemistry in this film.  I also loved Cary in Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House. Myrna Loy plays his wife who is determined to have the perfect house, going so far as to take a spool of thread to show the painters the exact color of green she is determined to have on the walls.  And really, Cary is perfect as the angel in The Bishops's Wife. ( I also enjoyed The Preacher's Wife which was a remake of The Bishop's Wife.)  Besides the cleft in his chin, Cary has everything needed to be a heart throb but he is not just a pretty face. His comedic timing is perfection.

And Clark one but Clark could have taken on the role of Rhett Butler. Actually I wanted to name my oldest son, Rhett, but Marvin shut that down.  I always thought that fraternal twins named Rhett and Scarlett would be neat too! So I guess it is a good thing I have a sensible husband.  Gone With the Wind is my favorite Gable movie but I also enjoyed It Happened One Night. Clark also has good comedic timing that he put to good use in several movies. One of my favorite GWTW scenes is early in the movie when Rhett pops up from the sofa where he was trying to nap and confronts Scarlett after she has had a fight with Ashley.  Who could forget the scene where Rhett carries Scarlett up that long flight of stairs to their boudoir? What a man...made my teenage heart go pitter patter!!  My parents frowned on taking us to movies when I was a girl. Frankly we did not have a lot of extra money for entertainment but when Gone with the Wind was re released in 1967, my parents made sure we made it to the Wink Theater in Dalton to see this iconic movie. Many people did not realize it was four hours long and left during the intermission!! I guess they had not read the book.

As for my favorite female actresses...Norma Shearer who is best known for The Women, is my ab fab. If you have not seen this 1939 movie, you need to do so! It is a movie focusing entirely on women. Not a man to be seen in the whole movie. And the actresses are all superb!  Miss Shearer is just so elegant and beautiful as the poor put upon Mary.   Greer Garson in Mrs Miniver is my second favorite. Another must see movie set in the second world war era. My favorite scene from this movie is when Mrs Miniver catches a German soldier in her garden and he tells her that the Germans will win the war...well that was not the thing to say to an English mother. She hauls off and slaps him right in the face!! I feel like cheering every time I see it! And looking at the poster for the movie I am reminded that Walter Pidgeon was very good looking too!

To me there is just something so artistic about those black and white films. I think the elegance of that time makes me sit up and take notice. You never see anyone drinking coffee out of a is rather like tea time at Downton Abbey. And maybe it is a bit mysterious ...not knowing what color the actresses hair is or the shade of her dress. It makes the viewer really focus on the action of the movie. Which is a good thing if it is a good movie.

So what about you? I would love to know what kind of movies my blog friends enjoy! Tell me about them!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Stream

Thanks for the birthday greetings for Landon. He had a great day. His dad and step mom had lunch with him at school, then he came to Nana's where he got his Star Wars toy that he had asked for and he got to go to dinner with Mommy, just the two of them.  Have ya'll noticed how Star Wars has made a come back with this new generation? I was pregnant with my oldest child when Star Wars debuted. Marvin and I seriously tossed around the name Leia if the baby was a girl. Since he was a boy he was saved!! And while he is Ben for a great great grandfather we teased that we had named him for old Ben Knobi.

Speaking of babies...back in our day we did not know if we were having a boy or a girl until the doctor announced it in the delivery room. There was a lot of joy in that!! One of my nieces is expecting her third child and she and her husband have chosen each time to be surprised so they do not ask to know the sex at the ultrasound. I think that is pretty neat. I am so nosy that I do not know if I could be so disciplined!

As some of you know, my husband is a Savannah, Ga native so our facebook pages were filled up with scenes of the flooding on the road to Tybee Island yesterday. Tybee is about 30 minutes from downtown Savannah and there is only one two lane road that accesses the island so it was pretty big news there.  It does not take much for Savannah to flood and this extremely high tide caused lots of roads in Savannah to be closed as well. Hoping things dry out there today.

I am sure all the kiddies are getting hyped up for Halloween. Kendall and Landon will wear their costumes to school on Friday for a costume parade. Kendall is Mal from the Disney movie, Descendants while Landon is going to be Sonic the Hedgehog. Margaret is going to be a CowGirl, Elliott will be Tigger and Baylor may be a robot. That was still under discussion as Baylor is not a fan of costumes. It will be little Audrey's first Halloween and I am sure Charles and Nancy will have her dressed up too.

One of my favorite things to get for the grands is Wendy's Halloween treat coupons. For $1 you can get ten coupons for free jr Frosties. All the money that Wendy's makes from this venture is given to charities that promote adoption.  And hey, who says Nana might have kept one of those coupons?

