Tuesday, November 17, 2015

On the Farm

Landon's class took a field trip to the farm recently. What a good time they had being farm kids for one day. They milked a cow, gathered eggs and spent some time riding a horse.  Here is Landon gathering eggs. Looks like he found one!

This is my that smile!

I had my yearly check up with my "lady parts doctor" yesterday and I am so thankful for a kind Christian physician who has cared for me for about 20 years now. In fact he is a member of my church and his nurse is a good friend as well.  I was confused about a report I had heard in the news that informed ladies that after 60 you only need a mammogram every other year. Did you hear that in the news recently? Well my doctor was pretty upset that an article that was printed in the American Journal of Medicine was misrepresented or most likely misheard by many.  The doctor who wrote the article says women who have clear mammograms until 60 or so can begin to have the screening every other year. This is the opinion of that particular physician from a study he has done. He is concerned about the radiation that we are exposed to with the mammograms. My doctor wants all ladies to know that we need our mammograms every year.  The guidelines from the AMA have NOT changed.  So I am passing that along to you!  I also got my bone density checked and I am happy to say that my increased walking seems to have improved my bone health. Yippee! After menopause, women need to really stay on top of bone health. I also received some yummy Caltrate gummies samples as a reward for being still during my bone scan.:) I rather felt like a little child who received a sucker for being good at the doctor visit.

And I want all of you to join in the Christmas fun at Gina's Blog, With Twigs and Branches.( You can find it on my Blog Roll). Gina is doing a wonderful Christmas giveaway. All you have to do to enter is visit her blog each day and answer her Christmas question. I look forward to seeing what new question she has come up with each day.

Well today I have some cleaning to do and I am going to deck the halls with  Christmas decorations as I am trying to put out a few things at a time over the next week or so. My big tree may go up early too as we are having Thanksgiving at Amelia's and we may be going to Chatsworth the day after Thanksgiving in order to take care of some house business.  Have a blessed day bloggie friends.


Terri D said...

Glad your doctor visit is behind you for another year. I agree that we need to continue getting our mammograms yearly!! Early detection is the best defense we have against any form of cancer.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Absolutely Terri. I wish the news people would report more responsibly!

Sandy said...

That Landon is adorable, and I know you were so happy about Margaret's decision. It doesn't get better than that.

Mari said...

That Landon is just so cute! Looks like he had fun.
I heard that mammogram thing too, and my Dr also disagreed with it.

doodles n daydreams said...

Your Landon sure has the cutest smile, he's gorgeous :) but you already know that.
Here in N.Z. I think I have probably had my last mammogram. I think it is age 67 that they stop doing it, but I'm going to ring and see if I can get one more squeezed in.


Linda said...

Loved seeing that smile as he gathered the egg!! I do the very same thing!
Yes, I get my mammo every year, too!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Here I am behind again!! Sandy, I was one happy Nana on hearing of Margaret's decision for Jesus! Mari, I was glad to be able to talk to my doctor and get the lowdown on what needs to be done and when! Diana, I loved that you put you needed to squeeze in one more need to call and schedule mine today. Thanks for the sweet words about Landon..he is a dear. Linda, I think Landon would make a good farm boy! Although I was a farm girl and wanted to be a city girl!! Loved seeing the finished paintings at your art class!! If I lived in Irving, I would attend!!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful farm smiles! Good to know all the latest about mammograms. I need to make an appointment next year.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Yes Landon had a great time at the farm! And it is good to keep up with all those pesky medical exams...I know it is for my good but I cannot say I enjoy them.