Friday, November 20, 2015

In the Bedroom

I saw a movie with that name and had to use it for my post!:) Actually I am just sharing my Christmas decor in our bedroom. The movie I refer to is quite the thriller and Sissy Spacek is the leading lady. I got caught up in it while channel surfing one evening. So you might want to look for it as well!

This is my vignette on our dresser. I finished my Prairie Schooler Tree Farm sampler and the folks at Slate Framing in Hartselle did the great job of showcasing it. With my Prairie Schooler pieces I like simplicity in the framing as they all tend to be rather busy and I want everyone to look at my stitching and not the frame.  I have recently become obsessed with all the cross stitch blogs I have come across lately. It has really motivated me in my stitching. I am finishing up the Prairie Schooler sampler, Where There are Bees so I need to choose my next piece to stitch.

I have had this little Hallmark Bell Girl for almost 40 years now. It was given to me by one of my nurse friends in Oak Ridge, Tennessee back when I was a young nurse working at Oak Ridge Methodist Hospital.

Another Prairie Schooler piece. Ann Sutton at Ann Sutton Designs did the finishing for me.

My most precious Christmas decoration... this was made by my late mother in law, my Mama G.  I put it up on the armoire in our bedroom to keep little hands away. I am happy to have the older grands look at it but looking is good enough! No touching! While I view things as "things" I would be upset if this were broken. I try to be very careful with it myself as I display it each year.  Unless you think I am the Grinch,  I have a Fisher Price nativity up in the play room for the little ones.

This Joseph has always bothered me a bit...he looks rather miffed doesn't he?  Sorry for the phone pictures!! I need to order a new battery for my DSL camera. I am missing its good sharp photographs.

Today I will be preparing some of my dishes for the feast tomorrow! I am looking forward to having all my grands in one place for a few hours.


Cranberry Morning said...

Arlene, your Prairie Schooler pieces are just beautiful! What a pretty display you've made. I've not even looked at Christmas decorations, but I sure love the vignette you created in your bedroom. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Sandy said...

Everything is lovely. I especially love the pillow!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

I had to laugh when I looked back again at Joseph's face! Those folded arms are funny. I've never seen a Joseph like this! You can only imagine what he's thinking!

Your pillow and tree farm sampler turned out so fabulous! The perfect touches for a beautiful Christmas!

- Leslie Anne

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Judy I am a Prairie Schooler fanatic....just purchased cloth today to do another sampler. It is a Christmas one so maybe it will be done by next Christmas. Since the Prairie Schooler ladies announced their retirement it is harder to find their designs. I hope they will re release some! Sandy, I sold my sewing machine years ago and now I must rely on Finishers for some pieces. Ann did a great job. Leslie Anne, that Joseph needs to lighten up! Or maybe he is concerned about all his responsiblitiy!!

Terri D said...

Oh how I envy folks with the patience and talent for cross stitch. I just can't do it. Your finished pieces are beautiful!! I have a precious collectible Nativity that I just don't put out anymore because the cats will destroy it (I'm afraid). If one piece got broken I would be heartsick, since it came to me from my mom, one or two pieces a year, for lots of years. I'll look forward to seeing your next cross stitch piece!

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

I have that exact same Nativity set. My Aunt made it many many years ago. I have had the set for about 25 years and I decided about 15 years ago to use one of the men kneeling (not the Wise Men) to be "my" Joseph because that person w/ the crossed arms made me so unhappy! The body language just didn't make me feel like he was the Joseph for me. So he kneels with Mary to see the sweet Baby. I love the wee lambs, too. Your cross stitching pieces are beautiful. I love each one you show, and marvel at how quickly you make them!!

Anonymous said...

I have not even begun decorating for Christmas yet. Gorgeous!! I love your cross-stitch and I had to laugh at your Joseph comment. He does look annoyed like he has something better that he'd rather be doing! :-)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Yes that Joseph is very