My king bed is still waiting to be put together! I told Marvin that tonight is the night. I am tired of stepping around it in my bedroom. It will be an ordeal to move everything but now that I have new sheets and a comforter I am ready to get going.

 I have added a few more cross stitch blogs to my blog roll. One is just for displaying your Prairie Schooler projects. Prairie Schooler is my cup of tea when it comes to stitching.  Also Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three has posted a blog post about how to make some of the decorations that were used at our MOPs meeting.

My sis in law reported that the movie, Bridge of Spies was excellent if you are looking for something to see this weekend. Tom Hanks rarely disappoints. I am old enough to remember him in his early days on TV when he and Peter Scolari were Bosom Buddies.  I think my favorite movie of his is You've Got Mail. I am a romantic at heart.

I am having some ladies over this morning for a Young Living Essential Oils class so I need to get up and get busy! I have some yummy food and nice door prizes for them. It will be a nice way to spend a rainy Wednesday morning.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Landon!!

Our oldest grandson is seven years old today! This blonde headed, blue eyed boy won our hearts as soon as we laid eyes on him at Huntsville Hospital. I thought I would share some pictures of him through out the years. It surely reminds me of how quickly time passes!

First trip to Chatsworth to meet Pa and Grandma.

All dressed up for Thanksgiving.

I love this photograph. This was when Margaret was born and Landon was not sure about his mommy holding that baby!! Kendall tells him, "it's ok Bubba".

This photo was made by Aunt Kristi when Landon was visiting Pa and Grandma's farm.

Best cousins....

Tee Ball

Beach Bum

Santa Claus

With Sissy...starting first grade!!  As Dr Seuss so aptly put it, Oh the Places You Will Go. I hope Nana gets to be there to see how your story turns out Landon Man. I love you bunches.

Monday, October 26, 2015


How is that for a title for my post? Many neighbors here in The Glens have been having some curbing installed around their flower beds. There are two companies that have done most of the work. One is Alabama Only in Alabama. The other is Southeast Curbing and that is the one I went with. I have looked at the work both companies have done and I am happy that I went with Southeast. It is owned by one of our local firefighters and he works on his days off. That meant we had to wait a while to get it done but he did a great job.

Because our curbing went a bit outside the original flower beds, Marvin and I had to make a trip to Lowes for topsoil and mulch to fill in the blank spaces.

My varigated hostas are dying back but my green hostas are still looking good. Once everything dies back I will add more mulch. I am not going to plant pansies this year. I am going with a plain look for winter.

My little Japanese maple is is hard to see it in front of the sprinkler box but there it is!!

Now I need to make a decision on a color for my front door. I have waffled about it long enough!!

While we were out shopping....Girls when I get my husband out to shop, I make sure that I get my money's worth! We have been needing a new mattress and I was determined to get one while I had him out!! We went to the store a friend had recommended. It is local, no frills and the mattresses are made here in America.  There were several beds on display so that we could check out the firmness etc. The owner insisted we lay down on the mattresses and give them a try. Well as we were laying on one of the mattresses, Marvin turned to me and said, "We are on the wrong sides." That made a difference to my engineer husband.:)  We picked out a KING mattress and the store delivered it that afternoon. How is that for service. It is still in the floor in our bedroom because we are playing fruit basket turnover. Our full bed in the guest room will go to granddaughter, Kendall, for her new bedroom. Our gueen bed will got to the guest room and finally we will get out bed in place. But that also means I need to shop for King Size Sheets, pillows etc.  Maybe we will have it in place by the time Charles, Nancy and Audrey arrive for Thanksgiving.

Now I am off for coffee with some old friends from my Weekday school days. Have a grand day ladies.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Candy Anyone???

Well since tomorrow is the first Saturday in a month that I can sleep in, I am posting tonight!!

I have to say that today's MOPs meeting was one of the best ones we have had in all the years that I have been a mentor.   Mentor, Deanna, came up with all the wonderful decorations. Here she is...our talented girl!!

We were all oohing and ahhing over her work!

These cute cones were filled with black crinkly paper and pumpkin peeps. They were hung on the tree on the food table.

The spooky tree was also decorated with a huge spider and a raven. See if you can find them.

Cute bags for filling with candy.

Open for Business!

We did have some healthy food as well!!

And we made these cute little pumpkins!

I love my MOPs moms and mentors...we have a great group!! My real life and blog friend, Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three is also posting some pictures from our meeting so be checking her blog. You can find it on my blog roll.


It is hard to believe that Miss Audrey Katherine is five months old already!!

What joy this little lady has brought to our family. She has just learned to sit up alone and she makes all kinds of noises now including the blowing of raspberries!!

I have to share a story about Miss Margaret here as well. Katy went for Margaret's parent teacher meeting and the teacher was very complimentary about Margaret. She is very bright but also very caring and sweet to everyone. Katy went on to tell me that Margaret received and email invitation to a birthday party for a little boy in her class.  Katy said it was there first "school" birthday party so they got a gift and headed off to the party. When they arrived, Margaret was the only school friend who was invited to the party. Everyone else was family...the little boy was autistic and Margaret had been kind to him. Tears filled my eyes as Katy related this story.  When I question why Baylor has to suffer with this awful affliction, God reminds me that those who are not "perfect" are here for a  reason. I know that dealing with Baylor's autism has taught our whole family more compassion for those who are different and care for the families that deal with disabilities on a daily basis. I am so proud of Ben and Katy as they love and care for Baylor so selflessly. It is making an impact on Margaret for sure!

And while Nana is bragging, Kendall and Landon both had all A's for the first nine weeks at school. Their Tara took them for ice cream after school to celebrate.

I am off to MOPs this morning. We have a fun time planned and I hope to have some pictures to share tomorrow!!   Have a blessed Friday!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Heart Purses!

My friend Sandy at I Majored in Home Economics and I  have decided that we are secret sisters. We like so many of the same things, purses being one of them. She did a purse purge and shared on a recent post the purses she decided to keep.  She allowed herself to retain ten purses and she sold some of the others or gifted them to family members. My old Georgia Baptist Roommate, Karen, had a really cute purse at our recent mini reunion and as I admired it she told me she never buys purses but her four daughters share their old ones with Mama.  I admit that I have gifted some purses that I have purchased in the past and realized they did not work for me. Niece, Laura as well as Katy and Amelia have benefited from some of my impulsive purchases in the purse department. Daughter in law, Nancy, loves Coach purses and until recently I was not interested in that brand. And now Blog Friend,Sandy, has made me want a Spartina purse. Thankfully most of my purse purchases are from outlets or EBay so I seldom pay full price for a purse.

So get is my purse parade.

I love Dooney and Bourke and I purchase most of mine from the I Love Dooney site that is basically Dooney and Bourke's outlet. These purses are pricey but they last forever. This bright green zip zip( that is its name!) is my spring purse. I love that it has two zippers and I can access it easily.

Well now I like Coach purses too! My sweet husband bought me this one at the Coach Outlet in Foley Alabama. It is a pretty cherry red but it looks a bit orangey in this photo.

I have had this Dooney for years and it is a favorite...light weight and easy to carry.

My favorite Vera Bradley style. It is so organized and very light weight even when it is loaded down with all my stuff. I have to admit I am looking for a black one on Ebay.

My only cross body bag that is perfect for a day of shopping or a day of sight seeing. It is a 31 bag that I have had for years as well.

My summer is named Willa and has two big compartments so very organized.

This is my only Florentine leather purse and my husband bought it for me for Christmas four years ago. It is the nicest leather, rather like a baseball glove in that the more you use it, the softer it gets.  But it is heavy. I cannot gift this to the girls as it is special.

My go to Winter is a Chelsea.  It has two compartments too so I can stay organized.

And finally my special bag for weddings etc...

It is a super soft petal pink bag that was made by GILI. I wanted one in Black as well but they are no longer being made. I am keeping an eye on Ebay, hoping I will find a black one.

Like Sandy, I am telling myself that I have ENOUGH purses! But oh they are so hard to resist. I have some friends who are Shoe Girls and they have the same problem. I asked Sandy if we should start a meeting for people with our problem. Purses Anonymous Anyone?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just Show Up...a Review

I just saw that the ladies at Mundane Faithfulness( which is on my blog roll) are doing a give away of the book, Just Show Up along with some necklaces. Head over and sign up for this giveaway. And stay and visit this precious blog.

I began reading Kara's blog, Mundane Faithfulness, about a year before she died on March 22, 2015. I was amazed at the love that she poured out to her blog friends in the midst of fighting for her life. She was a young wife and mom to four children. She was ready to die but fought for every day she could have to make an impact on the lives of her children before God called her home. If you have not read her book, The Hardest Peace, I highly recommend it to you.

In her last days here on earth, Kara and her friend, Jill, worked together on this little book, Just Show Up. I can say that it is one of the most helpful books I have ever read about dealing with suffering. I gave it five stars on Good Reads.

Here are just a few of the things I learned from this book.
1.Ask God to put someone on your heart that is suffering. Walk beside them in their hard time.
2. Be specific in offers of help. Please do not say, Call me if you need anything. They are not going to call you.
3. Grace is the glue that holds relationships together as you walk through suffering.
4. It is not about YOU....Release expectations that would remain in a normal friendship.
5. You will say something you wish you had not said...let it go and move on. An example used here was the phrase, I was dying to know something. Later you realize your friend really is dying and you are not in any way, shape or form.
6. Words of comfort are always received as a gift. If you do not know what to say,  "I'm Sorry", " I know this is hard for you" and " I am praying for you" are all you need to say.  There is a hurt and a hardship that you cannot fix.
7. Set caring for others do not forget that you have a family to care for and it may be a season of life where you say no to some things you might have said yes to when you had more time for giving to certain things like Bible Studies, school activities etc.
8. When helping others Satan often uses your insecurities to get the focus off of God. For example, you fear that your suffering friend is mad at you, or she confided something to another friend and Satan whispers in your ear, " She really isn't your best friend". When these feelings come up, stop and pray for your suffering friend...that whatever needs he/she has will be met by loving friends from all the seasons of their life.
9. Be practical in caring for those who are suffering. This might include putting a cooler on the front porch so that friends can drop off meals without disturbing the family. Another helpful hint was placing a chalk board by the door. On days where the patient feels like company, write "Ring the Doorbell and come on in" while on other days it might say...Patient is resting, please leave a note and she will get it when she is feeling better. Leave a basket for notes too.

If you are like me, you are sometimes at a loss to know how to minister to those who are hurting. Jill suggested that you pray about it and ask God to prompt you when you should Just Show Up.

Cards Anyone?

I love receiving snail mail. I have quite a stash of stationery and paper goods and I enjoy sharing a note with friends and relatives. It seems that with the popularity of email and texting and the end of teaching cursive writing in the school system we are losing many of the social niceties.  I for one do not want to see snail mail vanish! So with that said, I want to ask my blog friends if they are interested in exchanging addresses with me so that I can send a card to you every now and then to let you know how much I appreciate your stopping by my little blog and leaving a comment. I feel that I know so many of you personally. If you are interested, please drop me an email with your address at

I am trying to teach Kendall about writing thank you notes. She received a gift from a dear friend of mine and I told Kendall that she needed to write a thank you note. We sat down and worked on it for about half an hour. I am a stern task master and I explained to her that we should use our best printing.( I am going to work on cursive with her next summer!) and we should be sincere in our thanks. Well after some tears we finally got the address on the envelope and got it in the mail. Was it perfect? no but we tried to do a good job and in the future we will work on polishing those skills.

I am always surprised when I get a timely thank you note from a young bride or young mom. I always make a point to tell their mamas that they have taught their daughters well.

So lets all get on board to bring back a thoughtful note or  a greeting card and make sure our mailmen( and ladies) do not become obsolete!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

A Big Weekend

WE had a nice tme on Saturday, celebrating Marvin's Birthday and Todd and Amelia's wedding.  As I was looking at my photos I realized there were none of me and Grandpa. That's okay though. I was busy running around getting the dinner ready and after dinner I went upstairs with the grands so Ben and Katy could visit and watch football.

The Cakes....

Both were delish...

Ben and Katy brought Ruby along. She is going to be Baylor's service dog and it is important that she be socialized. She will grow up a bit and then be sent for training. We all worry about Baylor "wandering" as many autistic children do. We have heard the horror stories and we hope Ruby will help in that area. Baylor is still pretty much non verbal when it comes to communicating and he wears his bracelet with his name etc but we are never truly at ease because we know he can take off before we are aware of it.

Elliott meets Ruby for the first time. She is a sweet and calm little golden retriever but she is more of a ball of fluff right now.

The Ben Grimm Family...

Amelia and Todd with their family. We got two bonus grandsons, Hampton and Hudson. Hudson is sitting next to Landon.

I have to say that when everyone went home, I collapsed on the sofa with a cup of coffee, a book and Harry Potter on the television. ( it was Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family). In other words, I just vegged out for the rest of the day!!

Today is Marvin's actual birthday. He is 64 and I assured him that I still loved him.Remember the song, When I'm Sixty Four? If anything I think I need him more today than I did 39 years ago when we married! And that is a GOOD Thing!